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Contents for the current issue,  SEPTEMBER 2021

1.  The CISG and Commodity Sales: A Relationship to be Revisited?
Michael G Bridge  •  [2021] Sing JLS 271
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2.  Motherless or Fatherless by Design: Child's Welfare as the First and Paramount Consideration & The Case Against Surrogacy & ART
Dominic Chan  •  [2021] Sing JLS 291
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3.  Clarity in the Penal Code Definition of Strict Liability
Ivan Lee  •  [2021] Sing JLS 332
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4.  NewSpace, Old Problems: Asset-Based Satellite Financing in the Asia-Pacific
Jack Wright Nelson  •  [2021] Sing JLS 354
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5.  Case and Legislation Notes: Choice of Law for Formation of Contracts- Solomon Lew v Kaikhushru Shiavax Nargolwala
Adeline Chong  •  [2021] Sing JLS 383
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6.  Case and Legislation Notes: Honesty is the Best Policy: Adverse Inferences and Non-Disclosure of Matrimonial Assets - UZN v UZM
Tan Ming Ren  •  [2021] Sing JLS 394
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7.  Case and Legislation Notes: The Impact of COVID-19 on Parental Relocation of Children - UYK v UYJ
Tan Ming Ren  •  [2021] Sing JLS 402
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8.  Book Review: Judicial Review of Administrative Action Across the Common Law World: Origins and Adaptation by Swati Jhaveri and Michael Ramsden, eds
Kenny Chng  •  [2021] Sing JLS 409
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9.  Book Review: Venture Capital Law in China by Lin Lin
Umakanth Varottil  •  [2021] Sing JLS 413
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10.  Book Review: Reinventing Bankruptcy Law: A History of the Companies' Creditors Arrangement Act by Virginia Torrie
Chuanman You  •  [2021] Sing JLS 416
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