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Law of the Sea: Theory and Practice
Last Updated Date:   30 December 2021

5 Credits,  Semester 2

Course Description:
The Law of the Sea governs the conduct of States in the oceans. Given that the oceans covers five-seventh of the world's surface, it is a critical component of international law. It is also relevant for Singapore due to its extensive maritime interests. This course will examine the theoretical underpinnings and the practical implementation of Law of the Sea with the aim of examining how it addresses the ever-increasing challenges in the regulation of the oceans. The course will draw on a wide range of case studies from around the world, with a particular emphasis on Asia.

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Course Convenor: As/P Tara Davenport

Co-teacher(s): Nil

Module Codes: LL4140V / LL5140V / LLD5140V / LL6140V / LLJ5140V

Contact Hours: 3hr weekly seminar

Workload: 3 hours

Mode of Assessment: Class Participation - 25%; Class Presentation on Selected Law of the Sea Issues - 25% (last 2 weeks of classes); 4-hr Take Home Exam - 50% [Release: Thurs, 21 April 2022 (9am); Due: Thurs, 21 April 2022 (1pm)]

Preclusions: Not open to students who have done Ocean Law & Policy [LL4046/LL5046/LL6046].

Prerequisites: NUS Compulsory Core Law Curriculum or common law equivalent.

Examination Date: Different Mode of Examination

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