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Law of Contract
Last Updated Date:   5 July 2021

8 Credits,  Semester 1 & 2

Course Description:
This foundational course examines the basic doctrines and issues of contract law, including the creation of rights and obligations from voluntary undertakings, the doctrines which circumscribe the circumstances under which the law permits a dissolution of the contract, and the remedies that the law provides for the breach of contractual obligations. In exploring the constituent components of contracts - formation, privity, frustration, breach, remedies, terms and vitiating factors - the course also examines challenges to the traditional model of contract law, tensions arising from the pulls of certainty and fairness, and other broader issues.

Course Convenor: Prof Wayne Courtney

Co-teacher(s): A/P Ong Tze-En, Burton, A/P Sandra Booysen, As/P Timothy Liau, Mr Alfino Eu

Module Codes: LCJ5003

Contact Hours: 2hr lecture (weekly) + One 2-hr tutorial (Odd week)

Workload: --

Mode of Assessment: Tutor Assessment (Class Participation) - 20%; Mid-Course Assessment (Semester 1, Wed, 1 Dec 2021 (9am - 11.30am) - 30% & Final Examination - 50%

Preclusions: Nil

Prerequisites: Nil

Examination Date: Wednesday, 04 May 2022 (AM)

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