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Advanced Criminal Legal Process
Last Updated Date:   13 June 2022

5 Credits,  Semester 2

Course Description:
This module is for students who are fascinated by the practical, policy and societal dimensions of the Singapore criminal legal process. Building on criminal law concepts and principles in Singapore, this module will bring students through the various stages of the criminal legal process, and engage them in a critical analysis of the relevant issues, considerations, challenges and opportunities.

Students will have unique opportunities to interact with judges, prosecutors, practitioners, as well as stakeholders, and benefit from their insights as key players in the criminal justice eco-system. Students will also lead discussions on or debate leading issues of the day with a view to formulating innovative solutions to real-life issues affecting the lives of ordinary members of the community and society at large.

At the end of the course, students will be able to gain an appreciation of the:
1. Practical application of substantive legal principles and concepts;
2. Complex interplay and interaction between the legal institutions and stakeholders in the criminal justice eco-system; and
3. Nuances of criminal advocacy and adjudication.

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Course Convenor: Adjunct Prof Jennifer Marie, S.C.

Co-teacher(s): Adjunct Prof Kow Keng Siong; Adjunct A/P Paul Quan Kaih Shiuh

Module Codes: LL4208V / LL5208V / LL6208V / LLJ5208V

Contact Hours: 3hr weekly seminar

Workload: 3 hours

Mode of Assessment: Advocacy - 50% (Written: 30%; Oral: 20%); Class Presentation - 30% (Panel Discussion Format); and Class Participation - 20%

Preclusions: Students who have taken or taking this module will be precluded from LL4244/LL5244/LL6244; LL4244V/LL5244V/LL6244V Criminal Practice.

Prerequisites: NUS Compulsory Core Law Curriculum or common law equivalent.
Singapore Criminal Law and Singapore Constitutional Law.
*Note: Students, regardless of academic careers - (i.e. Undergraduate, Exchange and Masters) who have not read Singapore Criminal Law and Singapore Constitutional Law would not be eligible to read the module.

**Note: Exchange and Masters students with prior practice experience (including public sector experience) would not be eligible to read the module.

Examination Date: 100% Continuous Assessment

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