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Comparative Constitutional Law (Not Offered in AY2021-2022)
Last Updated Date:   1 June 2021

5 Credits,  Semester 2

Course Description:
This course provides an introduction to comparative constitutional law with a focus on systems of rights protection. Part I provides an introduction to the basic concepts and building-blocks of every system of constitutional justice: constitutions, rights, and judicial review. Part II surveys how such systems vary structurally, with what effects on the ways in which judges interact with other governmental officials, including legislators. Part III examines the development of proportionality, as an emerging global standard of rights adjudication. All required texts are available on-line or will be provided.

Students will be evaluated on the basis of (1) a literature review or research paper - 70%; (2) attendance and participation - 30%. Further particulars are provided after the reading list (below).

Note: the seminar will emphasize close reading and roundtable discussion of texts; it is not a lecture course. Students are to come to class prepared to engage in a discussion of the required readings and response papers. Readings are subject to change, but only by a similar replacement text.

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Course Convenor: Professor Alec Stone Sweet


Module Codes: LL4012V / LL5012V / LL6012V / LLJ5012V

Contact Hours:


Mode of Assessment:

Preclusions: (1) Students who have taken or are taking LL4304/LL5304/LL6304; LL4304V/LL5304V/LL6304V Global Comparative Constitutional Law; LL4369/LL5369/LL6369 Constitutionalism in Asia; LL4368/LL5368/LL6368 Comparative Constitutionalism are precluded. (2) Students who have done Comparative Constitutional Law [Module code: L55.3027] under the NYU@NUS Summer Session are precluded.

Prerequisites: NUS Compulsory Core Law Curriculum or common law equivalent.

Examination Date: Different Mode of Examination

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