Panel Listings

Medical Decisions and the Law in Asia
Panel Convenor : Assoc Prof Tracey Evans Chan
Speakers : Asst Prof Daisy Cheung
Dr Sharon Kaur

ASEAN and Human Rights: Moving the Debate Forward
Panel Convenor : Prof Alison Duxbury
Speakers : Dr Tan Hsien-Li
Assoc Prof Catherine Renshaw
Prof Yuyun Wahyuningrum

The Singapore Convention on Mediation: Analyses and Implications across Legal Jurisdictions and Trade Borders
Panel Convenor : Ms Janet Checkley
Speakers : Assoc Prof Lum Kit-Wye
Mr Mark Walter
Asst Prof Eunice Chua

The Application of ASEAN Competition Laws to MSMEs
Panel Convenor : Mrs Rachel Burgess
Speakers : Prof Gwen De Vera
Prof Hesty Lestari
Ms Angayar Kanni Ramaiah

Climate Change in Asia
Panel Convenor : Prof Yuichiro Tsuji
Speakers : Prof RC Kevin Kao
Prof Cherng, Ming-Shiou
Ms Hsin-Ju Li
Prof Donatien Huei-Tung Chang

The Role of Constitutional Review Bodies in the Asian Post-Authoritarian Democratization Process. A Comparative Perspective
Panel Convenor : Dr Aziz Ismatov
Speakers : Prof Gangabaatar Dashbalbar
Prof Noriko Kokubun
Dr Phan Thi Lan Huong
Asst. Prof Makino Emi

Sense and Sensibility - Interrogating and Teaching Challenging, Controversial, and Sensitive Subject Matters - Revisiting the Principles of Legal Discourse
Panel Convenor : Prof Francis Wang
Speakers : Prof Eleanor Wong
Prof Laura WY Young
Prof Shashikala Gurpur
Prof Sigit Riyanto
Prof Pareena Srivanit

The Rule of Law and the Challenges of Climate Change and Energy Security in the Asia Pacific
Panel Convenor : Dr James Prest
Speakers : Prof Hitoshi Ushijima
Assoc Prof Anton Ming-Zhi Gao
Dr Alexandra Wawryk
Prof Yukari Takamura

Constitutional Politics and Constitutional Culture in Asia
Panel Convenor : Asst Prof Dian A H Shah
Speakers : Dr Bryan Dennis Gabito Tiojanco
Mr Gautam Bhatia
Dr Mario Gomez
Dr Shamshad Pasarlay

Authoritarian Policing and Legality in Asia (Panel I)
Panel Convenor : Assoc Prof Chen Weitseng
Speakers : Prof Jason Buhi
Prof Hualing Fu
Prof Sarah Biddulph
Assoc Prof Erik Mobrand

Authoritarian Policing and Legality in Asia (Panel II)
Panel Convenor : Prof Kevin Tan
Speakers : Ms Trang (Mae) Nguyen
Assoc Prof Jedidiah Kroncke
Prof Jacques deLisle

Frontiers of Medical Professional Liability in Asia
Panel Convenor : Prof Kumaralingam Amirthalingam
Speakers : Asst Prof Chih-hsing Ho
Dr Calvin WL Ho
Hosted by:
National University of Singapore Faculty of Law
Asian Law Institute