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Maritime Law
Last Updated Date:   30 June 2022

5 Credits,  Semester 2

Course Description:
This course will provide an understanding of the legal issues arising from casualties involving ships. It will examine aspects of the law relating to nationality and registration of ships, ship sale and purchase, and the law of collisions, oil pollution, salvage, towage, wreck, pilotage, general average, and limitation of liability. Students successfully completing the course will be familiar with the international conventions governing these issues, as well as the domestic law of Singapore.

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Course Convenor: Prof Stephen D Girvin

Co-teacher(s): NA

Module Codes: LL4099V / LL5099V / LLD5099V / LL6099V / LLJ5099V

Contact Hours: 3-hr weekly seminar

Workload: 3 hours

Mode of Assessment: LLM/GDMLA/LLB Class participation - 10%; Mini-moot - 20% (including 2,500 word paper) [mini-moot will be held on Sat, 25 March starting from 10am]; 6-Hr Take Home Exam - 70% [Release: Thu, 20 April 2023 (4 pm); Due: Thu, 20 April 2023 (10 pm)]

Preclusions: Nil

Prerequisites: NUS Compulsory Core Law Curriculum or common law equivalent.

Examination Date: Different Mode of Examination

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