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Trial Advocacy
Last Updated Date:   13 June 2022

4 Credits,  Semester 2

Course Description:
The objectives of this course are to: introduce students to basic trial techniques and skills, including the basics of presentations in Court, modes of address, examination in chief and cross examination and submissions on facts. It will also introduce students to witness preparation for trial. The practical skills learned in this will complement those learned in first year Legal Writing. This course will also give students an opportunity to interact with and learn from practicing litigation lawyers, and thereby give them a taste of the "real world" litigation practice.

External Tutors

Sanjiv Kumar Rajan; Ramesh Selvaraj; Wilson Wong; Darrell Low; Edmund Kronenburg; Elan Krishna;
Loh Tian Kai; Ronald JJ Wong; Kirindeep Singh; See Chern Yang; Kelvin Tan; Rakesh Kirpalani; Amy Tan;
N Sreenivasan, S.C.;Muralli Rajaram; Suresh Nair; Sheila Ng; Jeremy Gan;
Joel Chng; Joel Quek.

Course Convenor: Adjunct As/P Sim Khadijah

Co-teacher(s): Refer to List of External Tutors

Module Codes: LCJ5012

Contact Hours: 3hr Lecture


Mode of Assessment: Other forms of assessment (Practical - 100%)

Preclusions: LCJ5013 Corporate Deals

Prerequisites: Year 1 Law Compulsory modules: LCJ5003 Law of Contract; LCJ5004 Law of Torts; LCJ5001 Criminal Law; LCJ5016 Legal Analysis, Research & Communication; LCJ5025 Singapore Law In Context; LCJ5002 Introduction to Legal Theory

Examination Date: 100% Continuous Assessment

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