Law - University Scholars Programme (USP)

Formation of a New College with effect from Academic Year 2022/2023

NUS announces on 27 August 2021 that the University Scholars Programme and Yale-NUS College will combine to form a new college with effect from Academic Year 2022/2023. Bringing together the best features and the successful experience of the University Scholars Programme and Yale-NUS, the New College will broaden NUS students’ access to a rigorous, interdisciplinary common curriculum that is responsive to contemporary issues and questions. This intellectual breadth and depth, combined with the multiple pathways and specialisations offered through a deep integration with the Faculties and Schools at NUS, puts the New College in a unique position of strength and identity.
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Current Law-USP Students

The University Scholars Programme (USP) is an interdisciplinary academic programme for NUS undergraduates housed within the USP residential college. The NUS Law – USP partnership aims to add a deeper interdisciplinary dimension to classroom and curricular experiences, thus further enhancing intellectual inquiry beyond disciplinary boundaries. NUS Law is dedicated to building a community and creating an environment that facilitates critical thinking and reflection on fundamental legal issues affecting societies. Both University Scholars Programme (USP) and NUS Law believe in the importance of offering students wide and diverse opportunities for intellectual engagement, so that they can come to interact with the modern, globalized world in thoughtful and critical ways.

USP students take about 20% of their modules at the USP and the rest of their modules in their home or other faculties. Students studying in USP and the Faculty of Law will follow a curriculum that accommodates the rigorous aspects of both USP’s curriculum and the NUS Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) curriculum. In total, USP Law students will read USP modules to up to 32 modular credits, including three USP Foundation modules in their first two years. They will also take one USP Independent Study Modules (ISM) through directed research at the Law School, which will count towards the Law requirement.

NUS Law – USP students can look forward enhanced informal learning opportunities through residential living.

Who should apply?

Students who:

  • Want a university life full of experiences that stretch your intellectual, leadership and personal qualities;

  • Seek an education that will liberate your mind to explore, create, challenge and lead;

  • Like to take the initiative to venture beyond your comfort zone and to incessantly challenge yourself;

  • Have academic aptitude and leadership potential;

  • Have a passion in learning beyond a specialisation;

  • Have a passion to forge interdisciplinary understanding and possibilities;

  • Have the motivation to pursue active and independent learning; and/or have an interest in the affairs of the society.

What is it about?

USP’s new curriculum consists of the following:

General Rule Students will be required to complete a minimum of eight USP modules in total to qualify for the USP certificate. This will prevent students from substituting too many modules, and thus preserve the USP’s integrity as a learning community.  
Foundation-tier Three Compulsory Modules: 12MCs
1. Writing And Critical Thinking
2. Quantitative Reasoning
3. University Scholars Seminar
Inquiry-tier Four Other Modules: 16 MCs
(modules must be split equally between the two domains of Humanities/Social Sciences and Sciences/Technologies)

Students are required to read one USP ISM through directed research at the Faculty of Law, which will count towards the law requirements.
Reflection-tier One Module: 4 MCs
Senior Seminar

How will the LL.B curriculum be like with USP?

Click HERE for students matriculated in AY2014-15 and after.
Click HERE for students matriculated in AY2014-15 and after (admitted to USP in Year 1 Sem 2).
Click HERE for students matriculated in AY2018-19.
Click HERE for students matriculated in AY2019-20 and after.

Based on the current LL.B. curriculum, the following groups of Law students cannot be enrolled in the Special Programme (USP):

  • Law-DDP students;
  • Law-CDP students; and
  • Law students proposing to do a Minor in a non-law discipline.

Calculation of Class of Honours: In the event that a student has read more than 12 credits outside the Faculty of Law toward the credit requirements for the LLB, the student’s non-law credits will be aggregated and pro-rated so as to accord them a weightage of 12 credits in calculating the Class of Honours.

For the latest update on the S/U Option Policy, please view the Frequently Asked Questions by clicking here. Students are required to refer to the information in the FAQs relevant to their year of admission and their degree requirements.

How to apply?

Admission to USP is on a selective and competitive basis. You need to apply to both NUS and USP to be in the Programme. Please refer to for more information.

Need more information?

Please refer to the FAQs available on the USP’s website.