Research Degrees

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


BA, LLB (National Law School India Bangalore), LLM (NYU)

Thesis Title
Corporate Governance in Emerging Economies: Role of the Independent Director

Professor Hans Tjio

Current Affiliation & Designation
Assistant Professor, NUS Faculty of Law


PhD Experience in NUS
NUS provided an extremely vibrant and conducive environment for conducting doctoral research. The excellent resource base in the libraries of the University, both physical and online, seemed to cater comfortably to my relentless pursuit of information from various sources. I benefited immensely through constant interaction on the topic of my thesis with my supervisor, as well as on broader areas of interest with several other faculty members. I also enjoyed the support and camaraderie of several fellow candidates in the graduate programme at NUS, which made an otherwise lonely journey so lively. Periodic doctoral seminars provided the opportunity for candidates to present their work and received constructive feedback, and the focused graduate research seminar (that is mandatory for all doctoral students) equipped candidates with the requisite methodological skills. In all, the doctoral programme was a truly rewarding and enriching experience.