4-Year LLB Programme


Each year, we admit around 240 students into the LLB programmes at the Faculty of Law. Although most of the LLB students are Singaporeans, the programme is also open to international students.

The LLB degree is an honours degree. Students must complete a minimum total of 160 units in four years.

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Student Exchange Programme (SEP)

The SEP offers an excellent opportunity for students to spend either one or both semesters of their third year at a foreign university to study the laws of a foreign legal system up close. We have partnerships with leading law schools in Australia, Canada, East Asia, Europe, New Zealand, United Kingdom and the United States. More than one third of our third year students have the opportunity to participate in a SEP.

International Mooting Competitions

One of the most intense and valuable educational experiences a student can have is to represent NUS in an international competition. The Faculty of Law has an unparalleled track record in international mooting competitions.

Admission and Application
  Local Qualifications

High School Qualifications


Singapore-Cambridge A level

-          Good overall ‘A’ level results and

-          At least B grade in H1 General Paper (GP), or a good pass in H2 Knowledge & Inquiry (KI); or a minimum SAT Critical Reading / Evidence-Based Reading and Writing score of 700 accompanied by a minimum E grade for GP/KI.


Note: An improved GP grade of B or better or a good pass in KI from another sitting can qualify one for application to Law, but only the GP or KI grade obtained in the same sitting as the other main 'A' level content papers can be used for computation of the admission score.


International Baccalaureate (IB)


-            Good IB results, including at least grade 5 for

o    SL/HL English A: Language and Literature;

o    SL/HL English A: Literature;

o    SL/HL English B or

o    SL Literature & Performance


A minimum SAT Critical Reading / Evidence-Based Reading and Writing Score of 700 accompanied by a minimum grade 4 for SL English or SL Literature & Performance can also qualify one for application to Law.

Those completing IB in the year of admission to NUS may apply based on their projected results.

Diplomas from local polytechnics

-          Excellent polytechnic results.
          At least A2 grade in English Language at 'O' level; OR
-          Present excellent IELTS or TOEFL (IBIT) score
-          Preferably a Certificate of Merit (COM) from the polytechnic studies.


NUS High School Diploma

-          A minimum of B+ grade for English modules, EL5131 AND EL6131 or SAT Test Critical Reading/Evidence-Based Reading and Writing score of 700 with at least C grade for EL5131 AND EL6131.


  International Qualifications
Detailed admissions requirements for those presenting international qualifications (including Singaporeans / Singapore PRs) are available at the NUS Office of Admissions website at http://nus.edu.sg/oam/apply-to-nus

Those who possess high school qualifications which are in the non-English medium are required to submit proof of their proficiency in the English language. International applicants presenting the International Baccalaureate (IB) are required to meet the stated admissions requirements.
  How to Apply
  The NUS Office of Admissions administers all applications for undergraduate programmes. Different application deadlines and procedures apply to different categories and high school qualifications.
  Apply online via the Office of Admissions website. Under “Apply To NUS”, please select the relevant category to file your application.
  To be considered for shortlisting for the Law test and interview, please indicate Law as the first and/or second choice. The only exception granted is where applicants place Law as their third choice with Medicine, Dentistry, Architecture, Industrial Design or Nursing as their first two choices. If you are interested in the Double Degree Programmes or Concurrent Degree, you should opt for these in the same application form.
  Written Test and interview
  Shortlisted applicants will be required to sit for a written test and attend a formal interview, usually held in mid-April in Singapore. Selection shall be solely within the discretion of the University and will depend upon the number of places available in the Faculty. For shortlisted applicants, do note that your responses to the 5 short-response questions provided in the Office of Admissions’ application portal may be taken into consideration during the interview.
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