Research Degrees

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


LLB, LLM (Ife); Barrister and Solicitor (Nigeria); LLM, PhD (NUS)

Thesis Title
The Problem of Compliance in Letter of Credit Transactions

Emeritus Professor EP Ellinger and Professor Tan Yock Lin

Current Affiliation & Designation
Lecturer, School of Law, University of Surrey, UK


PhD Experience in NUS
I had the exquisite pleasure of undertaking both LLM and PhD degree studies at the National University of Singapore. I thoroughly enjoyed the contents, delivery and efficient administration of the programmes. My supervisors, Emeritus Professor Ellinger and Professor Tan Yock Lin, consistently enriched my thoughts and stimulated challenging new dimensions in my research. From the vantage point of my present lectureship in the UK, only the country's law schools on the topmost rung offer courses with an unbeatable scope and depth of coverage, huge clusters of excellent IT facilities and a vast up-to-date library collection, including cutting-edge electronic databases, that have parallels with what I obtained at NUS. NUS Law also forged enduring bonds of friendship with my classmates and faculty staff members who were responsible for my candidature which I will continue to cherish and treasure for the rest of my life.