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ASLI’s electronic research tools provide links to various organisations, research centres, journals and external databases, to aid members in conducting their own online research.

Organizations and Research Databases by Countries
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Organizations and Research Databases by Countries

Australian Legal Information Institute (AustLII)
Centre for Peace and Social Justice
Centre for Children and Young People
Commonwealth Legal Information Institute (CommonLII)
Law Council of Australia
Tim Fischer Centre for Global Trade and Finance
People’s Republic of China
Central government (in Mandarin)
Chinalaw English Database
Ministry of Commerce (in Mandarin)
Ministry of Justice (in Mandarin)
National People’s Congress (in Mandarin)
Supreme Court  (in Mandarin)
Supreme Procuratorate (in Mandarin)
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Chinese Taipei
Consumer’s Foundation, Chinese Taipei (in Mandarin)
Center for Law and Society (in Mandarin)
Law and Regulation Commission of Taipei City Government
Laws and Regulations Database of The Republic of China
Legal Affairs Committee
The Ministry of Justice  
Bachpan Bachao Andolan
Bar Council of India
Disposed & Pending Case Status
Forum of South Asian Clinical Law Teachers (Fsaclt), Goa
Indian Economic Association (IEA)
Indian Institute of Public Administration (IIPA), New Delhi
Indian Law Institute (ILI), New Delhi
Indian Parliament
Law Commission of India
Indian Political Science Association (IPSA)
Institute of Constitutional and Parliamentary Studies (ICPS), New Delhi
Indian Society of Criminology, Madras (ISC)
Supreme Court Judgments
Supreme Court of India
The Judgment Information System
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Judicial Commission (in Bahasa Indonesia)
Komisi Nasional Hak Asasi Manusia (in Bahasa Indonesia)
Komisi Nasional Perempuan (in Bahasa Indonesia)
Komisi Perlindungan Anak Indonesia(in Bahasa Indonesia)
Perhimpunan Advokat Indonesia (in Bahasa Indonesia)
UM Malaysia Centre for Regulatory Studies (UMCoRS)
Centre of Excellence for Biodiversity Law (CEBLAW)
Asian Law Institute
Asia-Pacific Centre for Environmental Law
Asian Society of International Law
Attorney-General’s Chambers
Commonwealth Legal Information Institute(Singapore resources)
Law Society of Singapore
Lawnet (some free resources)
Ministry of Law
Parliament of Singapore
Singapore Academy of Law
Singapore Law
Singapore Law Watch
Singapore Statutes Online
Supreme Court of Singapore
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ASLI Members' Publications
Asian Journal of Comparative Law
Asian Journal of International Law
Bond Law Review
Journal of World Trade
National Taiwan University Law Journal
National Taiwan University Law Review
National Taiwan University Law Series
Singapore Journal of Legal Studies
Southern Cross University Law Review
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