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Contents for the current issue,  MARCH 2020

1.  Special Feature: Alternative Investments in the Tech Era
Lin Lin and Dora Neo  •  [2020] Sing JLS 1
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2.  Special Feature: The Concept of Money in the 4th Industrial Revolution—A Legal and Economic Analysis
Emilios Avgouleas and William Blair  •  [2020] Sing JLS 4
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3.  Special Feature: TechRisk
Ross P Buckley, Douglas W Arner, Dirk A Zetzsche and Eriks K Selga  •  [2020] Sing JLS 35
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4.  Special Feature: Blockchains: Private Law Matters
Rainer Kulms  •  [2020] Sing JLS 63
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5.  Special Feature: The Basics of Private and Public Data Trusts
Jeremiah Lau, James Penner and Benjamin Wong  •  [2020] Sing JLS 90
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6.  Special Feature: The Promise and Perils of InsurTech
Lin Lin and Christopher Chen  •  [2020] Sing JLS 115
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7.  Special Feature: Hephaestus and Talos: The Legal Status and Obligation Theory of Robot Advisors
Simin Gao  •  [2020] Sing JLS 143
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8.  Special Feature: Banking and Regulatory Responses to Fintech Revisited—Building the Sustainable Financial Service 'Ecosystems' of Tomorrow
Mark Fenwick and Erik P M Vermeulen  •  [2020] Sing JLS 165
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9.  Special Feature: When is an Individual Investor Not in Need of Consumer Protection? A Comparative Analysis of Singapore, Hong Kong, and Australia
Wai Yee Wan, Andrew Godwin, and Qinzhe Yao  •  [2020] Sing JLS 190
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10.  Special Feature: ESG Performance and Disclosure: A Cross-Country Analysis
Florencio Lopez-de-Silanes, Joseph A McCahery and Paul C Pudschedl  •  [2020] Sing JLS 217
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