NUS LAW Estimated Cumulative Weightage Numerical Average (CWNA) Calculator
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Please add courses to the list 1 by 1 with the corresponding 1) Course Code, 2) Units and 3) Grade to compute the estimated CWNA.

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Notes :
1) This CWNA computation is only an estimate and your final CWNA may be different.
2) Please include only courses with letter grades (A+, A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+,C, D+, D, F).
3) This estimated CWNA computation does not take into account non-law courses and non-law courses should NOT be included.
4) Each grade is based on a pre-determined numerical mark range and the estimated CWNA computation is based on the minimum numerical mark range of the equivalent grade.
5) If the course code is not entered, the course code will be defaulted to "-", units will be defaulted to “4” and Grade will be defaulted to "A+"
6) This estimated CWNA computation is based on the entries made by you for each course and its corresponding units and grades. As such, the faculty will not be held responsible for any misuse or mistakes made arising from the use of this CWNA Calculator.