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Legal Technology & Innovation
Last Updated Date:   187 September 2021

4 Credits,  Semester 2

Course Description:
Legal innovation and technology are new foci in the legal profession as technologies of automation transform the nature of practice. This module provides a theoretically-informed, hands-on practical experience in producing the types of legaltech that are transforming practice, while also equipping the student with the critical faculties to determine their appropriate application. This module offers highly practical lab-based work where students learn the fundamentals of automating legal services and decision support systems, as well as developing skills required for designing new technologies to aid the practice of law.

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Course Convenor: Visiting Professor Dan Hunter

Co-teacher(s): NA

Module Codes: LL4456 / LL5456 / LL6456 / LLJ6456

Contact Hours: 9 session over 3 weeks: Three 3hr weekly seminar

Workload: Intensive: Week 4 - 6: 31 Jan - 18 Feb 2022 [Mon, Wed: 6.30 - 9.30pm; & Fri: 2.30 - 5.30pm] *Make-up for 31 Jan & 2 Feb on Sat, 5 Feb & Sat, 12 Feb (1- 4pm)

Mode of Assessment: Laboratory - 50% and Essay -50% [Due: Fri, 25 March 2022 (9pm)]

Preclusions: LL4456V/LL5456V/LL6456V/LLJ5456V Legal Technology & Innovation

Prerequisites: NUS Compulsory Core Law Curriculum or common law equivalent.

Examination Date: Different Mode of Examination

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