Past Events

» ICON-S (Singapore) - (Un)Gendering Public Law in Asia? on 23 September 2020
» 150 Years of the Indian Contract Act 1872 (The event is by invitation only), 15 August, 22 August & 12 September 2020
» CALS Law & Religion Speaker Series - Compromising with Religion: A Non-Principled Approach to Justifying the Distinctiveness of Religion on 10 September 2020
» Virtual Roundtables on Asian Law : #7 COVID-19 and Contractual Obligations: Existing Norms and Legislative Innovations on 27 August 2020
» [NUS Pracademic Seminar Series] SHARE BUY-BACKS - DOING IT RIGHT on 7 August 2020
» Virtual Roundtables on Asian Law : #6 Freedom of Religion or Belief - Asian and Comparative Perspectives on 6 August 2020
» Virtual Roundtables on Asian Law : #5 How has COVID-19 (Re)shaped Government-Business Relations in Asia? (in collaboration with RCCL, CityU) on 28 July 2020
» EWBCLB Webinar: Fair Use, Technological Change & the Internet in the 21st Century, 17 July 2020
» Virtual Roundtables on Asian Law: #4 COVID-19 and Data Privacy in Asia: Finding the Balance between Public Health and Data Protection (in collaboration with TRAIL), 16 July 2020
» Virtual Roundtables on Asian Law: #3 COVID-19 and Climate Change in Asia: Opportunity or Red Herring?(in collaboration with APCEL), 1 July 2020
» APCEL Webinar Series: The Paris Agreement at a COVID Crossroads, 5 June 2020
» Virtual Roundtables on Asian Law: #1 COVID-19 and Constitutionalism in Asia: Executive Power in a Time of Crisis on 27 May 2020
» Seminar on The Changing Face of the Illegality Doctrine: How It Matters in Theory and Practice by Assistant Professor Tan Zhong Xing & Lecturer Justin Tan on 15 May 2020
» ASLI Fellow Seminar - National Drug Policies Through The Mechanism Of The Government Use Of Patented Drugs by Dr Catharina Ria Budiningsih on 28 April 2020 (Cancelled)
» CBFL Working Paper Presentations: Globalisation and Monetary Sovereignty: From the Lenses of Third World Nations (Closed Door Event) by Dr Smriti Agrawal on 16 April 2020
» CALS Seminar : A Foreign Commission for Domestic Needs: The Constitutional Founding of Malaysia by Dr Harshan Kumarasingham on 18 March 2020
» CBFL Seminar Series: The Use of ADR in the Enforcement of Security Interests and Insolvency by Dr Orkun Akseli on 25 February 2020
» Muslim Law Practice Course, 21-22 February 2020
» CML Seminar Series: Legal Disruptions Caused By Artificial Intelligence in Insurance by Dr Özlem Gürses on 13 February 2020
» CML Short Course: Recent Developments in the Law of Marine Insurance by Dr Steven Hazelwood on 6 February 2020
» CML Student Engagement: Shipping Law Practice in Singapore (Students only) on 5 February 2020
» CBFL Seminar Series: Smart Precision Finance for Small Business Funding by Professor David C. Donald on 4 February 2020
» CBFL Seminar Series: The Supreme Court and Brexit by Professor Mads Andenas QC on 30 January 2020
» CML Seminar Series: Shipping and the EU Emissions Trading System in 2020 and Beyond by Associate Professor Dr Henning Jessen on 23 January 2020
» CBFL Distinguished Visitor Lecture: General Contract Law and Financial Markets: Regulation and Good Faith from Contested Implied Terms to 'Irreducible Core'? by Professor Mads Andenas QC on 21 January 2020
» 'Bankruptcy and Alternatives' & 'Open Banking' (By invitation only), 16 January 2020
» Sat Pal Khattar Professorial Lecture: Digital Services Taxes and The Broader Shift From Determining The Source of Income to Taxing Location-Specific Rents by Professor Daniel N. Shaviro on 14 January 2020
» Training Initiative for Asian Law and Society Scholars (TRIALS) Workshop, 9-12 December 2019
» ASLI Distinguished Lecture by Professor Guo Li - China's Securities Market: Innovation and Regulation on 6 December 2019
» CLT Seminar - Expressive Claims about Symbolic Establishment by Associate Professor Farrah Ahmed on 2 December 2019
» ASLI Fellow Seminar - Legal Aspects of the Right to Nationality Pursuant to Myanmar Citizenship Law by Dr. Su Yin Htun on 26 November 2019
» CBFL Seminar: Payment Scams and What Banks Can Do About Them by Dr Sandra Booysen on 21 November 2019
» ASLI Fellow Seminar - Cleantech Development and Deployment: International Aid, International Cooperation, and Domestic Innovation by Assistant Professor Joy Y. Xiang on 19 November 2019
» The Criminal Law Reform Act 2019, 18, 19 & 20 November 2019
» CBFL-SCCA Seminar: A Legal Perspective on FinTech and Its Impact on Financial Systems by Ms Liu Yan on 14 November 2019
» ASLI Fellow Seminar - The Law of Unjust Enrichment and Restitution in Malaysia: A Search for Principle, Post 'Dream Property' by Ms. Siti Aliza binti Alias on 12 November 2019
» CBFL Seminar Series: Are Cryptocurrencies Money in Law - and Does It Matter? by Mr Simon Gleeson on 5 November 2019
» ASLI Fellow Seminar - The Paradox of Substantive - Procedural Dichotomy and the Admissibility of Extrinsic Evidence Under the CISG 1980: Towards Global Unification of Procedural Law? by Dr. Tidarat Silapapiromsuk on 5 November 2019
» EWBCLB Seminar: Corporate Restructuring Perspectives from Canada - Autochthonous Development, UK Roots and US Influences by Assistant Professor Virginia Torrie on 30 October 2019
» NUS Pracademic Legal Update Seminar Series: A Round Up of Competition Law Developments in the ASEAN Region on 29 October 2019
» Wealth Management: Selected Issues in Finance, Law and Tax (co-organised with University of Liechtenstein) on 24 October 2019
» CLE Seminar: Medical Negligence - Civil Liability and Disciplinary Sanctions by Professor Kumaralingam Amirthalingam on 23 October 2019
» Competition Policy Issues in Telecommunications Industry and Broader Digital Economies by Ms Agne Makauskaite on 22 October 2019
» CBFL Seminar Series - IAC: A New International Arbitration Centre for Eurasia by Ms Barbara Dohmann QC & Mr Christopher Campbell-Holt on 22 October 2019
» Professorial Lecture "Works, Marks and Personae: De(Re)Constructing Narratives in Intellectual Property Law" by Professor David Tan on 16 October 2019
» Singapore Shipping Law Forum 2019 - Shipping Law; Shipping Lawyers and Admiralty Courts: The Future - The Next 5-10 Years on 9 October 2019
» CALS Seminar - Teaching Human Rights Law in Myanmar Universities: Ethics, Exceptionalism, and the Transplant of International Agendas by Dr Jonathan Liljeblad on 7 October 2019
» APCEL Book Launch: Environmental Law in Singapore on 3 October 2019
» CBFL Conference: Alternative Investments in the Tech Era (Participation is by invitation only), 27-28 September 2019
» EWBCLB Seminar - Trust and Trust-Like Institutions: Developments in Europe by Priv.-Doz. Dr. Rainer Kulms on 26 September 2019
» CBFL-SAL Seminar: Venture Capital Transactions Made Simpler: An Introduction to the Venture Capital Investment Model Agreements (VIMA) on 20 September 2019
» ICON-S (Singapore) - Interrogating Constitutionalism on 19 September 2019
» CALS Seminar: When Empires Met on Frontiers: The Federal Idea Caught between Two Imaginaries of the Imperial Territorial Constitution by Associate Professor Ming-Sung Kuo on 18 September 2019
» CALS Seminar: Constitutional Court and Civil Society in Constitutional Governance: Taiwan's Same-sex Marriage Equality as an Example by Professor Wen-Chen Chang on 17 September 2019
» APCEL Seminar Series: Deliberating Development in India’s Forests,11 September 2019
» Roundtable on Constitution-Making Processes in Asia: Comparative Reflections (By Invitation only) on 11 September 2019
» CALS Seminar: Legality, and Socialist Legality by Dr Ewan Smith on 10 September 2019
» NUS Pracademic Legal Update Seminar Series: A Look at the Latest Corporate Animal in Singapore - The Variable Capital Company and a Re-Look at Company Charges on 9 September 2019
» Distinguished Visitor Lecture: Routes to Vicarious Liability by Professor Francis Reynolds on 3 September 2019
» TRIALS Workshop 1 (Call for Applications), 9-12 December 2019
» CALS Book Launch: Two Books, One Book Series on 29 August 2019
» CBFL Working Paper Presentation: Open Banking in Singapore (By invitation only) by Ms Emma Leongon 29 August 2019
» CML Seminar Series: Cross Border Insolvency, Ship Arrest and the Golden Thread of Universalism by Professor Michael Tsimplis on 29 August 2019
» CBFL Seminar Series - Mis-selling of Financial Products: Recent Developments by Associate Professor Christopher Hare on 27 August 2019
» CML Seminar Series: Surrender, Release and Digital PIN Codes by Dr Michiel Spanjaart on 21 August 2019
» The Long-term Effect of Hedge Fund Activism in Japan - How Often Do Hedge Funds "Succeed", and What Happens Then? by Professor Gen Goto on 20 August 2019
» Gender Segregation in Public Places in Israel: Religious Accommodation or Sex Discrimination? Religious Conservatism and Women's Rights in Comparative Perspective by Professor Gila Stopler on 19 August 2019
» CML Seminar Series: Challenging Third Party Expert Determination by Professor Djakhongir Saidov on 15 August 2019
» Fault in Equity by Professor Graham Virgo on 7 August 2019
» CML Book Launch: The Arrest Conventions: International Enforcement of Maritime Claims by Associate Professor Paul Myburgh on 2 August 2019
» Recent Climate Change in Legal & Policy Issues in the Asia and Europe in the Post-Paris Agreement Era, 1-2 August 2019
» CML Seminar Series - Concurrent Causation in Insurance: Common Law and Chinese Law Compared by Dr Zhao Liang on 31 July 2019
» CALS-EWBCLB Comparative Corporate Law and Governance Speaker Series: The Enforcement of Directors' Duty of Care: Empirical Evidence from China by Associate Professor Lin Shaowei on 29 July 2019
» Comparative Corporate Law & Governance: Asian and Global Perspectives (By Invitation only), 25-26 July 2019
» CBFL Working Paper Presentation: Bankruptcy and alternatives in Singapore (By Invitation only) by Dr Jodi Gardner on 15 July 2019
» CML Seminar Series: Express and Implied Voyage Conditions in Marine Cargo Insurance by Dr Ayşegül Buğra on 27 June 2019
» OECD February 2019 Proposals Regarding The Tax Challenges of The Digitalization of The Economy by Professor Kees van Raad on 21 June 2019
» When Courts Decide Not to Decide: A View From Afghanistan by Dr Shamshad Pasarlay on 19 June 2019
» Asian Law Junior Faculty Workshop on 13 June 2019
» 16th ASLI Conference 2019: "The Rule of Law and the Role of Law in Asia", 11-12 June 2019
» C J Koh Professorial Lecture on "The Past & Future of the International Law on Foreign Investment" by Professor M Sornarajah on 3 June 2019
» CALS Book Launch - Islam, Law and the Modern State: (Re)imagining Liberal Theory In Muslim Contexts by Associate Professor Arif Jamal on 30 May 2019
» APCEL Seminar Series: A Crisis or an Opportunity? The Trade War between the US and China in the Solar PV Sector, 23 May 2019
» CALS Distinguished Lecture - The Challenge of Self-Determination in a Neo-Colonial World: Islam and the State on Muslim Terms by Abdullahi Ahmed An-Na'im, Charles Howard Candler Professor of Law on 23 May 2019
» NUS Pracademic Legal Update Seminar Series: Current Trends in Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) Deal Terms on 17 May 2019
» CML Seminar Series: Autonomous Ships and Marine Insurance by Ms Luci Carey on 16 May 2019
» APCEL-CIL Seminar Slipping Through the Net: IUU Fishing and Exploited Fishers in Southeast Asia on 3 May 2019
» The Protection of Non-Traditional Trademarks by Professor David Tan on 3 May 2019
» CML Short Course - Shipping Judgments Handed Down in 2018: An Overview by Professor Stephen Girvin on 25 April 2019
» Regulations on Foreign Companies and the Conflict of Laws by Professor Hisashi Harata on 24 April 2019
» Institutional Resilience and Political Transitions: The Sri Lankan Experience by Dr Mario Gomez on 23 April 2019
» ASLI Seminar Series - Exploring the Regulation of Civil Unmanned Aviation in China: Recent Developments and Future Challenges by Dr Pai Zheng on 22 April 2019
» The 2018 Sri Lankan Constitutional Crisis in Sri Lanka: A Ringside View by Dr Asanga Welikala on 17 April 2019
» Constitutional History and Constitution-Making in the Age of Decolonisation - With Notes on Sir Ivor Jennings in Singapore by Dr Harshan Kumarasingham on 17 April 2019
» APCEL Workshop – Planning Law in Asian Cities, 16 April 2019
» ASLI Seminar Series - Who Moved My Code? Decoding A Jurisprudential Puzzle of Common Law Codification and the Indian Contract Act, 1872 by Dr Shivprasad Swaminathan on 16 April 2019
» ASLI Seminar Series - Pre-Crime Counterterrorism Measures and the Limits of Criminal Law: A Study of the Development of Indonesian Anti-Terrorism Legislations by Dr Amira Paripurna on 15 April 2019
» ASLI Seminar Series - Between the State and the Market: The Role of Criminal Law in the Regulation of P2P Platforms in Chin by Assistant Professor Michelle Miao on 12 April 2019
» CALS Book Launch - Constitutional Courts in Asia: A Comparative Perspective by Professor Albert Chen on 11 April 2019
» APCEL-CALS Seminar - Feeding the Nation: Indonesia's Effort to Establish Food Self-sufficiency in the Midst of Land Conversion by Dr Al Khanif on 8 April 2019
» CBFL Seminar Series - The Legal Challenges of Starting-Up a New Multilateral Development Bank: The Example of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank by Mr Peter Quayle on 29 March 2019
» Insights from a Pioneer on Recent Developments in China's Bankruptcy Law by Mr Chi Weihong on 29 March 2019
» CML Short Course: The Digital Transformation of International Trade by Dr Miriam Goldby on 28 March 2019
» Riding the Wheel of Charity: Unwaged Women in Healthcare by Associate Professor Dipika Jain on 28 March 2019
» NUS Pracademic Legal Update Seminar Series: Impact of AI Developments on Legal Practice in Singapore on 25 March 2019
» Constitutional Foundings in South Asia (By Invitation only), 22-23 March 2019
» APCEL Seminar Series - Climate Change and Catastrophe Management in a Changing China: Government, Insurance and Alternatives,15 March 2019
» Comparative Law Through Colonial History: Legal Modernisation and The Transformations of Family, Property and The State in China and Japan by Professor Kentaro Matsubara on 8 March 2019
» Tax Avoidance: The OECD Principal Purposes Test and EU Anti-Abuse Case Law by Professor Dennis Weber on 7 March 2019
» CBFL Conference on Financial Services Law and Regulation in Singapore, 28 February - 1 March 2019
» APCEL Seminar-Policy Hypocrisy and Value Sincerity: The case of good law advocacy in the United States by Mr Josh Galperin on 27 February 2019
» Religion, Morality, Gender and Law: Same Sex Marriage in Japan by Professor Frank K. Upham on 26 February 2019
» APCEL Seminar Series: Environmental Impact Assessment – What’s The Best Approach For Singapore? 21 February 2019
» CML Student Engagement: Shipping Law Practice in Singapore (Students only) on 20 February 2019
» CLE Seminar - Qualified Contractual Obligations: The Use and Interpretation of Endeavours Clauses by Sheridan Fellow Benjamin Wong on 19 February 2019
» Introduction to Competition Law (Second Run), 13, 14 & 15 February 2019
» CBFL Financial Law Amity Symposium (By invitation only), 11-12 February 2019
» Choice of Law Issues in Multiple Derivative Actions by Professor Hisashi Harata on 7 February 2019
» KGC Distinguished Visitor Lecture: "The Right To Confront One's Accusers: Did Sir Walter Ralegh Die for Nothing?"by Professor Peter Mirfield on 31 January 2019
» Korean Chaebol's Clever Measures for Management Succession and the Reaction of Corporate Law by Associate Professor Kyung-Hoon Chun on 31 January 2019
» Book Launch - A Fireside Chat with Dr. Jolene Lin and Professor Tommy Koh celebrating the launch of Governing Climate Change: Global Cities and Transnational Lawmaking on 24 January 2019
» Special Issue of Climate Law: Legal Assessment of the Paris Agreement’s Implementation Rules (Paris Rulebook) – Call for Expressions of Interest, 24 – 25 January 2019
» State-owned Corporations In A Kleptocracy: The Malaysian Regulatory Framework by Dr Vivien Chen on 24 January 2019
» The 3rd MLAS Maritime Mooting Competition 2019 on 23 January 2019
» China's Approach to the Belt and Road Initiative by Associate Professor Wang Heng on 23 January 2019
» Joyous Buddha, Holy Father and Dragon God Desiring Sex: A Case Study of Rape by Religious Fraud in Taiwan by Associate Professor Chen Jianlin on 22 January 2019
» The Role of the Global General Counsel by Mr Michael Solender on 21 January 2019
» CALS Book Launch: The Politics of Love in Myanmar by Associate Professor Lynette Chua on 18 January 2019
» CML Seminar Series, "Duties of insurance brokers, why do they matter?" by Dr Özlem Gürses on 17 January 2019
» Book Launch - Framing Intellectual Property Law in the 21st Century: Integrating Incentives, Trade, Development, Culture, and Human Rights on 17 January 2019
» CBFL Seminar Series - The Promise and Perils of Alternative Market-based Finance: The case of P2P in the UK by Dr Vincenzo Bavoso on 15 January 2019
» CBFL Seminar Series - Fraud, Unconscionable Conduct and Beyond: Practical Tips on Handling Letter of Credit and Demand Guarantee Cases by Dr Deborah Horowitz on 11 January 2019
» CALS Contemporary Issues in Public Law Litigation on 9 January 2019
» The Law and Politics of Freedom of Religion in Asia, 12-14 December 2018
» LAW & RELIGION SPEAKER SERIES: A Secular Need: Islamic Courts, Legal Pluralism, and the Making of State Governance in Contemporary India by Dr. Jeff A. Redding on 11 December 2018
» Tort Law as a Functional Substitute for Ineffective Market Regulation: Lessons from Brazilian Punitive Damages, 1988-2018 by Professor Thiago Reis on 10 December 2018
» Muslim Law Practice Course Module 3: Theoretical Analysis of Divorce in Islamic Law by YAA Dato' Dr. Hj. Mohd Na'im Hj Mokhtar on 1 December 2018
» CBFL Roundtable-Topical Issues in Prudential Regulation (By invitation only) by Dr Andreas Kokkini on 28 November 2018
» Provost's Chair Professorial Lecture: Rights, Rites And Regulation: Singapore Public Law In The 21st Century by Professor Thio Li-ann on 21 November 2018
» CBFL Seminar Series - Blockchain Technology: Key Legal and Regulatory Developments by Mr Usman Sheikh on 15 November 2018
» The Project Finance Academy, 14-16 November 2018
» Regulating Content on Social Media
Copyright, Terms of Service and Technological Features by Dr Corinne Tan on 14 November 2018
» Introduction to Competition Law (Second Run), 13-15 November 2018
» Future of the Corporate Income Tax by Professor Dr Jeffrey Owens on 12 November 2018
» CBFL Seminar Series - The Rule Against Penalties: Resolving Controversies by Mr John Eldridge on 9 November 2018
» ASLI Seminar Series: The Patent Eligibility of Medical Technologies from the Perceptive of Comparative Law by Professor Young-Sun Cho on 9 November 2018
» High Courts And Autocratic Consolidation: The Venezuelan Supreme Court Under Maduro's Role by Assistant Professor Raul Sanchez Urribarria on 9 November 2018
» Seminar & Book Launch - The UNCITRAL Model Law and Asian Arbitration Laws: Implementation and Comparisons by Associate Professor Gary F. Bell on 8 November 2018
» The International Law on Climate Change: The Sources and Their Interactions, 5 November 2018
» ASLI Seminar Series: Designing An Evaluation Programme for the Court-Annexed Mediation in India by Professor Dr Ruhi Paul on 1 November 2018
» ASLI Seminar Series: India's Proposed Amendment Bill 2018 - A Step Further Towards an Arbitration-Friendly Environment: A Critical Analysis by Associate Professor Vikas H. Gandhi on 1 November 2018
» Amaladass Professorial Lecture: The Admissibility Of Confession Evidence - Reliability, Autonomy, Integrity by Professor Ho Hock Lai on 26 October 2018
» Centre for Maritime Law Short Course, "Pitfalls in Freight Forwarding: The Contractual Framework, Multimodality and Mandatory Laws" by Dr Simone Lamont-Black on 16 October 2018
» Parallel Imports And Intellectual Property Rights In Singapore on 16 October 2018
» The Forest and its Biodiversity: Assessing Challenges and Prospects in the Implementation of Biodiversity Laws in Indonesia, 12 October 2018
» The Sixth Asia Environment Lecture 2018 - “Financial Innovation: The Convergence of Environment and Finance”, Monday, 8 October 2018
» Book Launch - Data Protection Seminar and Book launch Building Opportunities & Consumer Trust Through Best Practices on 4 October 2018
» Singapore Shipping Law Forum, "Singapore as a Forum for Resolving Shipping Disputes" by Mr Kenneth Tan SC on 3 October 2018
» CBFL Public Lecture: Economic Disruptions In The Asia-Pacific by Dr Alan Bollard on 2 October 2018
» CBFL Presentation: Initial Coin Offerings in Singapore - a critical appraisal (By invitation only) by Ms Dominika Nestarcova on 21 September 2018
» Kwa Geok Choo Distinguished Visitor Lecture: The Future Of The Separation Of Powers by Professor Mark Tushnet on 20 September 2018
» Seminar on "Resulting Trusts And Beneficial Entitlement To Joint Bank Accounts" by Sheridan Fellow Jeremiah Lau on 18 September 2018
» CBFL Seminar Series - Structured Finance Litigation: Causes of Action, Title to Sue and Loss by Mr Nik Yeo on 17 September 2018
» CALS-EWBCLB Comparative Corporate Law and Governance Speaker Series: Modeling Singapore Company Law? Experience of Recent Taiwan Company Law Amendments by Professor Wallace Wen Yeu Wang on 13 September 2018
» Cameron Highlands Floods: A Case for the Environment?, 12 September 2018
» CALS-EWBCLB Distinguished Speaker Series: China as a "National Strategic Buyer" Towards a Multilateral Regime for Cross-Border M&A by Professor Curtis J. Milhaupt on 11 September 2018
» CALS Seminar - Citizenship Regimes: Understanding Citizenship in Global and Asian Perspectives by Professor Jo Shaw on 7 September 2018
» CALS-EWBCLB Comparative Corporate Law and Governance Speaker Series: The (Re)introduction of Dual-Class Share Structures in Hong Kong: A Historical and Comparative Analysis by Professor Robin Huang on 31 August 2018
» Centre for Maritime Law Seminar Series, "Decommissioning of Offshore Oil and Gas Installations: Emerging Legal, Regulatory and Fiscal Lessons from the UK Continental Shelf" by Professor John Paterson on 30 August 2018
» CALS Comparative Constitutional & Administrative Law Research Cluster: Roundtable on Topics in Comparative Constitutional Law in Asia by Assistant Professor Swati Jhaveri & Adjunct Professor Kevin Tan on 30 August 2018
» CBFL Seminar Series - Mis-selling of Financial Products: Recent Developments by Visiting Associate Professor Christopher Hare on 28 August 2018
» Seminar on "Mistake, Non Est Factum and Rectification" by Professor Teo Keang Sood on 23 August 2018
» CBFL Seminar Series - Cyber-currencies as Property by Visiting Professor David Fox on 23 August 2018
» CALS Law & Religion Speaker Series: Varieties of Islamic Constitutionalism: Islamic vs Islamist Constitutionalism by Professor Clark Lombardi on 23 August 2018
» CALS Seminar - China's Belt and Road Development and Developing World of Arbitration in the Asia Pacific by Associate Professor Gu Weixia on 21 August 2018
» Distinguished Visitor Lecture 2018 - The Roles of the European Central Bank: Monetary Policy and Supervision by Professor Dr Chiara Zilioli on 20 August 2018
» Introduction to Competition Law (Second Run), 20-21, 27-28 August 2018
» CALS Seminar - The Legal Construction of the Ocean by Dr. Surabhi Ranganathan on 20 August 2018
» Kwa Geok Choo Distinguished Visitor Lecture: Arguing The World: A Logocratic Explanation Of "Post-Truth" Law And Politics by Professor Scott Brewer on 16 August 2018
» Centre for Maritime Law Seminar Series, "The Endorsement of Bills of Lading" by Associate Professor Michiel Spanjaart on 16 August 2018
» CALS Seminar - The Jurisprudence of Decolonization: The Kenyatta Trial and Genealogies of Rebellious Lawyering in Asia and Africa by Dr. Rohit De on 16 August 2018
» CALS Comparative Constitutional & Administrative Law Seminar Series: India's Right to Privacy: Comparative Perspectives on Textual Foundations and Gendered Implications by Dr. Juliette G. Duara on 15 August 2018
» Seminar - Sport Law and Ambush Marketing: Review and Law Reform by Mr. Paul A Czarnota on 14 August 2018
» CALS Law & Religion Speaker Series: Shari'a as Taboo of Modern Law: Halal Food, Islamophobia, and China by Associate Professor Matthew Erie on 14 August 2018
» CALS Seminar - The Content of Legal Ethics Education in Myanmar and Its Place in the Reform Agenda of the Country's Legal System by Dr. Jonathan Liljeblad on 10 August 2018
» Centre for Maritime Law Short Course, "Trade Finance Law: Trends, Developments and Recurring Problems" by Associate Professor Christopher Hare on 8 August 2018
» CALS Seminar - Legal Hubs: The Emergent Landscape of Dispute Resolution in International Business Law by Associate Professor Matthew Erie on 8 August 2018
» Seminar on "Unconscionability: Contract Law And Performance Bond Perspectives" by Dr Wayne Courtney & Associate Professor Dora Neo on 6 August 2018
» CALS Law & Religion Speaker Series: Dominion Status, Compromised Independence and Sinhalese Buddhist Nationalist Responses, 1931-1956 by Dr. Roshan de Silva Wijeyeratne on 2 August 2018
» Centre for Maritime Law Seminar Series, "The Ship Arrest System in the Republic of Panama" by Dr Víctor H. Chacóna on 26 July 2018
» Secured Transactions Law in Asia (By invitation only), 26-27 July 2018
» Third World Approaches to International Law Conference (TWAIL Singapore), 19 to 21 July 2018
» CALS Law & Religion Speaker Series: Islamic Challenges to the Universality of International Law by Prof. Ebrahim Afsah on 17 July 2018
» Conference on Constitutionalism In Asian Contexts (Participation is by invitation only), 13-14 June 2018
» APCEL Climate Change Litigation Scholarship Workshop, 7-8 June 2018, Faculty of Law, NUS
» Seminar - Taxation Of Crossborder Digital Business Operations - Where Are We Heading? by Professor Kees van Raad on 23 May 2018
» Centre for Maritime Law Seminar Series, "Due Diligence Under the Hague Rules in the Technological Era" by Dr Víctor H. Chacón on 22 May 2018
» Centre for Maritime Law Seminar Series, "Recent Developments in English Insurance and Marine Insurance Law" by Dr Özlem Gürses on 11 May 2018
» 15th Asian Law Institute Conference, Law into the Future: Perspectives from Asia, 10-11 May 2018
» CALS Roundtable on Public Reason Confucianism: Democratic Perfectionism and Constitutionalism in East Asia on 3 May 2018
» CALS Seminar - Pragmatic Confucian Democracy by Professor Kim Sungmoon on 2 May 2018
» CALS Seminar - The Concept of Rule of Law in a Civil Law System: A German Perspective by Associate Professor Birgit Daiber on 30 April 2018
» Institutional Investor Stewardship in the UK and Malaysia: Functionally Similar, Contextually Different (By invitation only) by Petrina Tan on 27 April 2018
» NUS-SMU-KAS Public Workshop on Constitutionalism and Development in Asia on 25 April 2018
» ASLI Fellow Seminar: A New Era for National Reform on Anti-Corruption and Misconduct of Thailand by Professor Vicha Mahakun on 24 April 2018
» "Unpacking the Ochroid Decision: Moneylending, Illegality And Restitution" by Dr Burton Ong & Dr Sandra Booysen on 17 April 2018
» The General Data Protection Regulation and its Interaction with the Personal Data Protection Act by Mr Lanx Goh on 13 April 2018
» ASLI Fellow Seminar: Challenges and Benefits of Legal Pluralism in Adat Land Conflict Resolution: Case Study of Eastern Indonesia by Dr Linda Yanti Sulistiawati on 13 April 2018
» Shipping judgements handed down in 2017: An Overview by Professor Stephen Girvin on 12 April 2018
» ASLI Fellow Seminar: Towards a More Responsive Legislature: New Media, Public Participation and Pressure-induced Legislation in China by Dr Xin Zhang on 9 April 2018
» ASLI-CALS Visiting Fellow Seminar: Islamic Normativity in the Public Sphere by Dr Ezieddin Elmahjub on 5 April 2018
» ASLI Fellow Seminar: Competing Legal and Religious Norms: The Context of Structural Exclusion of Dalits in India by Dr Vinod Kumar on 5 April 2018
» Seminar - Copyright Reversion To Authors (And The Rosetta Effect): An Empirical Study Of Reappearing Books by Professor Paul Heald on 2 April 2018
» Book Launch - By Professor Michael Bridge on 29 March 2018
» APCEL Book Launch: Routledge Handbook of Biodiversity and the Law, 26 March 2018, Faculty of Law, NUS
» APCEL Seminar Series: Responding to the Long-Term Impacts of Environmental Warfare in Vietnam: ‘Voluntary Remediation Initiatives’?,By Eliana Cusato, Faculty of Law, National University of Singapore, 23 March 2018
» International Monetary Stability as a Common Concern of Humankind (By invitation only) by Lucia Satragno on 23 March 2018
» Kwa Geok Choo Professorial Lecture: Singapore Trusts Law at a Crossroads by Professor James Penner on 22 March 2018
» CALS-EWBCLB Comparative Corporate Law and Governance Speaker Series: Corporate Loyalty to the Party: Evidence from Charter Amendments by Dr Angela Zhang on 13 March 2018
» Trade Finance for the 21st Century, 8-9 March 2018
» CALS Seminar - Criminal Justice Across the Taiwan Strait: Taiwan's Human Rights Revolution and China's Devolution by Professor Margaret K. Lewisa on 8 March 2018
» CML Lunchtime Seminar: Oil Pollution in Singapore Waters by Industry Speakers on 7 March 2018
» Book Launch - The Regionalisation of Competition Law and Policy Within The Asean Economic Community by Dr Burton Ong on 5 March 2018
» CALS Seminar - The Derivative Action in Private International Law: Towards a Choice-of-Law Framework by Professor Hisashi Harata on 5 March 2018
» Seminar on "Selected Issues In Property Law" by Professor Teo Keang Sood on 1 March 2018
» Comparative Corporate Law and Governance Speaker Series: Deconstructing Convergence Theory in Light of Changing Paradigm of Corporate Governance in India by Dr. Neeti Shikha on 1 March 2018
» Seminar & Book Launch - Independent Directors in Asia: A Historical, Contextual and Comparative Approach on 28 February 2018
» CALS Roundtable Discussion on Politics of Divided Societies and the Limits of Constitutional Design by Assistant Professor Jaclyn L. Neo on 23 February 2018
» CML Seminar Series: Making Sense of the Two Faces of Seaworthiness by Dr Michael Sevel on 22 February 2018
» CALS Law & Religion Speaker Series: Law & Religious Market Theory: China, Taiwan and Hong Kong by Associate Professor Chen Jianlin on 22 February 2018
» CALS Book Launch - Constitutions, Religion and Politics in Asia: Indonesia, Malaysia and Sri Lanka on 21 February 2018
» CALS Comparative Constitutional & Administrative Law Seminar Series: Constitutional Reforms in Sri Lanka: Contexts, Challenges, and Prospects by Professor Donald L. Horowitz & Dr Mario Gomez on 21 February 2018
» Seminar - Co-Existing and Conflicting Jurisdiction and Arbitration Clauses by Professor Richard Garnett on 20 February 2018
» Unjust Enrichment: Value, Rights, and Trust by Professor William Swadling on 20 February 2018
» CALS Seminar - Civil Litigation in Japan: Conception, Reality, and Challenges by Judge Yoji Kawakatsu on 19 February 2018
» CALS Seminar - Severely Divided Societies and the Rule of Law by Professor Donald L. Horowitz on 14 February 2018
» Public Interest in the Management of (Emerging) Natural Resources: A Case Study of Weather Modification Regulations in China,Friday By Associate Professor Chen Jianlin, Melbourne Law School, 9 February 2018
» CALS Seminar - Data Protection Regulation in Asia: A Comparative Analysis by Professor Abu Bakar Munir on 9 February 2018
» Lying about God (and Love?) to Get Laid: The Case Study of Criminalizing Sex under Religious False Pretense in Hong Kong by Associate Professor Chen Jianlin on 6 February 2018
» Related Party Transactions in East Asia by Professor Kon Sik Kim on 1 February 2018
» ASLI Fellow Seminar: A Study of Set-Off and Deduction in Korean Civil Law - Focusing on the Judgement of the Korean Supreme Court in 2016 concerning "Completed Extinctive Prescription" by Bong-Kyung Choi on 29 January 2018
» CML Seminar Series: Crimes on Board Ships at Sea by Professor Kate Lewins on 25 January 2018
» Research Seminar: Sandboxes and Bridges - The Impact of Fintech on Regulatory Convergence in Asia by Associate Professor Andrew Godwin on 24 January 2018
» The Trump Administration and the Rule of Law by Professor Peter L. Strauss on 22 January 2018
» Seminar on "Understanding The New Hybrid Scheme of Arrangement" by Associate Professor Wee Meng Seng on 16 January 2018
» Soft Law in International Arbitration Conference on 11 January 2018
» Workshop on Constitutional Change in Singapore: Reforming the Elected Presidency on 10 January 2018
» Banks, Financial Products & Mis-selling: Protecting the Retail Investor (By invitation only), 14-15 December 2017
» Book Presentation: The Logic of Financial Nationalism by Dr Federico Lupo-Pasini (By invitation only) on 8 December 2017
» Workshop on Indigenising Administrative Law in Common Law Systems (Participation is by invitation only), 7-8 December 2017
» Innovation and The Firm: A New Synthesis by Professor Peter Lee on 29 November 2017
» ASLI Fellow Seminar: Controlling Controlling Shareholders in Thai Private Companies by Dr Nilubol Lertnuwat on 21 November 2017
» ASLI Fellow Seminar: Restructuring the Legal Education System and its Challenges: An Indian Perspective by Dr Joshua N. Aston on 20 November 2017
» The Global Standards Wars: Patents, Antitrust and Competition by Professor Jorge Contreras on 14 November 2017
» Workshop on Constitution-Making in 21st Century Asia (Participation is by invitation only), 13-14 November 2017
» Conference on Religion and Constitutional Practices in Asia (Participation is by invitation only), 9-10 November 2017
» Workshop on Constitutional Foundings in Southeast Asia (Participation is by invitation only), 9-10 November 2017
» Workshop on Constitutional Amendment in Southeast Asia (Participation is by invitation only), 7-8 November 2017
» The Evolution of Judicial Power and Judicial Independence in Malaysia by Emeritus Professor Hoong Phun (HP) Lee on 6 November 2017
» The Fifth Asia Environment Lecture 2017 - “Birds, Humans and our Sustainable Future”,Friday, 3 November 2017
» CALS Law & Religion Speaker Series: Why Religious Supremacy Clauses Don't Work: Buddhism, Secularism and the Pyrrhic Constitutionalism of Sri Lanka by Associate Professor Benjamin Schonthal on 2 November 2017
» Singapore Shipping Law Forum, "Bringing Carriage of Goods into the Twenty-First Century" by Professor Michael F Sturley on 26 October 2017
» Wealth Management: Selected Issues in Finance, Law and Tax on 19 October 2017
» APCEL Seminar Series: Environmental Adjudication in Queensland: Optimizing Use of ADR and Expert Evidence By Judge Fleur Kingham on 17 October 2017
» CALS Law & Religion Speaker Series: The Indian Supreme Court's Balancing Act on Triple Talaq by Dr Ronojoy Sen on 13 October 2017
» Sovereign Debt Restructuring Roundtable (By invitation only) on 12 October 2017
» Constitutionalization of Political Parties in East and Southeast Asian Democracies by Associate Professor Erik Mobrand on 9 October 2017
» APCEL Seminar Series: Framing and Mapping Governance Barriers to Energy Upgrades in Apartments by Prof Susan Bright, University of Oxford, 2 October 2017
» Conferences on Comparative Law in Asia, 27-28 September 2017
» Design Law Reform Conference, 19-20 September 2017
» Book Launch - International Intellectual Property And The ASEAN Way: Pathways To Interoperability by Associate Professor Elizabeth Ng Siew Kuan & Professor Graeme Austin on 19 September 2017
» CALS Book Launch - Geographical Indications at the Crossroads of Trade, Development, and Culture: Focus on Asia-Pacific on 18 September 2017
» CALS Workshop on 60 Years After Merdeka on 15 September 2017
» ASLI Fellow Seminar: An Indonesian Legal Perspective on the Settlement of Past Severe Violations of Human Rights: A Study on the Peaceful Settlement of Islam (Ishlah) in the Tanjung Priok Case by Mr Junaedi Saibih on 14 September 2017
» APCEL Seminar Series: The Role of the Market and Traditional Regulation in Decarbonizing China’s Energy Supply, Wednesday, 13 September 2017
» Book Launch - The Commercial Appropriation of Fame: A Cultural Analysis of the Right of Publicity and Passing Off by Associate Professor David Tan on 8 September 2017
» Centre for Maritime Law Short Course, "The Law and Practice of Marine Insurance" by Visiting Associate Professor, Dr Steven Hazelwood on 7 September 2017
» The Rule of Law Doctrine of the Politburo by Mr Ewan Smith on 7 September 2017
» Kwa Geok Choo Distinguished Visitors Lecture: The Economics of Business Contracts by Professor Michael Klausner on 31 August 2017
» AI Features, Legal Futures: A Guide for Smart Policy Making by Professor Ugo Pagallo on 29 August 2017
» Centre for Maritime Law Seminar Series, "Public and Private Standards and Conformity of Goods in Sale of Goods" by Visiting Professor Djakhongir Saidov on 29 August 2017
» The Logic and Limits of Stewardship Codes: The Case of Japan by Associate Professor Gen Goto on 24 August 2017
» Call for Papers - Conferences on Comparative Law in Asia
» Kwa Geok Choo Distinguished Visitors Lecture: Agency Reasoning - A Formula Or A Tool? by Professor Francis Reynolds on 17 August 2017
» CBFL Distinguished Visitor Lecture 2017: Global Insolvency Proceedings for a Global Market by Professor Jay L. Westbrook on 17 August 2017
» Recent Developments in Letters of Credit by Visiting Associate Professor, Christopher Hare on 12 August 2017
» The Ex-Ante Regulation Of Information Exchange: A New Look At The Prophylactic Rule by Mr Kenneth Khoo & Mr Jerrold Soh on 10 August 2017
» TOWARDS A THEORY OF "DUAL CONSTITUTIONALISM" : Reflections from the Thai case study by Dr Eugénie Mérieau on 10 August 2017
» APCEL Closed-Door Seminar on Nature Conservation and Wildlife Laws in Singapore (by invitation only), 31 July 2017
» Workshop on Constitutional Pluralism in Southeast Asia, 27-28 July 2017
» Workshop on Fintech Law & Regulation: Banking, Securities, Tax, International Trade & Investments, 24-26 July 2017
» Multimodal Transport Law: Systems and Rules by Dr Michiel Spanjaart on 20 July 2017
» Pride and Prejudice in U.S. Trade by Professor Lan Cao on 14 July 2017
» Medical Negligence Update: Recent Landmark Decisions in Singapore by Professor Kumaralingam Amirthalingam on 13 July 2017
» Control Contests and Corporate Governance Reform of Chinese Listed Corporations 中国上市公司控制权争夺与公司治理的完善 by Professor Zhu Ciyun on 13 July 2017
» 4th Conference of the EU-Asia Corporate Governance Dialogue Series: Corporate Governance in a Changing Environment on 7 July 2017
» APCEL Seminar on the Harmonization of National Legal Frameworks as a Strategy to Address Transnational Organized Environmental Crime, Faculty of Law, NUS, 14 June 2017
» Symposium on Lawyers & Access to Justice: Challenging Pro Bono, 8-9 June 2017 (Participation is by invitation only)
» Adat Court in Indonesia's Judicial System by Dr Herlambang P. Wiratraman on 29 May 2017
» Coalition and Collision of the Bar and Bench: Judicial Policy in Taiwan and Singapore by Ms Ching-Fang Hsu on 26 May 2017
» Intellectual Property: TRIPS and Regional Trade Agreements - Spaghetti or Lasagne? by Mr. Wolf Meier-Ewert on 19 May 2017
» 14 ASLI CONFERENCE: A Uniting Force? - 'Asian Values' and the Law, 18-19 May 2017
» The Narrative School of Constitutional Interpretation by Bo Tiojanco on 3 May 2017
» ASLI Fellow Seminar: Tax Anti-Avoidance Measures - The Limits of the Law by Dr. Nigam Nuggehalli on 19 April 2017
» The Controversial Bunkers Case: What is a Contract of Sale? by Michael BRIDGE on 10 April 2017
» Derivative Actions in Singapore and Hong Kong by Samantha Tang on 6 April 2017
» Seminar on Codifying Contempt: The Administration of Justice (Protection) Act by Assistant Professor Jaclyn Neo & Associate Professor David Tan on 5 April 2017
» ASLI Fellow Seminar: A Legal Perspective on the Applicability of Business Ethics in Foreign Investment: An Incentive or a Hindrance for Investors? by Ms Wenny Setiawati on 3 April 2017
» CALS Book Launch - Constitutionalism and Legal Change in Myanmar on 31 March 2017
» Meaning And Limits of Uniformity in Private Law: What Has Been Done, And What Can Be Done In The Future? by Professor Souichirou Kozuka on 27 March 2017
» Corporate Restructuring and Private International Law: A View from Japan and Singapore on 24 March 2017
» Brexit And Private International Law: The Cloud With A Silver Lining by Professor Adrian Briggs QC on 23 March 2017
» Japanese Corporate Governance from the Perspective of Family Firms by Professor Zenichi Shishido on 23 March 2017
» ASLI Fellow Seminar: Natural Law in Traditional China: The Philosophy of Wang Yangming (1472-1529) by Assistant Professor Norman Pai Ho on 23 March 2017
» ASLI Fellow Seminar: Remedies for Aging Japan: Efficiency and Effectiveness of Legal Reforms by Professor Caslav Pejovic on 17 March 2017
» ASLI Fellow Seminar: Comparative Study on Criminal Procedure in South Korea and Singapore by Professor Park Yong Chul on 16 March 2017
» Litigious Citizens, Constitutional Law and Everyday Life in the Indian Republic by Dr. Rohit De on 7 March 2017
» RMB Internationalisation - A Critical Perspective by Gunter Dufey on 6 March 2017
» Chinese (PRC & ROC) Nationality Laws and Reconceptualizing Asian-American Identity by Assistant Professor Norman Ho on 6 March 2017
» From Block Lords to Blockchain: A Brief History of Securities Dealers' Organization Strategies by Professor David Donald on 24 February 2017
» Seminar on Developments in Property Law - Selected Aspects by Professor Teo Keang Sood on 23 February 2017
» Seminar on Trade and Investment with the United Kingdom and the European Union after Brexit by Professor Damian Chalmers on 22 February 2017
» Law IV 2017: Judicial Review, 17 to 19 February 2017
» The Origins of Originality: The True Story of Walter V Lane by Dr. Barbara Lauriat on 17 February 2017
» International Money Problem by Dan Awrey on 14 February 2017
» China and the Death of American Comparative Law by Professor Jedidiah Kroncke on 13 February 2017
» The Impact of Brexit on IP - Will Unitary Rights Survive? by Professor Dr. Annette Kur on 13 February 2017
» Kwa Geok Choo Distinguished Visitors Lecture on National Constitutions in a Transnational Age by Professor Cheryl Saunders on 9 February 2017
» Trademarks and Private Governance by Professor Graeme Austin on 9 February 2017
» Centre for Maritime Law Lunchtime Seminar: "Fire on board! An insight into ship casualties" on 8 February 2017
» The Trustee At Common Law by Dr. Peter Turner on 7 February 2017
» APCEL Seminar on Rule of Law and Conservation: Findings from Myanmar, Monday, 6 February 2017
» Saw Swee Hock Centennial Professorial Lecture on The Market for International Arbitration by Professor Alec Stone Sweet on 3 February 2017
» Overview of Fintech and Regulatory Implications by Iris Chiu on 2 February 2017
» Chinese Constitutionalism: An Oxymoron? by Professor David Law on 26 January 2017
» Intellectual Property & Trade: A Discussion with His Excellency Mr Gabriel Duque, Ambassador of Colombia to Japan, Former Adjunct Ambassador of Colombia to the WIPO (By Invitation only) on 25 January 2017
» Centre for Maritime Law Seminar Series, "Delivery of goods under bills of lading" by Associate Professor Anders Møllmann on 24 January 2017
» Courts and Democracies in Asia by Associate Professor Yap Po Jen on 20 January 2017
» Roundtable Discussion on The Structure and Nature of Constitutional Rights on 19 January 2017
» The Law & Religious Market Theory: China and the Case for Gradual Market Liberalization by Assistant Professor Chen Jianlin on 17 January 2017
» David and Goliath Struggle in the Timor Sea by Janelle Saffin on 13 January 2017
» ETH-CBFL Law & Finance Colloquium on 13 January 2017
» CBFL-Fountain Court Roundtable on 11 January 2017
» Copyright in the Internet Age - Social Media, Fair Dealing and Consent by Professor Melissa June De Zwart on 10 January 2017
» The CISG as a Model for Harmonisation, Convergence and Law Reform, 6-7 January 2017
» Law, Authoritarianism, and Democracy in Asia Symposium ,12-13 December 2016
» The Death Penalty: a Matter of Yes or No? on 9 December 2016
» Roundtable Discussion: Postsecular Comparative Law on 7 December 2016
» Panel Presentation - Copyright Challenges in the 21st Century on 5 December 2016
» Centre for Maritime Law Seminar Series, "Marine Insurance: Recent Developments in England" by Professor Robert Merkin QC on 2 December 2016
» Carter v Boehm (1766) after 250 years: Insured's and Insurer's Pre-Contractual Duties (By Invitation only), 30 November-1 December 2016
» Colloquium on the Arrest Conventions 1952 and 1999 (By Invitation only), 28-29 November 2016
» Debating Singapore's Elected Presidency Workshop (Participation is by invitation only) on 16 November 2016
» Amity Workshop: Legal Issues in Finance in Europe and Asia (By Invitation only) on 15 November 2016
» SGX roundtable discussion on 14 November 2016
» The Fourth Asia Environment Lecture – Growing, Growing, Gone? How to Prosper While Protecting the Global Commons by Dr Andrew Steer, President and CEO, World Resources Institute, Friday, 11 November 2016, 5.00pm to 6.30 pm – Registration starts at 4.30 pm, Shaw Foundation Alumni House Auditorium, NUS Kent Ridge Campus
» The Role of International Financial Centers in the Global Economy by Andrew Morriss on 11 November 2016
» ASLI Fellow Seminar: Third Party Litigation Funding: Does it have potential for China? by Dr Chen Wenjing on 10 November 2016
» Conference on Attaining the Sustainable Development Goals – Environmental Law, Policy and Management, 9 to 11 November 2016, Shaw Foundation Alumni House Auditorium, NUS Kent Ridge Campus
» ASLI Symposium Legal Transplantation of Foreign Public Law in Asia, 3-4 November 2016
» CALS Book Launch cum Panel Discussion on Islam and The State in Myanmar on 3 November 2016
» ASLI Fellow Seminar: Regulations on Anti-Money Laundering Through Commercial Banks in Singapore and ASEAN Countries - Lessons for the Implementation of Regulations in Vietnam by Professor Pham Thi Giang Thu on 31 October 2016
» CML Lunchtime Seminar with Mr Marco Crusafio on 26 October 2016
» Why Ethnocracy is Conceptually Alien to the Malaysian Constitution by Associate Professor Rueban Balasubramaniam on 21 October 2016
» Centre for Maritime Law Event : Book Launch, "Illegality in Marine Insurance Law" by Dr Wang Feng on 14 October 2016
» Fireside Chat with Hon. Distinguished Fellow: Official Secrets Act by Justice Chan Sek Keong on 12 October 2016
» The New Wave Of Anti-Tax Abuse Approaches: Australia's Maal, Diverted Profits Tax And Other Interesting Developments by Professor Miranda Stewart on 30 September 2016
» Legacy of Justice Scalia on the Interpretation of Statutes and Constitutions by Dr Eric Brunstad, Jr on 28 September 2016
» Asian Law & Society Association Conference 2016 - Law and Society in Asia: Defining and Advancing the Field, 22-23 September 2016
» IMO World Maritime Day 2016, "Shipping: Indispensable to the World" by Mr Martin Marini on 22 September 2016
» ASLI Young Scholars' Workshop on 21 September 2016
» From Financial Crisis to Brexit - an Irish Perspective by Eoghan Murphy on 21 September 2016
» The Temptation of Terrorist Watchlists: How the U.S. No-Fly List is Changing the Meaning of Citizenship by Professor Jeffrey Kahn on 15 September 2016
» CBFL Distinguished Visitor Lecture: Micro and Macro Prudential Regulation: Is The Present Model Of Banking Regulation Destructive? by Professor Jan Dalhuisen on 15 September 2016
» CALS Book Launch - Criminal Law in Myanmar on 15 September 2016
» Towards a Theory of Progressive Trade by Professor David Lametti on 9 September 2016
» The UNCITRAL Model Law On Cross Border Insolvency - Realising Its Potential In Singapore by Professor Gerard McCormack on 6 September 2016
» Muslim Minorities in Malaysia by Dr Mohd Faizal Musa (Faisal Tehrani) on 2 September 2016
» Centre for Maritime Law Seminar Series: The UK Insurance Act 2015 and The Duty of Utmost Good Faith by Dr Steven Hazelwood on 1 September 2016
» India's New Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Regime on the Airline Industry: Changes and Challenges by Dr Lee Jae Woon on 26 August 2016
» Kwa Geok Choo Distinguished Visitors Lecture on 'Sales' on Retention of Title: Is the English Law Analysis Broken? by Professor Louise Gullifer on 25 August 2016
» The Vexed Question of Effective Bank Resolution and The Challenge Posed by Bail-In Regimes by Professor Emilios Avgouleas on 23 August 2016
» Seminar on Japanese Arbitration Law and UNCITRAL Model Law by Associate Professor Hisashi Harata on 19 August 2016
» CML Seminar Series: Exclusion of Liability for Consequential Loss - Comparative Perspectives by Mr Greg Gordon on 18 August 2016
» Effects of Assignment of a Contract on the Counterparty: Problems of Set-Off and Contractual Variation by Professor Louise Gullifer on 18 August 2016
» Lunchtime Talk with Lord Neuberger on 18 August 2016
» Yong Shook Lin Professorship in Intellectual Property Public Lecture by Professor Kal Raustiala on 16 August 2016
» Seminar on Overlapping Consensus or Clash of Normativities? The Malaysian approach to zakat management and its (in-) compatibility with secular humanitarianism by Dr Dominik Müller on 12 August 2016
» APCEL Seminar on What Is Driving the Mass Killing of Elephants in Africa? The Challenges of Wildlife Protection Laws and What Goes Behind the Ideal Wildlife Commodity Trade Theory in Africa, Monday, 8 August 2016
» APCEL Seminar on Beyond the Courtroom: Pushing the Boundaries of Environmental Law in Malaysian Borneo, Friday, 5 August 2016
» Deals: The Design and Structure of Business Transactions [Intensive Course] by Professor Michael Klausner, 1-12 August 2016
» CALS Book Launch - Constitutional Interpretation in Singapore : Theory and practice on 26 July 2016
» Centre for Maritime Law Seminar Series: Foreign Anti-Suit Injunctions in China by Dr Zhao Liang on 21 July 2016
» Seminar on Tort Law: Recent Developments In Vicarious Liability And Non-Delegable Duties by Professor Kumaralingam Amirthalingam on 13 July 2016
» Seminar on Proportionality Analysis in Constitutional and Administrative Law: Recent Developments in the Commonwealth and its implications for Singapore by Assistant Professor Jaclyn Neo & Assistant Professor Swati Jhaveri on 5 July 2016
» Bank Confidentiality: General Perspectives and Singapore Law by Associate Professor Dora Neo & Associate Professor Sandra Booysen on 30 June 2016
» Annual Conference of the Journal of Financial Regulation, 24-25 June 2016
» Public Opinion on the Legal Status of Sexual Minorities in Singapore and Hong Kong by Assistant Professor Lynette J. Chua & Assistant Professor Yiu-tung Seun on 24 June 2016
» Socioeconomic Rights in India: Origins, Development, and Concerns Going Forward by Associate Professor Rehan Abeyratne on 25 May 2016
» 3rd Annual Symposium on EU-Asia Relations in Financial Services, 25-27 May 2016
» CALL FOR PAPERS : Law and Society in Asia: Defining and Advancing the Field
» 13 ASLI CONFERENCE: Asian Perspectives on Legal Globalization, 19-20 May 2016
» MPA Professorship Inaugural Lecture: The Safe Port in Maritime Law: Decade of Certainty or Muddier Waters? by Professor Stephen Girvin on 22 April 2016
» Law and Development in China and Vietnam, 20-21 April 2016
» Exploring The Connections Between Law & Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) by Associate Professor Kernaghan Webb on 19 April 2016
» Book Launch: Alternative Visions of the International Law on Foreign Investment, Essays In Honour of Muthucumaraswamy Sornarajah, Edited by C.L Lim on 7 April 2016
» Judicial Trends in Child Custody Cases in Bangladesh: Traditional Islamic Law Rules versus Welfare Consideration by Assistant Professor Taslima Yasin on 7 April 2016
» CROSSING BORDERS IN A TROUBLED WORLD: Youth's perspective on transnational migration related issues, 31 March - 1 April 2016
» Foreign Investment in Myanmar: Law and Policy on 24 March 2016
» Book Launch - Money Matters in Myanmar (By invitation only) on 24 March 2016
» Centre for Maritime Lunchtime Seminar: Chinese Maritime Law: A Brief Introduction by Professor Jason Chuah on 23 March 2016
» CALS Distinguished Lecture: The Nara+20 Process: Authenticity in the Context of the World Heritage System and Beyond by Professor Toshiyuki Kono on 18 March 2016
» Cultural Heritage Law and the Built Environment: Preserving Outstanding Universal Value in Asia's Historic Cities, 17-18 March 2016
» The Constitutional Management of Ethnicity in Southeast Asia: Some Thoughts and Observations by Professor Donal Horowitz on 16 March 2016
» Visit A Law Firm: Allen & Gledhill LLP on 11 March 2016
» Centre for Maritime Law Seminar Series: Developments in Letters of Credit Law by Professor Jason Chuah on 10 March 2016
» Dignity, Life, and Capital Punishment: A Comparative Analysis from Taiwan's Perspective by Professor Jimmy Chia-Shin Hsu on 8 March 2016
» Constitutional Dialogue in Common Law Asia by Associate Professor Yap Po Jen on 3 March 2016
» Panel Discussion on The new commentaries to the Geneva Conventions: An updated interpretation for a modern world of warfare on 3 March 2016
» Seminar on Internalising Externalities: An Enterprise Risk Approach To Vicarious Liability In The 21st Century by Associate Professor David Tan on 2 March 2016
» APCEL Seminar on The Paris Agreement on Climate Change: Implications for Small Island Developing States, 25th Feb 2016
» States, Intergovernmental Relations, and Market Development: The case of contemporary China by Professor Cheng Jinhua on 24 February 2016
» Corporate Governance in Asia - Textbook Workshop, 22-23 February 2016
» CALS Workshop on Constitutional Debate in Vietnam, 19-20 February 2016
» Centre for Maritime Law Seminar Series: Choice of Law in Maritime Arbitration by Professor Jason Chuah on 18 February 2016
» Opportunities and Challenges for GST/Sales Tax Within ASEAN & The Asia-Pacific by Dr. David White on 18 February 2016
» Seminar on Islamic Finance In Theory And Practice: An Introduction by Assistant Professor Arif A Jamal & Ms Ferzana Haq on 17 February 2016
» CALL FOR PAPERS : Crossing Borders In A Troubled World: A Youth Conference On Transnational Migration
» Professionals In Employment And Competition Law: Who Should Fall Within The Reach Of Competition Law? by Dr Mary Catherine Lucey on 5 February 2016
» The Role Of Outside Directors In Japan, Korea & China by Professor Kon Sik Kim on 4 February 2016
» The Present And Future Of International Commercial And Investment Arbitration: Is Arbitration In Crisis? by Professor Diego Arroyo on 4 February 2016
» Transnational Tax Law: Reality Or Fiction, Future Or Now? by Professor Miranda Stewart on 1 February 2016
» The Evolution of Fintech: A New Post-Crisis Paradigm? by Professor Douglas W. Arner on 27 January 2016
» The End Of Knowing Receipt by Professor Robert Chambers on 25 January 2016
» Kwa Geok Choo Distinguished Visitors Lecture on "The Rule of Law, Judicial Independence and Judicial Discretion." by The Honourable Justice Matthew Palmer on 20 January 2016
» Chinese And Japanese Bankruptcy Laws by Judge Chi and Associate Professor Jin Chun on 20 January 2016
» Panel Presentation - Intellectual Property In Media And Entertainment on 20 January 2016
» Workshop on Lender of Last Resort on 15 January 2016
» CALS Distinguished Lecture: Varieties of Constitutionalism by Professor Mark Tushnet on 15 January 2016
» ETH-CBFL Law & Banking Colloquium on 14 January 2016
» Contractual Governance of Global Supply Chains: Patterns and Challenges by Professor Fabrizio Cafaggi on 13 January 2016
» Regulating Religion: Normativity and Change At The Intersection of Law and Religion, 14-15 December 2015
» The 6th Asian Constitutional Law Forum - Constitutionalism in the Courts: Judicial Review and the Separation of Powers in Asia, 10-11 December 2015
» Oversight of Systemically Relevant Insurance Practices Within the EU: The Role of Macroprudential Supervision by Dr Miriam Goldby on 9 December 2015
» Law, Trust & Institutional Variation: Evidence From Interviews In China by Professor Mathias Siems on 9 December 2015
» Global Shipping Law Forum 2015 "INDEMNITIES AND GUARANTEES IN MARITIME LAW", 7-8 December 2015
» Osaka City Government V The Man With No Tattoos: Using The Courts As Arbiters Of Social Norms In Japan by Ms Stacey Steele on 18 November 2015
» Bitcoin and the Blockchain: Puzzles in the Law of Money and Property by Dr Noel McGrath on 17 November 2015
» Judicial Review and Good Governance in Hong Kong by Professor Gu Minkang on 16 November 2015
» David Marshall Lecture & The ASEAN Charter - A Commentary Book Launch by Professor Walter Woon on 13 November 2015
» Recent Anti-Money Laundering Updates in Singapore by Mr Andy Yeo on 12 November 2015
» Illiberal Constitutional and the Deep State In Thailand by Eugenie Merieau on 9 November 2015
» The Magna Carta's Journey to Singapore: History and the Rule of Law on 9 November 2015
» The 3rd Asia Environment Lecture - Greening the Built Environment: Ramping Up Global Progress, 6 November 2015
» CALL FOR PAPERS : Cultural Heritage Law and the Built Environment: Preserving Outstanding Universal Value in Asia's Historic Cities
» Duty of Care for Pure Economic Loss in Singapore: Recent Developments 2014-2015 by Associate Professor David Tan on 4 November 2015
» APCEL Seminar on Household Solid Waste Management in Malaysia: A Legal Perspective, Monday, 26 October 2015
» NUS Law Class of 1985 – 30th Anniversary Reunion on 23 October 2015, Friday
» APCEL Seminar on Myanmar's Indigenous Peoples and Universal Periodic Review: Joining Environmental Strategies with the UN Human Rights System by Dr Jonathan Liljeblad, 16 October 2015, Faculty of Law, NUS
» Smart Governance of Payment Systems: The Impact of Regulation on Competition and Innovation by Jane K. Winn on 16 October 2015
» Wealth Management: Selected Topics in Finance, Law and Tax on 15 October 2015
» Securities Lending and Disclosure on 15 October 2015
» APCEL Seminar on Taiwan's Wildlife Protection and Trade Laws, Wednesday, 14 October 2015
» How Banking and Finance Law Can End the Poverty of Nations by Prof Dr Hans-Bernd Schäfer on 12 October 2015
» The Life and Future of British Colonial Sexual Regulation in Asia, 8-9 October 2015
» Corruption in China by Professor Bernard Yeung on 1 October 2015
» APCEL Seminar on From Global Conservation Norms to Local Practices: Exploring the Conservation of Charismatic Megafauna in Indonesia, 29 September 2015, Faculty of Law, NUS
» Shadow Banking in China - Risks and Regulation by Professor Shen Wei on 17 September 2015
» Kwa Geok Choo Distinguished Visitors Lecture on "Women, Peace and Security: Addressing conflict-related violence against women." by Professor Christine Chinkin on 16 September 2015
» APCEL Seminar on Environmental Regulation of Hydraulic Fracturing in the United States: Responding to the Dramatic Expansion of Shale Gas Production, 15 September 2015, Faculty of Law, NUS by Professor Lee Paddock
» Official Launch of the Centre for Maritime Law (CML)
Keynote speech Maritime Law in Singapore Beyond - Its Origins, Influence and Importance by The Honourable Justice Steven Chong on 3 September 2015
» CBFL Distinguished Visitor Lecture: Impact Investments and Social Impact Bonds: Innovations in Social Finance or Illusions? by Professor Paul Brest on 2 September 2015
» Inter-Creditor Good Faith by Associate Professor Christopher Hare on 26 August 2015
» ASEAN IP Public Conference 2015 on 25 August 2015
» NUS Law Class of 2000 – 15th Anniversary Reunion on 22 August 2015, Saturday
» CMLSS: Standardisation of Oil and Gas Law: The Emergence of Transnational Layers of Governance ? by MPA Visiting Professor Djakhongir Saidov on 19 August 2015
» From Hobby Lobby to Same Sex Marriage: The Future of Religious Freedom in the United States by Professor Brett G. Scharffs on 13 August 2015
» CMLSS: Bills of Lading Act, CAP 384 by MPA Visiting Professor Michiel Spanjaart on 5 August 2015
» Conference on Comparative Takeover Regulation, 23-24 July 2015
» Seminar on "Medical Negligence - Standard and Causation" by Professor Kumaralingam Amirthalingam on 22 July 2015
» Do Auction and Mandatory Bid Matter? Assessing Chinese Takeover Law from Value-maximizing Perspective by Professor Charlie Xiao-chuan WENG on 29 June 2015
» APCEL Seminar on The Unbearable Lightness of Environmental Law – From Flexible Norms to Flexible Facts, 16 June 2015, Faculty of Law, NUS
» Seminar on "Using Empirical Studies in Legal Scholarship: The Example of Health Insurance on Near-Elderly Health and Mortality" on 5 June 2015
» AsianSIL Inter-sessional Conference on The Rule of Law and Development Nexus: A New Deal for Asia?, 4-5 June 2015
» Conference on the UNICITRAL Model Law on International Commercial Arbitration in Asia, 28-29 May 2015
» Judging the Constitution: The Theory and Practice of Constitutional Interpretation in Singapore, 28-29 May 2015
» 2nd Annual Symposium on EU-Asia Financial Relations, 27-29 May 2015
» "Occupy Central for Universal Suffrage: Constitutional Development and Political Reform in Hong Kong", 14-15 May 2015
» NUS Law Class of 2005 – 10th Anniversary Reunion on 9 May 2015
» Book Launch - Cartels in Asia: Law & Practice on 7 May 2015
» CALL FOR PAPERS: 6th Asian Constitutional Law Forum: 'Constitutionalism in the Courts: Judicial Review and the Separation of Powers in Asia'
» Presentation of Findings: "Keeping the Faith: A Study of Freedom of Thoughts, Conscience and Religion in ASEAN" on 30 April 2015
» Autonomy and Uncertainty: Liability for Ultra-hazardous activity and the regulation of the development of autonomous weapons by Professor Nehal Bhuta on 29 April 2015
» Book Launch - Resistance And Change In The International Law On Foreign Investment by Professor M Sornarajah on 29 April 2015
» Seminar on DNA Forensics and Human ID by Professor Paul Matsudaira on 24 April 2015
» UNCITRAL-Singapore Seminar on 35 Years of the CISG: Achievements & Perspectives, 23-24 April 2015
» CALL FOR PAPERS: The Life and Future of British Colonial Sexual Regulation in Asia
» APCEL Seminar on Re-Imagining Reparations Beyond Liability- Environmental Justice at the International Court of Justice?” 1 April 2015, Faculty of Law, NUS
» APCEL Seminar on The Singapore Energy Market: Evolution & What Lies Ahead, 30 March 2015, Faculty of Law, NUS
» Dissecting the Interplay of Regional and Bilateral Rulemaking: ASEAN's Regional Investment Treaties and Southeast Asian BITs by Prof. Dr. Diane A. Desierto on 30 March 2015
» Geographical Indications at the Crossroads of Trade, Development, and Culture in Asia-Pacific by Professor Ng-Loy Wee Loon and Visiting Professor Irene Calboli, 26-27 March 2015
» What's up in Europe? Current trends and developments in European IP law by Professor Dr. Dr. h.c. Annette Kur on 19 March 2015
» Reducing Homicide Globally By 50% in the Next 30 Years Universal Mechanisms and Evidence-Based Policy by Professor Manuel Eisner on 12 March 2015
» CALS Distinguished Lecture: Sharia and National Law in Asia - A View From the Southeast by Professor Jan-Michiel Otto on 11 March 2015
» APCEL Seminar on the Influence of Environmental Law on Renewal Energy Projects – A Case Study
» Shareholders Agreements as a Control-Enhancing Device by Assistant Professor Marilena Filippelli on 5 March 2015
» Independent Directors in Asia, 26-27 February 2015
» EU Asia Corporate Governance Dialogue 2015 on 24 February 2015
» The Sri Lankan Constitutional Transition: From Populist Authoritarianism to Constitutional Democracy? by Dr Asanga Welikala on 23 February 2015
» Fiduciary Law and Entrepreneurial Action by Professor Gordon Smith on 12 February 2015
» Zealous Advocates or Self-interested Actors? Assessing the Value of Plaintiffs' Law Firms in Merger Litigation by Professor Randall S. Thomas on 9 February 2015
» Insights to Singapore Tax Law Practice on 29 January 2015
» Seminar on Double Tax Agreements and Expatriate Professionals: Perspectives on Tax Competition and Human Capital by Professor Nolan Sharkey on 26 January 2015
» Singapore's New Anti-Trafficking Law: Are We Doing Enough To Fight Trafficking in Persons? on 21 January 2015
» Judging the Constitution: The Theory and Practice of Constitutional Interpretation in Singapore by Assistant Professor Jaclyn Neo on 16 January 2015
» Myriad and the Future of Genetic Testing by Associate Professor Sapna Kumar on 16 January 2015
» Law & Finance Colloquium on 15 January 2015
» Kwa Geok Choo Distinguished Visitors Lecture: “The Financial Crisis: Why Did It Happen and What Have We Learned from It?” by Professor Paul Davies on 14 January 2015
» The Limits of Corporatism: Continued Challenges for Economics Democracy in US, Chinese and Brazilian Unions by Professor Jedidiah Kroncke on 14 January 2015
» Leniency in Chinese Criminal Law? Everyday Justice in Henan by Professor Benjamin Liebman on 12 January 2015
» The Beijing Consensus? How China has changed the western ideas of law and economic development and global legal practices by Assistant Professor Weitseng Chen, 8-9 January 2015
» Seminar on "I Came, I Saw, I...Adapted: An Empirical Study of Chinese Business Expansion in the U.S. and Its Implications" by Professor Li Ji on 7 January 2015
» Determinants of Corporate Governance Codes by Associate Professor Carsten Gerner-Beuerle on 18 December 2014
» Researching State and Personhood: Law and Society in Southeast Asia by Assistant Professor Lynette Chua, 15 & 16 December 2014
» The Missionary and the Merchant: How the US and China Use International Economic Law by Assistant Professor Timothy Webster on 11 December 2014
» China, Southeast Asia and International Economic Law: Contemporary Issues and Future Prospects on 8 December 2014
» ASEAN-WEN/APCEL/UNODC Regional Stakeholders Law & Policy Workshop on Wildlife Crime (by invitation only),8 – 10 December 2014
» Can Banks Still Keep a Secret? A symposium that explores how bank secrecy in financial centres around the world has been affected by international initiatives to combat crime, 4-5 Devember 2014
» Ethics, Law and Public Policies: A Case of Islamic Biothics by Dr Ayman Shabana on 28 November 2014
» Some Thoughts on Recent Developments in Property Law: Selected Aspects by Professor Teo Keang Sood on 26 November 2014
» Symposium on Asian Financial Centres' Development and Regulation - Comparative Study from Singapore, Hong Kong and Mainland China, 21-22 November 2014
» The prosecution of Lingle for contempt of court by Former Chief Justice, NUS Law Distinguished Fellow, Mr Chan Sek Keong, 21 November 2014
» Indonesian Anticipation of AEC 2015 in Tertiary Education by Ms Susi Susantijo on 12 November 2014
» Beyond Fragmentation: Building a Unified Securities Market in China (and Asia) by Prof David C. Donald on 10 November 2014
» Third World Approach to International Law by Professor M Sornarajah and Professor Tony Anghie on 3 November 2014
» Jurisprudence in Tang Dynasty China: An Analysis of Selected Tang Dynasty Panwen (Written Legal Judgments) by Assistant Professor Norman Ho on 27 October 2014
» Seminar on Medical Malpractice And Patient Safety by Associate Professor Cristina Amato; Associate Professor Mariani Maria Paola & Assistant Professor Calvin Ho, 14-15 October 2014
» Thai Law as a Civil Law System by Dr. Munin Pongsapan on 14 October 2014
» The Second Asia Environment Lecture - The Green Economy: Will Asia Embrace It?, 7 Oct 2014, Orchard Hotel, Ballroom 3
» How to Build and Strengthen Effective Clinical Legal Education (CLE) Externship Programmes Workshop on 6 October 2014
» 3rd Annual Asia Pro Bono Conference 2014, 2-4 October 2014
» Brunei Beyond the Recent Headlines: Emic Perspectives on National Ideology and Socio-Legal Change in a Malay Islamic Monarchy by Dr. Dominik Müller on 2 October 2014
» China's Public Procuracy System in the Eyes of a Female Procurator by Xie Jue on 30 September 2014
» The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP): Creating a "Living Agreement" for Trade by Dr. Deborah Elms on 17 September 2014
» Amaladass Professorship In Criminal Justice Launch Lecture: “Recent (Non-)Developments in the Right to Counsel”  17 September 2014
» WIPO Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Options for Intellectual Property and Technology Disputes by Ms Eun A (Jessica) Park on 17 September 2014
» Crimes and Criminals: Lessons from Imperial China and Contemporary Japan by Professor John Haley on 15 September 2014
» Official Launch of Centre for Banking and Finance Law & Distinguished Visitor Lecture: The Future of International Banking and Financial Law and Lawyers, 12 September 2014
» APCEL Educational Exchange Seminar on Environmental Issues & the Law - Comparative Perspectives: Japan and Singapore with Chuo University, Japan, 12 September 2014, Faculty of Law, NUS
» The Alien Tort Statute After Kiobel: The Possibility for Unlawful Assertions of Universal Civil Jurisdiction still Remains by Mr Paul David Mora on 10 September 2014
» China's Minorities Policy, and the Governance of Tibet and Xinjiang by Professor Zheng Yongnian on 9 September 2014
» Kwa Geok Choo Distinguished Visitors Lecture: “Rivers, Revenue, And Rice: Law’s Foundations”, 3 September 2014
» FTAs as Problem-Solving Process in Asia - Will this process begin from Korea-China FTA? by Professor Won-Mog Choi on 3 September 2014
» Seminar on Global Derivatives Regulation: The Cross-Border Application of Dodd-Frank And Emir by Mr Joshua Margolis on 28 August 2014
» Writing a Ph.D in Law: From Application to Publication by Professor J.H.H. Weiler, 28 August 2014
» Seminar on The Changing Role of Tax Treaties in Today's World by Dr. Michael Lang, 28 August 2014
» Distinguished Speaker Lecture on The Trial of Jesus in Western Legal Tradition by Prof Joseph H.H. Weiler on 27 August 2014
» Seminar on Recent Developments In EU and UK Competition Law by Emeritus Prof Richard Whish on 20 August 2014
» Seminar on Multi-Bank Lending: Recent Developments And Recurrent Problems by Associate Professor Christopher Hare on 18 August 2014
» Conference on Framing Intellectual Property Law in the 21st Century on 14-15 August 2014
» Seminar on Making Corporate Governance Codes Work by Dr. Arad Reisberg on 7 August 2014
» Workshop on Judging the Constitution: The Theory and Practice of the Constitutional Interpretation in Singapore (Invitation Only) by Asst Prof Jaclyn Neo on 6 August 2014
» CLB-CALS Joint Seminar on Private Enforcement of Securities Law in China: A Ten-Year Retrospective and Empirical Assessment by Professor Robin Hui Huang on 22 July 2014
» APCEL Closed-Door Workshop on Adaptation to Climate Change: ASEAN and Comparative Experiences (by Invitation only) 17 & 18 July 2014, Thursday & Friday
» 1st Annual Symposium on EU-Asia Relations in Financial Services, 18-20 June 2014
» Symposium On Intertidal Conservation in Southeast Asia, 12-13 June 2014, Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve (SBWR), Singapore (by invitation only)
» Developments in GAAR - India, New Zealand and Singapore on 9 June 2014
» Recent Developments and Future Trends in Japanese Corporate Governance Reform: A Comparative Perspective by Prof Bruce Aronson on 4 June 2014
» 11th Asian Law Institute Conference 2014, 29 & 30 May 2014, University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur
» Seminar on Navigating The Market Misconduct Regime Affecting Securities In Part XII Of The Securities & Futures Act by Assoc Prof Alexander F H Loke on 16 May 2014
» CALS Book Launch: Mobilizing Gay Singapore, Rights and Resistance in an Authoritarian State by Lynette J. Chua on 14 May 2014
» Seminar on Contract Law in Civil Law Jurisdictions by Assoc Prof Gary F. Bell & Asst Prof Christian Hofmann on 22 April 2014
» The European Banking Union - Economic, Legal and Political Challenges on 31 March 2014
» Protection from Harassment - The New Legal Remedies on 25 March 2014
» The Transboundary Haze Pollution Bill 2014 - A multi-layered legal commentary on 14 March 2014
» Two theories of religion and Indian traditions in the Western legal systems by Dr. Prakash Shah on 12 March 2014
» Seminar on Coming To Terms With Good Faith on 11 March 2014
» Corporate Law & Governance in Asia Roundtable on 8 March 2014
» Shareholder Power Conference, 6 - 7 March 2014 (by invitation only)
» Multilateral Developments Banks: Law and development interventions in Asia - experiences and directions by Mr. Suresh Nanwani on 6 March 2014
» Seminar on The "Google Book" Decision and Its Impact on Copyright "Fair Use" on 5 March 2014
» CLB Seminar on Privacy, The Paparazzi, and The Law on 26 February 2014
» Seminar on Reasoning with Statutes and Cases in Germany, California, and England by Dr. Thomas Lundmark on 19 February 2014
» Trademark Protection and Territoriality Challenges in A Global Economy: Impact to and Perspective from Asia by Prof. Graeme Austin and Prof. Irene Calboli on 18 February 2014
» Jury Trial and the Role of Citizens at the Criminal Court : Korean Experience and East Asia by Prof. In Sup Han on 17 February 2014
» Constitutionalism and Legal Change in Myanmar Workshop 2014, 13 and 14 February 2014
» Seminar on Mobile Payments: The Legal Challenge by Dr. Benjamin Geva on 12 February 2014
» CLB Seminar on Perspectives on Canada's Exchange of Tax Information Policy on 3 February 2014
» CLE Seminar on U.S. Money Market Funds: A "Shadow Banking" Case Study by Jonathan Lim on 28 Jan 2014
» Islam, Law and the State in Myanmar Workshop 2014, 23 to 24 January 2014
» CLE Seminar on The Scope of Judicial Review and the Meaning of a Public Function: Source or 'Nature' of Power? by Dr Alexander Williams on 21 Jan 2014
» Seminar on The New Contractual Interpretation and Implication in Singapore by Asst Prof Goh Yihan
» Kwa Geok Choo Distinguished Visitors Lecture: “Climate Change, Courts, and the Rule of Law”
» Centre for Asian Legal Studies and Asian Law Institute Young Scholars Workshop 2013 - Asian Legal Studies: New Issues and New Scholarships, 5-6 December 2013, Thursday & Friday
» Urban and Industrial Environmental Management, 2-6 December 2013
» Symposium on Judicial Reform and Political Development in China, 28-29 November 2013, Thursday & Friday
» 4th Biennial AsianSIL Conference - Call for Papers, 14-16 November 2013, New Delhi, India
» Investing in India: Current Legal & Regulatory Trends by Mr. Cyril Shroff the Managing Partner of Amarchand & Mangaldas & Suresh A. Shroff & Co ("Amarchand Mangaldas"), 14 November 2013, Thursday
» Seminar on The Impact of the GFC on the Bank-Customer Relationship - A New Way Forward? by Assistant Professor Sandra Booysen
» Seminar on Recent Developments in Constitutional and Administrative Law by Adjunct Professor Kevin Tan
» Accessibility of the judiciary: What The Netherlands can learn from the Asia-Pacific Region by Mr. Robert van der Laan, 29 October 2013
» The Inaugural Asia Environment Lecture: Transitioning Towards Environmentally Sustainable Growth in Asia and the Pacific: Key Issues, Progress and Drivers of Change, 28 October 2013
» Seminar on Financial Stability & Financial Integration in Europe After the Crisis: The European Banking Union by Mr Federico Lupo Pasini, 25 October 2013, Friday
» Seminar on Analyzing India's New Company Law by Assistant Professor Umakanth Varottil
» Conference On Trials For International Crimes In Asia, 17-18 October 2013, Thursday & Friday
» Seminar on Global Risks for Financial Centres and Clients by The Institute for Financial Services at the University of Liechtenstein, 16 October 2013
» Indonesian Islamic Inheritance Law: Testing the Boundaries of Doctrinal Reform by Professor Mark Cammack, 16 October 2013
» 2 Oct 2013, ASLI Fellow Seminar on Collective Bargaining Under The Newly- Amended Labour Code 2012 Of Vietnam by Dr. Hoang Thi Minh
» 50 Years Of Malaysia: Federalism Reviewed, 27 September 2013, Friday
» 2013 Global Law Deans' Forum
» Seminar on Undue Influence in Guarantees and Security Interests by Prof Mindy Chen-Wishart
» Cross-Border Insolvency and Private International Law by Prof. Toshiyuki Kono, 17 September 2013
» "Bengali" and "Bangladeshi": The use of Islamic and Secular Identities in Bangladesh by Ms. Adeeba Aziz Khan, 30 August 2013
» Panel on Global Legal Education, 29 August 2013
» Kwa Geok Choo Distinguished Visitors Lecture: "Is There a Transnational Arbitration?"
» Alumni Family Day
» Law, Lawyers and Human Rights "Pro Bono Opportunities at MARUAH"
» International Dispute Settlement and the Permanent Court of Arbitration
» Chat with Former NUS Mooters
» Careers in Public International Law
» Opening of International Law Week 2013
» Constitution-making as applied Comparative Law: Insights from Asia by Laureate Professor Cheryl Saunders on 28 June 2013
» Workshop on Central-local Relations in Constitutional Law: In Asia and beyond on 28 & 29 June 2013
» Seminar on Challenges to Singapore from the Global Financial Crisis: Actual and Suggested Legal and Regulatory Responses by Professor Hans Tjio
» 10th Asian Law Institute Conference 2013 Celebrating Diversity: 10 Years of Asian Law Institute - 23 & 24 May 2013
» Seminar on Recent Developments in Singapore Contract Law (2012-2013) by Assistant Professor Goh Yihan
» CLE Public Seminar on Banking Law and Practice – A Valedictory Lecture by Emeritus Professor Peter Ellinger on 22 Apr 2013
» Vietnamese Courts: Reform and Identity by Professor Pip Nicholson on 22 Apr 2013
» Seminar on Negligence, Duty of Care and The Court of Appeal: A Review of The Spandeck Test and The Way Forward by Associate Professor David Tan
» Workshop on Land Grabs in Asia: What role for the law? on 5 & 6 April 2013
» CLE Seminar on Competition Law Litigation and Consumer Redress across the EU: Focusing on Recent Developments in Private Enforcement in the UK by Professor Barry J Rodger on 2 Apr 2013
» Seminar on Short-Term Relief, Long Term Grief In The Equity Markets by Mr Arad Reisberg
» Seminar on The UK Stewardship Code: Is It The Right Decision for Corporate Governance? by Mr Arad Reisberg
» 20 Mar 2013, ASLI Fellow Seminar on Towards an "Asian" Child Abduction Convention? Singapore and the Hague Treaty by Professor Colin P.A. Jones
» 20 Mar 2013, ASLI Fellow Seminar on Accessorial Liability in Equity by Assoc. Prof. Pauline Ridge
» NUS Law Open Day (Bukit Timah campus) 16 March
» What Can Asia Teach All Countries About Growth? by Dr. Mitchell Wigdor on 11 Mar 2013
» CLE Seminar on The Resurrecting Doctrine of Aesthetic Functionality in US Trade Mark Law by Dr. Irene Calboli on 5 Mar 2013
» Handling problem projects: Accountability mechanisms at international financial institutions and case studies by Mr. Suresh Nanwani on 4 Mar 2013
» Seminar on Division of Matrimonial Assets: Court of Appeal Decisions, Giving Back to Former Equal Marital Partners and Inter-spousal Gifts
» The Singapore Personal Data Protection Act: An Assessment by Professor Abu Bakar Munir - 27 Feb 2013
» 20 Feb 2013, ASLI Fellow Seminar on The WTO's Impact on the Policy & the Law of Vietnam from 2007 onwards by Dr. Nguyen Thanh Tam
» 20 Feb 2013, ASLI Fellow Seminar on The Issue of Sex Selection: An unavoidable & inexorable clash between autonomy & morality? by Ms. Pimpatsorn Natipodhi
» CLE Seminar on The Case Against Privatization by Professor Alon Harel on 14 Feb 2013
» 6 Feb 2013, ASLI Fellow Seminar on The Stagnation of Law & Democracy in Local Government in Indonesia by Mr. Satrya Pangadaran Marpaung
» 6 Feb 2013, ASLI Fellow Seminar on The Function of the Constitutional Court of Korea in the Development of Democracy and the Legal System – Protection of Freedom of Expression in Cyberspace by Assoc. Prof. Jong Ik Chon
» Innovating Justice in Asia: The courts of the Future, 29-30 January 2013, Tuesday & Wednesday
» CLE Seminar on Legal Emulation between Regulatory Competition and Comparative Law by Professor Pierre Larouche on 28 Jan 2013
» Kwa Geok Choo Distinguished Visitors Lecture: Social Law, the Environment and Development – Considerations of a Success Story, 24 January 2013, Thursday
» NUS-SMU-HKU Symposium 2013, Rights in Asia: Naming, Blaming, and Claiming, 10 & 11 January 2013, Thursday & Friday
» Socio-Legal Research on Southeast Asia: Themes, Directions and Challenges (By Invitation Only) - 10 & 11 Dec 2012
» Workshop on The Role of Civil Liberties in Civil Society Activism for Social Justice in South East Asia (By Invitation Only) - 10 Dec 2012
» Introduction to Qualitative Methods for Socio-legal Scholarship by Prof. Terence Halliday & Prof. David Nelken - 6 & 7 Dec 2012
» CLE Seminar on Growing global concerns for Work-Life Balance and different legal approaches: the case of the European Union and New Zealand by Annick Masselot - 30 Nov 2012
» The Conflation of Ethnicity and Religion: The Malaysian Constitution Revisited by Dr. Kartina A. Choong - 30 Nov 2012
» APCEL/NCCS Workshop on REDD+ and Legal Regimes of Mangroves, Peatlands and Other Wetlands: ASEAN and the World, 15 - 16 November 2012 (closed-door workshop - by invitation only)
» Registration for Law Alumni Mentor Programme- LAMP
» 9 Nov 2012, ASLI Fellow Seminar on Reduction of Emissions of Greenhouse Gases from Ships: Challenges and Opportunities for Asian Countries by Assoc. Lecturer Md. Saiful Karim
» 9 Nov 2012, ASLI Fellow Seminar on A Review of Legal Development in China’s Trust Market by Assoc. Prof. Xiling Jia
» CLE Seminar on Selected Issues in Banking Law - 8 Nov 2012
» Seminar on Recent Developments in Contract Law: Consumer Protection and The "Lemon Law" By Associate Professor Alexander F H Loke
» 31 Oct 2012, ASLI Fellow Seminar on Liability for Medical Negligence - A Comparative Study of Law in India and Singapore by Dr. Nagarathna A
» Malaysian Society at the Constitutional Crossroads by Professor Hoong Phun ("HP") Lee - 29 Oct 2012
» CCLS Seminar on "Qualified Foreign Investors – A New Investment Route Into India (Via Singapore)" on 24 Oct 2012
» Seminar on Singapore’s Personal Data Protection Act 2012 By Professor Simon Chesterman
» Why the Rule of Law is too important to be Left to Lawyers by Gordon Samuels Prof. Martin Krygier - 15 Oct 2012
» Seminar on Foreign Investment Arbitration By Professor M Sornarajah
» CLE Seminar on Exceptions to Patentability in Europe by Dr. Christopher Heath - Date: 8 Oct 2012
» CLE Seminar on Is there really a solution to the European Union Patent problem? by Dr. Mauricio Troncoso - 1 Oct 2012
» CCLS Seminar on "Brazilian Taxation of Inbound and Outbound Investments and Trade with Singapore: Challenges and Perspectives"
» Kwa Geok Choo Distinguished Visitors Lecture; “Judges Without Borders: Globalising Intellectual Property Jurisprudence
» Seminar on Comparative Takeover Regulation: Trends and Impact on Practice By Asst Prof Umakanth Varottil
» CLE Seminar on Institutional Foundations of Impersonal Exchange: Theory and Policy of Contractual Registries (University of Chicago Press, August 2012) by Prof Benito Arruñada
» Seminar on Administrative Law and Judicial Review By Adjunct Professor Kevin Tan
» Legal Histories of the British Empire Conference, 5 to 7 July 2012, Singapore
» Seminar on Causation And Damage In Tort By Prof Kumaralingam
» Seminar on Perspectives on the Syariah – Its Development and Interpretations By Asst Prof Arif A Jamal
» APCEL/CIL Seminar on Strengthening ASEAN Wildlife Enforcement Network (ASEAN-WEN) through Public-Private Partnerships in Legal Cooperation, 30 May, Faculty of Law, NUS
» APCEL/CIL Seminar on Coordinating the Protected Area Regime: The European Network Natura 2000 between European and National Law
» The 9th Asian Law Institute Conference 2012
» Seminar on Understanding The Duty Of Care In The Tort Of Negligence By Prof Kumaralingam
» The Constitution Before and Beyond The Court: Theories, Trends, Trajectories (in conjunction with a Book Launch for A Treatise on Singapore Constitutional Law)
» Seminar on International Developments In Tax Disclosures and Penalties By Assoc Prof Stephen Phua
» CLE Seminar on Data Protection Law: Singapore’s Next by Professor Abu Bakar Munir
» Seminar on Recent Case Law Developments On Penal Code Defences By Professor Stanley Yeo
» 22 Mar 2012, CLE Seminar on "Judicial Activism and Overreach: Indian Supreme Court Since the Emergency"
» Distinguished Speaker Series 14 March 2012
» 28 February 2012, CCLS Seminar on "Competition Law in Practice: Mergers, Joint Ventures and International Corporate Transactions"
» The 3rd NUS-AsianSIL Young Scholars Workshop 2012
» 3 February 2012, CCLS Seminar on "Credit Derivatives and Credit Default Swap"
"Banking Supervision – Korean perspectives"
» 17 January 2012, CCLS Seminar on "The Derivatives Industry And Its Financial Oversight"
» 16 January 2012, CLE Seminar on "A Concept of Intentional Action for Intentional Torts"
» 11 January 2012, CLE Seminar on "Corporate Conspiracy"
» Urban and Industrial Environmental Management, 5-9 December 2011
» 21 November 2011, CLE-SAL Seminar on "Current Issues in Private Client Business: Wills, Wealth Planning and Succession"
» 17 & 18 November 2011, The International Mediation Institute (IMI) Inter-Cultural Pilot Program
» 19 October 2011, CCLS Seminar on "Financial Services and their impact on Wealth Management: Trends from Europe and Singapore"
» 18 October 2011, CCLS Seminar on "Islamic Finance in Japan - New Legislative Framework for Sukuk Issuances"
» APCEL/NCCS/CIL Seminar on Climate Change and International Order: What Comes After Agenda 21?, 18 October 2011, Faculty of Law, NUS
» APCEL/MEM Seminar on Environmental Management's Challenges in the Next Decade by Prof Nicholas Robinson, 14 October 2011, School of Design and Environment, NUS
» 10 October 2011, CCLS Seminar on "Court Intervention In International Arbitration: The Case For Compulsory Judicial Internationalism"
» 6 October 2011, CCLS Seminar on "Corporate Governance: The Costs And Benefits Of Disclosure"
» 6 September 2011, CLE Seminar on "The Teaching of Criminal Law – Are We Stuck in a Timewarp?"
» APCEL/CIL Seminar on The Expertise of Environmental Lawyers, 22 August 2011, Faculty of Law
» 27-28 August 2011 The 3rd Biennial Conference of the Asian Society of International Law 2011
» 19 August 2011, CLE Seminar on "Native Customary Rights Over Land In Sarawak"
» 17 August 2011, CLE-SAL Seminar on "After Privacy: The Rise of Facebook, the Fall of WikiLeaks, and the Future of Data Protection"
» 28 Jul 2011, CLE Seminar on "Green Technologies: What Role for Intellectual Property Rights and for Technology Transfer?"
» The 12th Annual International Maritime Law Arbitration Moot Competition
» APCEL Talk on "Wildlife Research, Protection and Legislation: What Singapore Can Do - A Discussion with Dr Jane Goodall"
Date: Tuesday, 28 June 2011
» 24 May 2011, CLE-SAL Seminar on "Financial Issues in Matrimonial Disputes"
Speaker : Professor Michael Jacobs, DePaul University College of Law & Professor Lino Briguglio, University of Malta
Date: Thursday, 14 April 2011, 2pm
» Faculty of Law’s Open House
12-13 March 2011
» NUS Law School Distinguished Speaker Series – Mr Leo KoGuan
» The 8th ASLI Annual Conference - CALL FOR PAPERS
» The 3rd Biennial HKU-NUS-SMU Law Symposium
November 15-16, 2010
» One Nation Under Surveillance
A New Social Contract to Defend Freedom Without Sacrificing Liberty
Speaker : Prof Simon Chesterman
Date : 4 March 2011
Time : 5.00pm to 7.00pm
Venue : Auditorium, Level 3, Blk B, Faculty of Law, NUS (Bukit Timah Campus)
» 27 May 2010, CLE Seminar on "LEGAL FRAMEWORK FOR M&A IN INDIA: CURRENT TRENDS" By Assistant Professor Umakanth Varottil
» APCEL Workshop on Urban and Industrial Environmental Management
8-14 Dec 2010
» Academic Positions at NUS Faculty of Law
Application deadline: 31 Dec 2010 and 1 Jun 2011
» ASLI Fellow Seminar on "The Improvement of Administrative Court Model & the Introduction to the Administrative Jurisdiction Body in Vietnam" by Dr. Pham Hong Quang
» ASLI Fellow Seminar on "National IDs : Singapore and India Compared" by Professor Sudhir Krishnaswamy
» 30 Sept to 1 Oct 2010, 2nd AsianSIL-NUS Young Scholars Workshop
Asian Approaches to International Law: Theory, Institutions, Processes and Practices
» Distinguished Speaker Series - Inaugural Lecture by Professor Tommy Koh
» 23 to 24 July 2010, Symposium on Derivative Actions in Asia's Miracle Economies: A Comparative and Functional Approach
» 25 June 2010, NUS-IPA Research Symposium on The New Law of Brands and Reputation in the Asia-Pacific Rim
» 27 May 2010, CLE Seminar on "Asia-Pacific Regional Architecture And Consumer Product Safety Regulation For A Post-FTA Era" By Assoc Prof Luke Nottage, Sydney Law School
» 7th Asian Law Institute Conference 2010, Law in a Pluralist Asia : Challenges and Prospects
» 3 May 2010, Public Forum on Cross-Border Tax Prosecutions
» 27 April 2010, Seminar on Implied Trusts Over Matrimonial and Other Jointly Acquired Assets and Related Doctrines by Professor Tan Yock Lin
» Seminar on Deformalization in Contemporary International Law - 6 April 2010, Tuesday`
» 1 April 2010, Seminar on "Recent Developments in Contract Law" By Professor Mindy Chen-Wishart
» 19 March 2010, ASLI Fellow Seminar on Legal Protection of Privacy in China: How the Chinese Law in Action Actually Works? by Prof. Zhang Lihong
» 19 March 2010, ASLI Fellow Seminar on A study on Singapore land law in comparison with Vietnamese Land law - Lessons for Vietnam to improve the Land Law system by Dr. Nguyen Quang Tuyen
» 18 March 2010, CLE Seminar on "International Tax Issues Facing US Taxpayers With Foreign Accounts and Their Financial Institutions" By Prof H. David Rosenbloom, Mr Scott D. Michel & Assoc Prof Stephen Phua
» 17 March 2010, CLE Seminar on "Legal Transplant from English to Singaporean Law: Lost in translation or a working misunderstanding?" By Prof Mindy Chen-Wishart, National University of Singapore
» 12 March 2010, ASLI Fellow Seminar on Building Inclusive and Just Societies: the Role of Deliberative Theory and Substantive Equality by Asst Prof Puja Kapai Paryani
» 12 March 2010, ASLI Fellow Seminar on The Acceptance of European Law of Nations in East Asia in the 19th Century - What is the rest of the story? By Assoc Prof Han Sang-hee
» 3 March 2010, APCEL Talk on The Role of Domestic and Supra-National Courts in Climate Change Governance`
» 17-18 Feb 2010, Research Symposium on Constitutionalism in Asia
» 12 Feb 2010, ASLI Fellow Seminar on Legal Analysis on Human Rights Protection in Times of Natural Disasters and Its Implementation in Indonesia by Ms Natalia Yeti Puspita
» 5 Feb 2010, ASLI Fellow Seminar on Vice or Vice Versa? The Legal Dimension of Khalwat Offence in Malaysia by Dr Siti Zubaidah Ismail
» 29 Jan 2010, ASLI Fellow Seminar on Commentaries on the Recent Amendment of the Insurance Law of The People's Republic of China – from the Perspective of Comparative Law by Dr Johnny Chang Kuan-Chun
» 20 Jan 2010, Seminar on The Rotterdam Rules: A Choice for Singapore? by Professor Stephen Girvin
» 9-15 Dec 2009, Urban and Industrial Environmental Management
» Law Society Public Lecture: Rule of Law in Singapore: Vacuity, Virtue and Valorisation by Thio Li-ann on 10 Dec 2009 and soft book launch of the paperback version Evolution of a Revolution: 40 Years of the Singapore Constitution (Routledge-Cavendish 2009)
» 20 Nov 2009, ASLI Fellow Seminar on Individualism as Mood : Printing & The Rise of Liberty as a Rhetorical Form by Asst Prof Florin T. Hilbay
» 18 Nov 2009, CLE Staff Seminar on "Three Visions of Transnational Economic Law" by Professor Robert Wai, Osgoode Hall Law School, York University, Toronto.
» 13 Nov 2009, ASLI Fellow Seminar on Evolution of Arbitration as a Legal Institution & the Role & Powers of the Court – The Malaysian Perspective by Assoc Prof Grace Xavier
» 6 Nov 2009, ASLI Fellow Seminar on "A Review of the Crime of Bribery in China - Interpretation, Loopholes and Complementarity" by Prof Liang Genlin
» 4 Nov 2009, CLE Staff Seminar on "Freedom of Expression and Hegelism in Singapore" By A/P Tey Tsun Hang, Faculty of Law, National University of Singapore
» 23 October 2009, CLE Professorial Lecture on Enforcing Corporate Disclosure by Professor Hans Tjio, Faculty of Law, National University of Singapore
» 16 Oct 2009, APCEL Seminar on Ensuring Compliance with the Kyoto Protocol: Experience and Prospects by Prof Marc Pallemaerts
» ASLI Fellow Seminar on Legal Aspect of United Nation Against Corruption 2003 (UNCAC 2003) to Support Asset Recovery Effort in Indonesia by Mr Jamin Ginting, 16 October 2009, Friday
» 16 Sept 2009, CLE Seminar on "Cohabitation and Law - European Perspectives" By Dr Jens M Scherpe, University of Cambridge
» 11 Sep 2009, Campus on 938LIVE radio forum, open to all law students
» 9-11 September 2009, NUS Law School-AsianSIL Conference on Sovereign Wealth Funds: Governance and Regulation
» 9 Sept 2009, CLE Seminar on "An Empirical Study of How Contract Law Minimises the Risks Arising From Extraterritorial Legislation" By Dr David Chaikin, University of Sydney
» "Symposium on Getting the Balance Right: Intellectual Property, Competition Law and Economics in Asia" – 7 September 2009, Monday at Marina Mandarin Hotel, Singapore
» 26 August 2009 , Seminar on Private Actions for Damages Arising from Breaches of European Competition Law by Professor Luigi Prosperetti, Faculty of Law, Università degli Studi, Milano
» The NUS Regional Capacity Building In Intellectual Property Law Scholarship Programme  "IP Counterfeiting and Piracy: Enforcement and Its Challenges" – 27 to 31 July 2009
» 6-8 July 2009, Asian Deans' Forum on Legal Education
» 6th ASLI Conference – 29 to 30 May 2009
» 18 May 2009 - NUS Interdisciplinary Roundtable on International Financial Centres in cooperation with University of Illinois College of Law (by invitation only)
» 23 Apr 2009, Public Seminar on "Recent Developments in Competition Law in Asia" by Prof Ian McEwin
» 15 April 2009, Seminar on "Politics and the Prerogative in Perak: A Constitutional Imbroglio?" by Prof Kevin YL Tan, A/P Tsun Hang Tey and As/p Jaclyn Neo, Faculty of Law, National University of Singapore
» 9 April 2009, CLE Seminar on "Chinese Competition Law: The Road Forward After Coke/Huiyuan" by Mr Nathan Bush, Partner, O'Melveny & Myers LLP
» ASLI Fellow Seminar on Problems of Unfair Business Practices under The Trade Competition Act 1999 of Thailand by Mr. Wirote Watinpongpun - 20 March 2009, Friday
» ASLI Fellow Seminar on A Review and prospect on China's Private International Law during the 30-year Reform and Open-up Policy by Assoc Prof Wang Hui - 20 February 2009, Friday
» 18 Feb 2009, Seminar on A Long Road to Property Rights Certainty and Security in Indonesia by Dr Daryono
» ASLI Fellow Seminar on The securities market's process of rule by law: Introduction of China's reform and open in three decades by Assoc Prof Chen Daisong - 13 February 2009, Friday
» 11 Feb 2009, Seminar on "Endgame in Sri Lanka" by Professor S D Muni, Visiting Senior Research Fellow, Institute of South Asian Studies, NUS
» ASLI Fellow Seminar on Is There an Asian Constitutionalism? : Korea, Japan, Taiwan and Beyond by Prof Jiunn-rong Yeh - 6 February 2009, Friday
» ASLI Fellow Seminar on Tax-Free Treatment for Corporate Reorganizations in Japan by Prof Tetsuya Watanabe 30 January 2009, Friday
» 28 Jan 2009, Seminar on The European Traffic Accident Compensation System – An Optimal Solution? by Dr Katarzyna Ludwichowska
» ASLI Fellow Seminar on Who Decides Shape and Size of Lots by Prof Jongbo Kim 23 January 2009, Friday
» 21 Jan 2009, Seminar on The Use of Transferable Letters of Credit by Emeritus Professor Peter Ellinger
» 14 Jan 2009, Seminar on Does the Elephant Dance? Contemporary Indian Foreign Policy & its Global Impact by Dr David Malone
» 5 Dec 2008, Seminar on Judicial Responses To The Recent Emergency In Bangladesh: A Critique by Dr Ridwanul Hoque
» HKU-NUS-SMU Symposium - The Common Law Tradition In Asia On 1 & 2 December 2008
» ASLI Fellow Seminar on "The Problem of Standing" by Solomon Lumba – 21 November 2008
» 14 Nov 2008, Seminar on Can IP Protection Facilitate Sustainable Development? New Approaches In Europe's Economic Partnership Agreements by Dr Henning Grosse Ruse-Khan
» The 9th Global Conference on Environmental Taxation, 6-7 November 2008
» 29 Oct 2008, Seminar on "We Can't Spy… If We Can't Buy!": The Privatization of Intelligence And The Limits Of Outsourcing "Inherently Governmental Functions" by Simon Chesterman
» 15 Oct 2008, Seminar on Bolstering The Concept of Private Ownership in China: The New Chinese Property Code of 2007 by Dr Chen Lei
» ASLI Seminar – "On the Internet, Nobody Knows You're a Cop": Exploring the Possibilities for Covert Investigation of Cybercrimes - 3 October 2008
» 24 Sept 2008, Seminar on Is Good Faith A Trap? Insurance Law Reform and The Case of Mrs Lambert's Family Jewels by Siddharth Dhar
» Law IV Musical Production - "The Perfect Wedding" - 19/20/21 September 2008
» 17 Sept 2008, Seminar on The Irreducible Core and Public Policy Controls on Trusts by Dr David Fox
» Young Scholars Workshop: Colonies, Development, Conflict, Money, Rights, 10-12 September 2008, Singapore
» CLE Professorial Lecture - The Insanity Defence In The Criminal Laws of The Commonwealth of Nations, 12 Sep 2008
» 2nd International Infrastructure & Construction Law Arbitration Moot Competition - Delhi, 12-14 September 2008
» 22 August 2008, The Changing Nature of Litigation in Singapore: Seminar on Use of Electronic Databases for Legal Research
» The Goals of Private Law, Obligations IV Conference 2008
» 21 July 2008, Seminar on Has Rule By Law Killed The Rule Of Law In Malaysia? By Dr Ratna Rueban Balasubramaniam
» 27 June 2008, Seminar on Quo Vadis The WTO? The Future Of The Global Trading System After The Doha Round- By Assistant Professor of Law Sungjoon Cho
» 24 June 2008, CLE-SAL Roundtable Discussion: Is There An International Rule of Law?
» Public and International Law Committee – Inaugural Public Lectures by Prof Thio Li-ann
Lecture 1 on 29 May 2008: The Historical Origins & Contemporary Evolution of International Human Rights Law - Retrospect & Prospect
» 5th Asian Law Institute (ASLI) Conference - National University of Singapore - 22 & 23 May 2008


23 April 2008, Seminar on Law of Evidence and The Ethics of Belief - By Assoc Prof Ho Hock Lai
» 16 April 2008, Seminar: Trading Bloc Or Blocked? The Asean Economic Community After The Charter by Michael Ewing-Chow.
» 11 April 2008, 5th Professorial Lecture on Fifty Years and More of The Women's Charter of Singapore by Professor Leong Wai Kum.
» 9 April 2008, Seminar: Taking Human Rights Seriously: Judicial Activism And The Law Of Criminal Evidence In England by Professor Ian Dennis.
» 2 April 2008, Seminar: Norms And Institutions In The Asean Charter: A Constitutional Moment? by Simon Tay
» 26 March 2008, Seminar: Does Asean Exist? The Association Of Southeast Asian Nations As An International Legal Person by Simon Chesterman.
» Celebrating Singapore Legal Scholarship – A double book launch
» Call for Entries for the SLR Writing Symposium
» 7 March 2008, Bukit Timah Campus Public Lecture Series: China's Economy Riding on a Tiger: Problems of a Runaway Growth
» 4 March 2008, Seminar on Globalization: The Changing Role of Lawyers In A Flat World by Mr Brad Smith.
» 20 Feb 2008, Seminar on Most-Favored-Nation Clauses and Dispute Settlement Provisions in Bilateral Investment Treaties by Dr. Seonuk Park
» 13 Feb 2008, Seminar on Government Relations – is it all wining and dining? by Mr Steven Liew
» 30 Jan 2008, Seminar on The TRIPS (Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property rights) Agreement in the WTO – State of Play by Wolf R. Meier-Ewert
» The United Nations Convention on The International Sale of Goods and The Sale of Goods Act - 24 January 2008
» CLE-SAL Seminar on Equity and Corporate Insolevency - 18 January 2008
» SAL Expert Series: The Advocate and Solicitor and his client – Seminar by Professor Jeffrey Pinsler
» Infrastructure and Construction Law Arbitration Moot Competition
» Urban and Industrial Environmental Management, 5 - 11 Dec 2007
» Seminar on Legal And Policy Implications For Future Commercial Space Tourism In Asia by Ricky J Lee - 23 November 2007
» Penal Code Reform Seminar III: Enforcing Religious And Racial Harmony – Improving The Calibrator by Tey Tsun Hang on 23 November 2007
» Seminar by ASLI Fellow - Norbani Mohd Nazeri: Instituionalization of Juvenile Offenders_A Case of 'Good Intention Producing Bad Outcomes' - 16 Nov 2007
» Bukit Timah Campus Public Lecture Series on Malay Ethnic Identity: Unraveling the Historical from the Discursive by Professor Leonard Andaya on 15 November 2007.
» Penal Code Reform Seminar II : Policing Sexual Conduct – Dial 377 For A Crisis by Kumaralingam Amirthalingam on 14 November 2007
» Penal Code Reform Seminar I: Rethinking Death – Should We Choose Life Instead? by Michael Hor on 7 November 2007
» CLE-SAL Seminar on Virtual World, Virtual Land but Real Property by Prof Lim Yee Fen - 5 November 2007
» Seminar by ASLI fellow Joseph Wilson: Implementing Competition Law in Developing Countries.
» A Cocktail Party to celebrate the launch of LIVES IN THE LAW
30 October 2007
» 24 October 2007 seminar on "Locking Up Asylum Seekers" by Prof Stephen Legomsky
» Wednesday, 17 October: Talk by The Hon. Justice Michael Kirby AC CMG, Justice of the High Court of Australia
» 4th Professorial Lecture on Fifty Years of Banking Law by Emeritus Professor Peter Ellinger on 19 October 2007
» 15 October 2007 seminar on "Deterring Corrupt Senior Political Figures: The Use Of International Anti-Money Laundering Systems
» 11 October 2007 seminar on "International Environmental Governance: Legal & Institutional Issues" by Prof Dr. Bharat H. Desai
» 10 October 2007 seminar on "New European Regime of Control of Antitrust Law From An American Perspective" by Prof Florence Caurand
» 3rd Professorial Lecture on Progressive Development Of ASEAN Environmental Law, Governance And Policy: Assessment And Analysis by Emeritus Professor Koh Kheng Lian on 5 October 2007
» 2 October 2007 seminar on "Traps, Gaps and Law in China's Transition" by Prof Jacques deLisle
» CLE-SAL Seminar on Through the Chinese Looking Glass: Recurring Issues of Chinese Law in Business Litigation, Arbitration and Regulation Abroad by Prof Jacques deLisle - 2 Oct 2007
» CCLS Seminar by Dr David Fox from Cambridge University on "The Legal Conception of Money as Incorporeal Property" on 26 Sept 2007
» Law IV Production – KOPISHOP ROCK (21 – 23 September 2007)
» Bukit Timah Campus Public Lecture Series: Gender Equality in Islamic Law - New Prospects? by Prof Ziba Mir-Hosseini on 20 September 2007
» CLE-STAFF SEMINAR : The Legal Status of Lesbian and Gay People: International and Comparative Perspectives
» CLE-SAL Seminar on Developments in Shipping Law in 2007 by Prof Stephen Girvin - 13 Sept 2007
» 50th Anniversary Gala Dinner - 1 September
» Conference on Crucial Issues in Climate Change and the Kyoto Protocol: Asia and the World, 30 - 31 Aug 07
» Seminar on "The Kyoto Protocol and the International Carbon Market: Perspectives for a Post-Kyoto Agreement", 29 August 07.
» 10th SCIBL Conference on The Regulation of Wealth Management – 22 & 23 August
» CLE-STAFF SEMINAR:: Coup d'etats and constitution-making – Thai style - 29 August 2007
» CLE-STAFF SEMINAR: Interpol and the 'War on Terror', 22 August
» CLE-STAFF SEMINAR: Secularsim in Crisis? A Comparison between the Indian and US Constitutional Models, 15 August
» NUS Regional Capacity Building in IP Law Scholarship Programme
» Seminar by ASLI Visitor: Kerstin Steiner: An Uneasy Compromise? A Case Study of Apostasy in Malaysia
» Seminar by ASLI Fellow: Jantree Sinsuppraroek: Thailand and the Implementation of the Law of the Sea: Marine Environment Protection.
» CLE-SAL Seminar on Administrative Law : Principles & Prospects - 26 April 2007
» CCLS seminar on Investment, Merger and Acquisition in China
» Law Open House - 10 & 11 March 2007
» Seminar by ASLI Fellow: Qiu Jin- Qian: Trademark Protection in China: A Trade Name in Conflict with a Well-known Trademark.
» Staff Seminar : An International Rule of Law?
» Seminar by ASLI Fellow: Ryu Kojima: The Employee Invention System in Japan.
» Staff Seminar : The Constitutional Significance of Judicial Biography: The Case of Lord Sinha
» Seminar by ASLI Fellow Diverse Legal Culture in Taiwan: A Combination of Chinese, Japanese and Western Elements
» Symposium on Terrorism and the Rule of Law: Legal Theory in Times of Crisis
- 5-6 January 2007
» Policing Religion: Singapore and the Maintenance of Religious Harmony Act by Jothie Rajah
» Seminar by ASLI Fellow: Puteri Nemie on Issues on Medical Law: Malaysian & Islamic Perspectives
» ASLI Fellow Chew Li Hua on the Right to Religion and Legislating Faith in Malaysia
» Prof Robert Brauneis on Place Names as Trademarks and Geographical Indications
» Visiting Prof. Daniel Fitzpatrick on Property Rights and Social Trauma in Post-Tsunami Aceh
» Reforming IMF Governance by Prof. Daniel Bradlow
» An Afternoon with Chief Justice Chan Sek Keong '61 and Judge of Appeal Andrew Phang '82
» Alumni Reunion at Bukit Timah for Classes of 1961 to 1969
» Eugene Tan '95 on Singapore's Promotion of Religious 'Moderation' Post-9/11
» The IMF, World Bank and the People: What Does It Mean For Us?
» CLE-SAL Seminar on Arbitration of Investment Disputes,
15 August 2006, Tuesday
» CCLS Seminar on Undue Influence: Vindicating Relationships of Influence,
10 July 2006, Monday
» Symposium on China, India and the International Economic Order
» Asian Law Students Association Conference 2006
» 3rd ASLI Conference 'The Development of Law in Asia: Convergence versus Divergence?'
» Symposium on Support for Victims of Crime in the Asian Region, 25-26 May 2006
» International Law: Sunrise or Sunset? by Kishore Mahbubani
» Seminar on Update on Company Charges
» BAR/BRI New York BAR Review Course (30 April 2006)
» ASLI Seminar by Prof Gan Chaoying: Wed, 29 Mar, 2pm - The course of Human Rights Protection in China Since the 1980s
» ARI Seminar Series 2006 by Director of ASLI, Assoc Prof Gary Bell: 7 Mar 2006, 3pm Clean Elections Ran by Corrupt Officials:Lessons on Democracy and Corruption from Indonesia
» Symposium on Law & Multiculturalism
» ASLI Seminar by Prof Hwang Jau-Yun: Wed, 8 Feb, 3pm Do We Have to Choose between the U.S and German Models of Judicial Review?- Towards a Mixed System of Judicial Review in Taiwan?
» Seminar: Recent Developments in Securitisation
» ASLI Seminar by Prof Song Seog-Yun: Wed, 8 Feb, 2pm Constitutional Review in Korea - Historical Background of Constitutional Court System ∓ Current Discussion
» SLR-MDC Debates
» ASLI Seminar by Dr Nora Abdul Hak: Wed, 25 Jan, 2pm Hakam/tahkim (arbitration) in resolving family disputes: The practice in Syariah Court of M'sia & S'pore
» ASLI Seminar (Tuesday, 15 November 2005) - Legal Problems in Indonesian Ship Mortgage Laws by Suharnoko (University of Indonesia)
21 October 2005
» CLE-SAL Seminar on The Companies (Amendment) Act 2005 15 November 2005
21 October 2005
ASLI Symposium: Reflections on Legal Education in Asia. National University of Singapore. 10 - 11 November 2005
» ASLI Seminar (Wednesday, 9 November 2005) - Constitutional Issues Arising from the Ongoing Political Crisis in the Phillipines by Herminio Harry L. Roque, Jr. (University of the Philippines)
21 October 2005
» ASLI Seminar (Tuesday, 8 November 2005) - Priorities in Successively-assigned Contractual Rights in China: Problems & A Suggested Solution by Zhang Xuezhong, (East China University of Politics & Law)
21 October 2005
» Apply for Graduate Certificate in International Arbitration. Closing Date : 14 Nov 2005
» ASLI Seminar - Premeditated Murder of the Amended Impeachment Complaint Against President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo by Herminio Harry L. Roque, Jr. (University of the Philippines) - Wednesday, 26 October 2005
» CLE-SAL Seminar on Rethinking the Law of Agency 21 October 2005
» CLE-SAL Seminar on IP Rights Enforcement - The European Response
» DBS NUS Heritage Run
» Graduation Ceremony for GCIA & GCIP Graduands 23 July 2005
» Continuing Legal Education Postgraduate Auditing Programme
» Seminar on Understanding the Competition Commission's Draft Guidelines (Part II) - 28 June 2005
» APCEL talk on the Kyoto Protocol by Prof. Philippe Sands - 24 June 2005
» Conference on National Parks in the Malay Archipelago, 16-18 May 2005
» 2nd ASLI Conference: The Challenge of Law in Asia, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand, 26-27 May 2005
» The National University of Singapore (NUS) – University of Malaya (UM) Centennial Law Symposia: Developments in Singapore and Malaysian Law16 April 2005 – Singapore; 23 April 2005 – Kuala Lumpur
» Urban and Industrial Environmental Management (jointly organised with MFA), 19-25 April 2005, Peninsula Hotel
Course on Legal Chinese and Traditions; 13, 15, 20 & 22 April 2005, 2-5pm, SR 4
» Seminar on Divorce by Redemption: Balancing the Wife's Right to Dissolve the Marriage in the Malaysian Shariah Court by ASLI Fellow Najibah Mohd Zin, Ahmad Ibrahim Kulliyyah (Faculty) of Law, International Islamic University of Malaysia, 30 March 2005
» Seminar on Protection of Well-known & Unconventional Trademarks 2 March 2005
» Asia Excise Taxation Conference, 2-4 March 2005
» Lunchtime Seminar on Australian-China DTA, 9 March 2005
» Seminar on Implementing International Maritime Conventions in China by ASLI Fellow Dr Guo Yu, 2 March 2005
» Seminar on the Law of the Sea & Taiwan by ASLI Fellow Chiang Huang-chih, 14 February 2005
» Seminar on Business Method Patents in Korea by ASLI Fellow Koo Dae-Hwan, 15 February 2005
» Seminar on Recent Development in Insurance Law - 27 January 2005
» Seminar on Judicial Activism in India by ASLI Fellow V. Vijayakumar - 17 January 2005
» Intensive Competition Law Workshop-Seminars: Practical Applications Of Competition Law Principles To Commercial Transactions
» Faculty talk: The LLB degree at NUS - Preparing lawyers for a globalised world - 7 Dec 2004
» Seminar on Criminal Justice Reform in the Philippines by ASLI Visiting Fellow I. Gutierrez - 9 Nov 2004
» Development in Trust Law in Singapore - 26 Oct 2004
» Dean's List Tea @ Moot Court - 17 September 04, Fri 4pm
» Seminar: "Nothing but history repeating? The colonial nature of 'Asian Values'" on Friday, 20 August at 11.45am
» Current Issues in International Commercial Litigation Seminar - 12-14, 19-21 July 2004
» Introducing Competition Law to Singapore's Commercial Landscape - 26 July 2004
» International Issues Relating To Scripless Trading Seminar - 10 July 2004
» Anti-Terrorism Law and Policy Symposium - 24-26 June 2004
» 5th International Maritime Law Arbitration Moot Competition - 2-6 July 2004
» Graduate Certificate in Intellectual Property - July 2004 to April 2005
» ASLI Inaugural Conference 2004 - 27 to 28 May 2004