Research Degrees

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Hong Kong

LLB (University of Hong Kong), LLM (Durham), PhD (NUS)

Thesis Title
China's Exercise of Sovereignty and the International Legal Order: Appraisal of A Symbiotic Relationship

Professor Simon Chesterman

Current Affiliation & Designation
Research Fellow, S. Daniel Abraham Center for International and Regional Studies, Tel Aviv University; Research Associate, Louis Frieberg Center for East Asian Studies, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

PhD Experience in NUS
I was exceptionally fortunate to be able to pursue a doctorate in such a fine research environment, with the intellectual rigour and stimulating discussions, institutional and personal support, and genuine friendliness that the NUS Faculty of Law offered. More fundamentally, without Professor Simon Chesterman's kindness, patience, understanding and scholarly expertise, I am certain I would not have been able to complete my thesis. Writing a thesis under his supervision helped me become a better researcher, but it was the understanding with which he helped me through my academic and personal obstacles, and the ways in which he handled events and issues at the Faculty as Dean that I had occasional opportunities to observe, that encouraged me to aspire to be a better all-round academic. I am grateful also for the company, friendships, and discourses I shared with a fellow doctoral student, Juliette Gregory Duara, as well as insight about argumentation Professor Andrew Simester provided through the Graduate Research Seminar and other sessions and Ms Normah Bte Mahamood, Ms Elizabeth Chua, and Ms Silah Karim for their generous administrative assistance and delightful conversations.