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Contents for the current issue,  MARCH 2023

1.  Re-Thinking Unconscionability: Arbitration Agreements in International Consumer, Employment and 'Gig' Economy Contracts
Fabien Gélinas and Zackary Goldford  •  [2023] Sing JLS 1
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2.  Of Inventorship and Patent Ownership: Examining the Intersection Between Artificial Intelligence and Patent Law
Cheng Lim Saw and Samuel Zheng Wen Chan  •  [2023] Sing JLS 27
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3.  What is a Relational Contract? Does Coherence Lurk Amongst Shapeshifting Incidents and Grandiloquent Language?
C Haward Soper  •  [2023] Sing JLS 52
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4.  Refining Reasonable Classification
Marcus Teo  •  [2023] Sing JLS 83
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5.  SPAC Regulation in Singapore and Hong Kong: Designing a Regulatory Framework for New SPAC Markets
Walter Wan  •  [2023] Sing JLS 113
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6.  The Coming Central Bank Digital Currency Revolution and the e-CNY
Heng Wang and Ross Buckley  •  [2023] Sing JLS 145
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7.  China's Individual Income Tax Law for Expatriates
Wang Jingyi  •  [2023] Sing JLS 173
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8.  Recent Developments in the Regulation of Consumer Credit
Jodi Gardner  •  [2023] Sing JLS 196
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9.  Book Review: The Law of Personal Property (3rd Ed) by Michael Bridge, Louise Gullifer, Kelvin Low and Gerard McMeel
Koh Swee Yen, SC and Samuel Teo  •  [2023] Sing JLS 209
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10.  Book Review: Crime and Punishment in Indonesia by Tim Lindsey and Helen Pausacker
Daniel Pascoe  •  [2023] Sing JLS 211
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