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Last Updated Date:   3 June 2022

5 Credits,  Semester 1

Course Description:
This course is a skills-based workshop and is designed to assist participants in learning about and attaining a basic level of competency as a negotiator. This is particularly important as lawyers commonly engage in negotiation as part of their practice. Topics covered include: Interest-based negotiation vs Position-based negotiation; Preparing for a negotiation; Creating and Claiming Value; and Overcoming Impasse. This workshop is targeted at self-motivated students interested in learning and developing interpersonal and negotiation skills.

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Note: Subject to circumstances and regulations relating to COVID-19, the Negotiation Workshop will be conducted for the LLBs and LLMs in person (face to face) only. This is for pedagogical purposes. Further, please take note that there will not be any Zoom sessions.

Course Convenor: Prof Lee Tye Beng, Joel

Co-teacher(s): Mr Lim Tao Shien, Marcus

Module Codes: LL4045V / LL5045V / LL6045V / LLJ5045V

Contact Hours: 3-hr weekly seminar

Workload: 3 hours

Mode of Assessment: Journal & Annotations - 50%; Research Paper - 25% & Practical Assessment - 25%

Penalty System: Punctual attendance at this workshop is expected. A penalty system for lateness and absences will be imposed. Please refer to the introductory course materials for details

Preclusions: Note: Not open to students who have successfully completed Negotiation Workshop or its equivalent elsewhere. Not open to incoming exchange students.

Prerequisites: NUS Compulsory Core Law Curriculum or common law equivalent.

Examination Date: 100% Continuous Assessment

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