Research Degrees

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

United States of America

BA JD (Florida), LLM (Leiden), PhD (NUS)

Thesis Title
International Air Transport Liberalization in East Asia: A Regional Approach to Reform

Professor Alan Tan

Current Affiliation & Designation
Research Fellow, Centre for Asian Legal Studies, National University of Singapore


PhD Experience in NUS
As Asia's Global Law School, NUS Law continues to position itself at the forefront of legal education. For its Ph.D. candidates, this means world class research facilities, interaction with excellent faculty and a wide range of opportunities to present papers and attend conferences. For me, this included the opportunity to spend two weeks with doctoral candidates from leading universities from around the world as part of the ATLAS Agora. Singapore itself is a cosmopolitan metropolis and hub for Southeast Asia. Whether in terms of food, entertainment and travel, the city-state truly spoils for choice.