Law - Ridge View Residential College Programme (RVRCP)

The Ridge View Residential College Programme is a two-year residency which takes an integrated inter-disciplinary approach, designed to cultivate students' holistic development to help them prepare for, and embrace life in the university and the work environment after graduation.

Besides working with dedicated faculty or 'Academic Advisors' as they are referred to at RVRC, on the formal curriculum, students have ample opportunities for close engagement with industry. At the heart of it all, RVRC believes in developing a value-centric community.

From AY2021/2022, RVRC will offer courses designed to map directly to four out of the six General Education pillars. The four pillars will be: Community & Engagement, Critique and Expression, Cultures and Connections, and Singapore Studies. All courses will be semester long and 4 Modular Credits each.

RVRC students will have the choice to select courses from each of the four pillars. Over two years, students will be expected to read one course from each of the four pillars to fulfil the requirements of the new RVRC Programme and achieve certification.

Due to the unique Law curriculum structure, an alternative learning pathway is designed for Law students to read courses as part of the residential college experience. Law students are expected to read one RVRC course (as Enrichment) per year of residency.

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