ASLI Working Paper Series

S/NoTitle of PaperAuthor/SpeakerPublication Date
WPS001 An Overview of Cybercrime Legislation and Cases in Singapore Gregor Urbas Dec 2008
WPS002 A Review of China's Private International Law During the 30-year Period of Reform and Opening-Up Wang Hui May 2009
WPS003 The Problem of Standing in Philippine Law Solomon Lumba Jul 2009
WPS004 The Concept of Qualified Reorganization in Japan Tetsuya Watanabe Jul 2009
WPS005 Legal Development in China’s Securities Market during Three Decades of Reform and Opening-up Chen Daisong Aug 2009
WPS006 The Emergence of East Asia Constitutionalism: Features in Comparison Jiunn-Rong Yeh & Wen-Chen Chang Aug 2009
WPS007 Who Decides the Shape and Size of a Lot? Jong-Bo Kim Aug 2009
WPS008 A Review of the Crime of Bribery in China Liang Genlin Feb 2010
WPS009 Evolution of Arbitration as A Legal Institutional And The Inherent Powers of the Court : Putrajaya Holdings Sdn. Bhd. v. Digital Green Sdn. Bhd. Grace Xavier Feb 2010
WPS010 United Nations Provisions Against Corruption 2003 and Asset Recovery Efforts in Indonesia Jamin Ginting Feb 2010
WPS011 Commentaries on the Recent Amendment of the Insurance Law of the People’s Republic of China Regarding Insurance Contracts from the Perspective of Comparative Law Johnny Chang Kuan-Chun Mar 2010
WPS012 Individualism as Mood : Reflections on the Emergence of the Rhetoric of Liberalism Florin T. Hilbay Mar 2010
WPS013 Legal Analysis of Human Rights Protection in Times of Natural Disaster and Its Implementation in Indonesia Natalia Yeti Puspita Apr 2010
WPS014 The Circulation of International Legal Terms in East Asia Han Sang-hee Jul 2010
WPS015 Land Law Reforms in Vietnam – Past & Present Nguyen Quang Tuyen Aug 2010
WPS016 Building Inclusive and Just Societies: The Role of Deliberative Theory Puja Kapai Paryani Nov 2010
WPS017 Food and Consumer Protection: A Study on Food Legislation of Selected Countries Rahmah Ismail Jan 2011
WPS018 Suggested Improvements to the Administrative Court Model & the Proposed Introduction Of an Administrative Jurisdiction Body in Vietnam Pham Hong Quang Jan 2011
WPS019 Prosecuting Sports Violence: The Indonesian Football Case Topo Santoso Feb 2011
WPS020 The Sanction of Merger Cancellation Found in Government Regulation No. 57 Year 2010 & its Irrelevance in the Merger Control Context Agustinus Prajaka Wahyu Baskara Mar 2011
WPS021 Sharpening the Blue Pencil in Australian Consumer Law : The Striking Out of Unfair Contract Terms in Land Transactions Annette Greenhow Mar 2011
WPS022 Fighting Organized Crime in The Asia Pacific Region: New Weapons, Lost Wars Andreas Schloenhardt Apr 2011
WPS023 A Study on Consumer Protection Through Maintenance of Product Safety & Standards in India Ashok Ramappa Patil Apr 2011
WPS024 Economic Integration in East Asia: The Path of Law Zhang Zhiyong Jul 2011
WPS025 Application of Competition Laws to Government in Asia: The Singapore Story Deborah Healey Mar 2012
WPS026 Lessons from Singapore: An Evaluation of the Singapore Model of Legal Pluralism Ann Black Jul 2012
WPS027 The Hybridization of Competition Law Enforcement: Some Lessons from Japan’s introduction of The Leniency Program. Steven Van Uytsel Aug 2012
WPS028 Juvenile Justice: Critically Juxtaposing the Models in India and Singapore Anuradha Saibaba Sep 2012
WPS029 The World Trade Organization’s (WTO) Impact On The Policy And The Law Of Vietnam From 2007 Onwards Nguyen Thanh Tam Jul 2013
WPS030 Equitable Accessorial and Recipient Liability in Singapore Pauline Ann Ridge Jul 2013
WPS031 Towards an "Asian" child abduction treaty? Some observations on Singapore and Japan joining the Hague Convention Colin P.A. Jones Aug 2013
WPS032 IMO Technical and Operational Measures for Reduction of Emissions of Greenhouse Gas from Ships: Perspectives of Asian Countries Md. Saiful Karim Nov 2013
WPS033 Enhancing the quality of collective bargaining - A vital requirement for improving worker's life in Vietnam in the context of a highly competitive economy and globalization Minh Thi Hoang Feb 2014
WPS034 The Practice of Sex Selection In Asian Region Pimpatsorn Natipodhi May 2014
WPS035 Shanghai Free Trade Pilot Zone, The Model for Future China? Jiaxiang Hu May 2014
WPS036 The Stagnation of Law and Democracy in Regional Government in Indonesia Satrya Pangadaran Marpaung Dec 2014
WPS037 Comments On Regulatory Philosophy Of The Trust Sector In China (2009-2012) Xiling Jia Jul 2015
WPS038 Cultural Identity, Heritage Protection and Human Rights In Asia Stefan Gruber Aug 2015
WPS039 Challenges of an Aging Japan: Effects, Efficiency and Effectiveness of Law Reforms Časlav Pejović Jul 2017
WPS040 International Tax Planning from an Indian Perspective: Contracts, Status and the Judiciary Nigam Nuggehalli Oct 2017
WPS041 Controlling Controlling Shareholders in Thai Private Companies Nilubol Lertnuwat Jan 2018
WPS042 ASEAN Cooperation on Ending Statelessness in ASEAN Region Su Yin Htun Oct 2020
WPS043 The Paradox of Substantive-Procedural Dichotomy and the Admissibility of Extrinsic Evidence under the CISG 1980: Towards Global Harmonization of Procedural Law? Tidarat Sinlapapiromsuk Oct 2020
WPS044 Cleantech Innovation by Developing Countries Joy Y. Xiang Oct 2020
WPS045 The Law of Unjust Enrichment and Restitution in Malaysia: A Search for Principle, Post ‘Dream Property’ Siti Aliza Alias Oct 2020
WPS046 National Drug Policies Through The Mechanism Of The Government Use Of Patents Catharina Ria Budiningsih Jan 2021