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Medical Law and Ethics
Last Updated Date:   3 June 2022

5 Credits,  Semester 2

Course Description:
This course addresses the legal and ethical issues that arise in modern healthcare and medical practice. Issues that are addressed include: consent to medical treatment, healthcare professional liability, medical confidentiality and privacy, end-of-life issues, assisted reproduction and human organ transplantation in Singapore. At the end of the course, students should be able to:

a. Understand basic principles of medical ethics and appreciate the context in which healthcare is delivered in Singapore;
b. Understand important legal and ethical issues that arise in healthcare;
c. Know and understand how to apply the legal and ethical principles in the prevailing medical case law, legislation and professional ethics guidelines;
d. Appreciate the countervailing arguments and values that relate to these issues; and
e. Form and refine your opinions on what the best responses to these issues are.

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Course Convenor: A/P Tracey Evans Chan

Co-teacher(s): NA

Module Codes: LL4277V / LL5277V / LL6277V / LLJ5277V

Contact Hours: 3 hour weekly seminar

Workload: 3 hours

Mode of Assessment: 1 Seminar Paper (1000 words) + Class Participation - 20% & Final Exam - 80%

Preclusions: Students who have read LL4400/LL5400/LL6400 BIOMEDICAL LAW & ETHICS or a substantially similar course in another law school are precluded.

Prerequisites: NUS Compulsory Core Curriculum or its equivalent.

Examination Date: Thursday, 27 April 2023 (PM)

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