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Contents for the current issue,  SEPTEMBER 2022

1.  Taxing the Future: Digital Stateless Income, Business Organisation, and the Search for a New Regulatory Paradigm
Julien Chaisse and Jamieson Kirkwood  •  [2022] Sing JLS 267
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2.  Delivering Fair, Consistent, and Reliable Sentences for Murder in Singapore
Chan Wing Cheong  •  [2022] Sing JLS 290
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3.  The Spectre of Reflective Loss
Chua Rui Yuan  •  [2022] Sing JLS 309
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4.  Corporate Shareholders in Singapore - Retail Shareholders, Effective Empowerment and the Unfulfilled Promise of the Digital Revolution
Pearlie Koh and Tan Hwee Hoon  •  [2022] Sing JLS 334
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5.  Negligence and Autonomy
Donal Nolan  •  [2022] Sing JLS 356
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6.  Transnational Transactions on Cryptoasset Exchanges: A Conflict of Laws Perspective
Tan Shao Wei  •  [2022] Sing JLS 384
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7.  In Pursuit of Justice: The Place of Procedure in Judicial Case Management
Weiming Tan  •  [2022] Sing JLS 423
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8.  Case and Legislation Notes: Non-Satisfaction of Pre-Arbitration Requirements: Moving Away From Conditions Precedent Towards the Admissibility of a Claim - NWA v NVF
Darius Chan and Joel Soon  •  [2022] Sing JLS 450
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9.  Case and Legislation Notes: More Than A Numbers Game: Approaching the Division of Matrimonial Assets- VJP v VJQ
Tan Ming Ren  •  [2022] Sing JLS 464
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10.  Case and Legislation Notes: Recognising Cryptocurrencies as Property?- CLM v CLN
Adel Zaid Hamzah  •  [2022] Sing JLS 474
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