Vice-Chancellor's Message

Professor Srikrishna Deva Rao

Welcome to the 17th Annual Conference of the Asian Law Institute (ASLI).

It is our pleasure to bring the Annual Conference back to South Asia and India for a second time. Since the first ASLI Conference in 2004, India has seen a fundamental change in legal education. National Law University Delhi has played a vital role and had an oversized influence in bringing about this change. However, access to quality legal education in India is still limited, and we at NLU Delhi are working towards making legal education more accessible, diverse, equitable and inclusive. We aim to shape students as socially conscious, emotionally intelligent and empathetic lawyers looking to make radical changes, work towards social justice and provide access to justice to all.

Since its inception, ASLI has gone from strength to strength to achieve its aims and facilitate academic exchanges and collaborations among law schools in Asia. The challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic have made ASLI’s work even more crucial, and there is an even greater need to strengthen these bonds between our law schools. The theme for this edition of the conference is 'Law and Justice in Asia' is an apt idea for doing that.

Having almost 60 percent of the world’s population and some of the largest and many fastest-growing economies, insight into the key developments in the law in Asia and the rapidly advancing legal scholarship is imperative. Moreover, in this Asian Century, there is also a need for a collective commitment to advance knowledge and ideas about law and justice in this very diverse and multifaceted region.

The countries in Asia face multiple challenges regarding the laws and legal systems. There is an urgent need to reform the many dysfunctional laws, policies, and practices and, at the same time, protect the lawful rights of the vulnerable citizens supplementing robust dispute resolution mechanisms.

The range of issues being discussed at the conference is immense and divided under 25 different heads. I am certain that the various scholarly papers presented will showcase the variety of legal challenges faced in the Asian countries and highlight potential solutions.

I hope you enjoy the conference and go back with new ideas and challenges, friendships, collaborations, and that we may all meet in person at the ASLI Conference 2021.

Professor Srikrishna Deva Rao
National Law University, Delhi, India

Important Deadlines at a Glance
Submission of Abstracts
22 November 2019
Participants will be notified in January or February on the status of their submission.
Submission of Completed Paper
25 September 2020
Closing date for Registration and Payment
9 October 2020
7 to 9 November 2020, Saturday to Monday

IMPORTANT: Early submission is highly recommended.
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National Law University, Delhi
Asian Law Institute