Minor Programmes

A Minor Programme is a coherent programme of study providing depth in a certain area outside the Faculty of Law.

For students admitted from AY2019/20 onwards, the unit requirement for a Minor programme is 20 units.
For students admitted prior to AY2019/20, the unit requirement for a Minor programme is at least 24 units.

Other stricter requirements may apply for specific minors. The Minor Programme will be reflected in the student's transcript upon successful completion.

4-Year LLB students may read any Minor Programmes offered by the University subject to fulfillment of the criteria (if any) by the Minor Programmes. Please refer here for more details.

Minors are open to 4-Year LLB students reading a 160-164 units law degree. Graduate LLB, DDP, CDP, USP, NUSC, NOC and students who are going away for two semesters of exchange are not eligible for Minor Programmes.

Declaration of a Minor
Students should declare their intention to do an Open Minor via myEduRec or apply for a Restricted Minor with the relevant Faculty/Department before the end of their 5th semester of study. Students who have officially declared their Academic Plan are not allowed to change their declaration within the same semester. You may refer to details on Academic Plan declaration here.

For more information on the curriculum of specific Minor Programmes, please contact the relevant Faculty/Department directly.

For general enquiries, please email lawundergrad@nus.edu.sg.

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