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1.  MARCH 2019 Issue

A VINEYARD IN A LAW CLINIC: The Practical Application of A Therapeutic Jurisprudence Philosophy IN A UK LAW CLINIC
James Marson, Katy Ferris and Anna Kawalek  •  [2019] Sing JLS 124 (Mar)
This paper examines the development and practical operation of A UK-based LAW CLINIC, founded on Therapeutic Jurisprudence ("TJ") principles. It discusses how the authors have sought to infuse TJ's core values, style and techniques, underpinned by humanitarian philosophies, into Clinical Legal Education (and as A starting point for its legal pedagogy). To date, most papers IN this area have examined criminal LAW clinics IN the US, but this paper is made unique by its focus upon the linkage between TJ and refugees against the UK contextual backdrop. TJ is becoming an increasingly important skills-base for graduates, particularly for those students who will become the next generation of lawyers/advisors, and must therefore, we argue, be incorporated into global legal education.