Research & Publications

Research is a very important aspect of the work of the Faculty. Academic staff of the Faculty are not only expected to be good teachers but also good researchers with good publication track records.

The objectives of research and publication at the Faculty are:
» To inform and instruct members of the Singapore legal profession on the content of Singapore laws. Faculty staff consolidate, update and review the laws of Singapore for dissemination to the legal profession.
» To instruct students on the laws of Singapore. Faculty members gather legal materials for the purposes of disseminating them to law students to prepare them for legal practice.
» To contribute to the stock of legal scholarship locally, regionally, and internationally. The Faculty is responsible for the consolidation of knowledge of Singapore laws. It also contributes to the regional and international legal communities by its local as well as its comparative and international work.
» To examine, explore and develop the boundaries of the law. This type of research aims to develop and reform the common law as well as statutory laws as they apply in Singapore. This has potential impact on the laws of other countries as well, as the process of modern legal development involves substantial cross-cultural adoption and adaptation of ideas.
» To examine the law in the context of globalisation and regionalisation. As Singapore becomes a global and financial capital of the world, it will become increasingly necessary for the legal community in Singapore to understand trends in the international legal arena and to meet the challenges of a globalising legal profession.


The Faculty’s active research culture is demonstrated by the vast Faculty Research Interests and the myriad of published works in the Staff Publication Listings . The Research Seminar Series provides a platform for Faculty members to present their research work in-progress for discussion and refinement.

In line with the Faculty’s objectives, its academic staff are the authors of virtually all the standard texts on Singapore Law. The Faculty also publishes three academic law journals - the Singapore Journal of Legal Studies, the Asian Journal of Comparative Law, published for the Asian Law Institute and the Asian Journal of International Law, published for the Asian Society of International Law. In addition to publishing articles in these three journals, the academic staff of the Faculty also publish in respected foreign law journals such as the Law Quarterly Review, Modern Law Review, Journal of Contract Law, International and Comparative Law Quarterly, Journal of Business Law, Lloyd’s Maritime and Commercial Law Quarterly, and Criminal Law Review, just to name a few.

The Faculty welcomes research scholars who may wish to pursue graduate studies by research through our PhD Programme or who may simply wish to spend a few months at the Faculty pursuing their research interests through the Visiting Scholars & Researchers Programme. The Post-doctoral Fellowship Programme is committed to fostering research and teaching excellence among early stage legal scholars. The C J Koh Law Library at the Faculty possesses one of the finest common law collections in the Commonwealth. It also has the most comprehensive single collection of materials on the laws of the countries that make up the Association of South-East Asian Nations (ASEAN).