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The Editorial Committee
Prof Thio Li-ann Chief Editor
Assoc Prof Sandra Annette Booysen Deputy Chief Editor
(Case & Legislation Notes, Articles)
Assoc Prof Kelry Loi Editor (Book Reviews, Articles)
Asst Prof Cheah Wui Ling Editor (Articles)
Assoc Prof Wayne Benjamin Courtney Editor (Articles)
Prof Tan Yock Lin Editor (Articles)
Prof Teo Keang Sood Editor (Articles)
Assoc Prof Umakanth Varottil Editor (Articles)
Assoc Prof Wee Meng Seng Editor (Articles)
Assoc Prof Yeo Hwee Ying Editor (Articles)
Prof Simon Chesterman Ex Officio
Ms Wong Kai Yun Executive Editor
Ms Zhu Jinwen Deputy Executive Editor
Ms Yvonne Lim Administrator
Board of Editorial Advisors
Chao Hick Tin Senior Judge
Supreme Court, Singapore
Andrew Phang Judge of Appeal
Supreme Court, Singapore
Oren Bar-Gill William J Friedman and Alicia Townsend Friedman Professor of Law and Economics
Harvard Law School
Harvard University
Michael Bridge Emeritus Professor
Department of Law
London School of Economics
Martha Albertson Fineman Robert W Woodruff Professor of Law
School of Law
Emory University
Hoong Phun Lee Emeritus Professor of Law
Faculty of Law
Monash University, Australia
Kent Roach Professor of Law and Prichard Wilson Chair in Law and Public Policy
Faculty of Law
University of Toronto