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Contents for the current issue,  MARCH 2022

1.  Resulting and Constructive Trusts Over Public Housing—Recent Developments and the Way Forward
Timothy Chan  •  [2022] Sing JLS 1
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2.  Analysing the Constitutionality of Executive Action Under Articles 14 and 15 in Singapore—Theoretical and Doctrinal Perspectives
Kenny Chng  •  [2022] Sing JLS 26
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3.  B2B Artificial Intelligence Transactions: A Framework for Assessing Commercial Liability
Ernest Lim  •  [2022] Sing JLS 46
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4.  Reviewing the Standard of Curial Review for Findings in Arbitration Involving Public Policy
Michael M H Ng  •  [2022] Sing JLS 75
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5.  Of Variable Standards of Scrutiny and Legitimate Legal Expectations: Article 12(1) and the Judicial Review of Executive Action
Thio Li-Ann  •  [2022] Sing JLS 95
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6.  Income Tax Law Design and Equity: Lessons from Hong Kong
Yan Xu  •  [2022] Sing JLS 128
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7.  Case and Legislation Notes: "O Say Can You See…": The Court of Appeal Sings a Different Tune with the First Amendment - The Online Citizen v Attorney-General
David Tan  •  [2022] Sing JLS 155
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8.  Case and Legislation Notes: Online Falsehoods, Constitutional Free Speech and Its Limits - The Online Citizen v Attorney-General
Gary K Y Chan  •  [2022] Sing JLS 166
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9.  Case and Legislation Notes: Constitutional Implications of the First POFMA Judgment - The Online Citizen v Attorney-General
Marcus Teo  •  [2022] Sing JLS 177
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10.  Case and Legislation Notes: The New Rules of Court and the Service-Out Jurisdiction in Singapore
Ardavan Arzandeh  •  [2022] Sing JLS 191
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