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Last Updated Date:   October 2020

8 Credits,  Semester 1

Course Description:
The course encompasses the rules, theories and policies of the Law of Evidence. The objectives are to inculcate a critical appreciation of the issues raised by course so as to develop the student's powers of reasoning and to prepare him or her for professional practice. Coverage includes admissibility of evidence, modes of proof and the production and effect of evidence.

Course Convenor:


Module Codes: LCJ5011

Contact Hours: One 3 hr lecture + One 3-hr tutorial

Workload: 6 hours

Mode of Assessment:

Preclusions: Nil

Prerequisites: Year 1 Law Compulsory modules:
LCJ5003 Law of Contract; LCJ5004 Law of Torts; LCJ5001 Criminal Law; LCJ5016 Legal Analysis, Research & Communication; LCJ5025 Singapore Law In Context; LCJ5002 Introduction to Legal Theory

Examination Date:

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