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University Research Opportunities Programme / Directed Research (DR)
Last Updated Date:   30 June 2022

4 Credits,  Semester 2

Course Description:
This course provides students with the opportunity to do a substantial research paper under the direct supervision of a member of the academic staff. The topic for directed research must not have been studied in another course. Students may not do a research paper on a topic if they have previously done a research assignment on that topic for another course. Students interested in doing Directed Research are advised to seek the provisional approval of their proposed supervisor before opting for the subject.

NOTE: All LL.B. and GLB students from Cohort AY2014-15 onwards are allowed to read one University Research Opportunities Programme / Directed Research (DR) in their candidature.

Please submit the completed UROP / DR UG Form >UG Form / UROP / DR GD Form to the Student Counter (Level 2, Blk B) during the module registration period, in the semester the UROP/DR is registered in. (Semester 2 applicants are encouraged to decide early and to consult the supervisor before the December vacation; and if possible, to submit this Form by the end of December.)

Course Convenor: Supervision by Staff member

Co-teacher(s): -

Module Codes: LL4397 / LL5397 / LLD5397 / LL6397 / LLJ5397

Contact Hours: No formal contact hour

Workload: -

Mode of Assessment: 100% Directed Research

Preclusions: Nil

Prerequisites: To refer to the guidelines on the University Research Opportunities Programme (UROP) / Directed Research (DR) UROP / DR UG Form or UROP / DR GD Form

Examination Date: Different Mode of Examination

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