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Evidence (A)
Last Updated Date:   3 June 2022

8 Credits,  Semester 1

Course Description:
This course seeks to impart knowledge of major rules and doctrines of evidence law. Students are expected to achieve competency in the application of those rules and doctrines and to acquire a critical understanding of the underlying assumptions, principles, policies and rationales. Coverage includes rules on admissibility of evidence, exclusionary discretion, privileged communication, right of silence and burdens and standards of proof.

Course Convenor: Prof Ho Hock Lai

Co-teacher(s): Prof Jeffrey D. Pinsler, S.C.; Emeritus Prof Chin Tet Yung; A/P Jean Ho; As/P Benny Tan; Mr Tan Ming Ren; Ms Winona Kang & Mr Emmanuel Aw

Module Codes: LC3001A

Contact Hours: One 3 hr lecture + One 3-hr tutorial

Workload: 6 hours

Mode of Assessment: Class Presentation & Performance - 20%; Final Exam - 80%

Preclusions: Nil

Prerequisites: Year 1 Law Compulsory modules:
LC1003 Law of Contract; LC1004 Law of Torts; LC1001 Criminal Law; LC1016 Legal Analysis, Research & Communication; LC1015/LC1025 Singapore Law In Context; LC1002 Introduction to Legal Theory

Examination Date: Monday, 21 November 2022 (AM)

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