Accommodation and Living Expenses

Living Expenses

An estimated cost of living is available HERE. Accommodation options range from university housing (which is limited) to hostels and rooms/apartments in the private housing market. As such, rentals can vary widely. The average cost of renting a room in a private apartment is about S$900 to S$1,000 per month. Rates per person are lower if the room is shared, or if a room is found in a hostel. Before signing any rental contract, remember that the university's academic year lasts for 10 months and would have concluded by mid-May of the following calendar year.

Accommodation in Singapore

The Law School has moved to its new premises since July 2006 at Bukit Timah ( Bukit Timah was the original home of the Faculty in the 1950s to 1970s before NUS moved to Kent Ridge

University Housing
On-campus housing for graduate students is located at the main Kent Ridge Campus. Full-time international research graduate students married with accompanying spouses will be given priority to apply to the married graduate accommodation. Married graduate students with accompanying children usually have to live off-campus where it may be more suitable for families. Please note that university housing is not guaranteed as demand usually exceeds supply. For more information on university housing and other options for graduate students, please refer to the Office of Student Affairs online

There is a free shuttle bus service plying between the main Kent Ridge Campus and the Bukit Timah Campus, which takes about 30 minutes per way. For the bus route and schedules, please refer to the Office of Campus Amenities website.

Private Housing
Student housing around the Bukit Timah Campus is limited. Finding accommodation is frequently the most difficult and frustrating part of any international move. We list below some options, which are privately-run residences, and is no way connected to the Faculty of Law or the National University of Singapore. Please do acquaint yourselves with all the terms and conditions found on the relevant websites, and settle your accommodation early.  

Private residences around the Kent Ridge and Bukit Timah Campuses

(Visit Website
The NUS Office of Student Affairs maintains a list of private accommodation such as single or double rooms in private apartment blocks around the Kent Ridge and Bukit Timah campuses. Students might find it helpful to arrange short-term accommodation in Singapore first, and finalize their permanent housing arrangements after arrival in Singapore.

Other private apartments and residences
In many ways, this is the best option, if your budget allows for it. It is a good option to rent a whole apartment, particularly if there is a group of you sharing. Alternatively, you could rent a room with the resident landlord/owner. You may prefer to come to Singapore early, book yourself into a hotel, and look for accommodation yourself using the services of a real estate agent. This way, you can customize the place to your needs – location, cost, comfort level, etc. 

Do note that in Singapore, when one rents an apartment in the private market, the landlord would usually expect one month’s advance rent and one month’s security deposit. The real estate agent may also expect the equivalent of one month’s rent as commission.

Accommodation in Shanghai

University Housing

NOTE: This will change, subject to the COVID-19 situation. Candidates registered for the International Business Law (IBL) programme may contact the East China University of Political Science and Law (ECUPL) if there are queries on accommodation in Shanghai.

The ECUPL is located next to the Zhongshan Park in Shanghai.  
A hostel block for students, in the campus of ECUPL, has been reserved for candidates registered for this programme. The dormitory contains the complete establishments and it is located near the classrooms, library and other facilities.

The address is as follows:

Hostel Block 1, Cross River Campus
East China University of Politics & Law
1575 Wan Hang Du Road

Single Occupancy – RMB 4800 Yuan/year
Double Occupancy – RMB 2400 Yuan/year (Students will be allowed to choose their own room-mates.) 
* Rates are subject to changes by ECUPL. 
Application procedures will be provided after student enrolment in Singapore.

Private Housing
It is not compulsory for students to stay on campus and therefore students are free to find their own accommodation outside campus.