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Contents for the current issue,  MARCH 2021

1.  Privacy, Confidence & Data Protection in the 21st Century
David Tan  •  [2021] Sing JLS 1
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2.  A Common Law of Privacy?
Megan Richardson  •  [2021] Sing JLS 6
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3.  Enforcement Design for Data Privacy: A Comparative Study
Gehan Gunasekara  •  [2021] Sing JLS 19
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4.  The Charter of Fundamental Rights, the Aims of EU Competition Law and Data Protection: Time to Level the Playing Field
Divin De Buffalo Irakiza  •  [2021] Sing JLS 39
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5.  Whose Health Record? A Comparison of Patient Rights Under National Electronic Health Record (NEHR) Regulations in Europe and Asia-Pacific Jurisdictions
James Scheibner, Marcello Ienca and Effy Vayena  •  [2021] Sing JLS 56
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6.  Three Shades of Data: Australia, Philippines, Thailand
Robert Brian Smith, Mark Perry and Nucharee Nuchkoom Smith  •  [2021] Sing JLS 76
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7.  The State of the Doctrine of Unconscionability in Singapore
Nelson Enonchong  •  [2021] Sing JLS 100
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8.  Mobile Intellectual Property and the Shift in International Tax Policy From Determining the Source of Income to Taxing Location-Specific Rents: Part Two
Daniel Shaviro  •  [2021] Sing JLS 128
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9.  Revisiting the Double Actionability Rule in Singapore: Time for a Change
Tan Ming Ren  •  [2021] Sing JLS 155
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10.  A Case for Proportionality Review in Singaporean Constitutional Adjudication
Marcus Teo  •  [2021] Sing JLS 174
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