Module Information for Graduate Students
Academic Year 2011/2012

Graduate Diploma in Maritime Law & Arbitration

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» Registration for Law Modules
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A. Curriculum Requirements


Students are required to take a total of 32 credits of modules. The programme is specially designed such that students who complete the requirements for the Graduate Certificate in Commercial Arbitration (GCIA) Programme will be granted 12 credits toward the 32 credits required for the Graduate Diploma. Thus, students are required to complete 20 credits of modules from the Maritime Law grouping and 12 credits from the GCIA Programme.

Recommended workload:

Full-time programme(for students admitted FROM AY2011-12):

Semester 1 (August) Semester 2 (January)
(i) Compulsory module – LCD5204A Carriage of Goods by Sea (4 credits); and

(ii) 12 credits of Maritime Law modules

(i) Compulsory module – LCD5204B Charterparties (4 credits); and

(ii) GCIA (equivalent to 12 credits)

Part-time programme(for students admitted FROM AY2011-12):

Year 1 Semester 1

Year 1 Semester 2

Year 2 Semester 1

Year 2 Semester 2

8 credits of Maritime Law modules, which SHOULD NOT include compulsory module – LCD5204A Carriage of Goods by Sea GCIA (equivalent to 12 credits) Compulsory module – LCD5204A Carriage of Goods by Sea (4 credits) Compulsory module – LCD5204B Charterparties (4 credits) and 4 credits of Maritime Law modules

Part-time programme (for students admitted BEFORE AY2011-12):

Students who have read and passed LCD5204 Carriage of Goods by Sea are not required to read LCD5204B Charterparties.


Students who have NOT read and passed LCD5204 Carriage of Goods by Sea are required to read LCD5204A Carriage of Goods by Sea and LCD5204B Charterparties.



Students will be automatically registered for the GCIA Programme. The GCIA comprises three modules: Principles of Contract, Tort and Evidence [CTE](4 credits); Arbitration Law & Practice [ALP] (4 credits) and the Drafting and Award Writing Practicum [DAW](4 credits). Students will take all three GCIA modules in the same semester.

If students fail any of the GCIA modules, the Board of Examiners may allow one further opportunity to pass the modules in the subsequent year. Alternatively, students may make up the failed credits with Maritime Law-related modules to complete the GDMLA. However, in this latter situation, students will be considered to have dropped out of the GCIA, and will not receive the GCIA and the relevant professional arbitration accreditation that comes with it.

Students will have to pay the separate full fees for the GCIA if they fail any GCIA modules and re-take them in the subsequent year.

The Faculty's Continuing Legal Education will send details regarding the GCIA to students before the Programme commences in the second week of January.


B. Registration for Law Modules

1. Modules which are opened to the DipMLA students are denoted by module code LCD5xxx or LLD5xxx.
2. Students will be allocated their modules based on the allocation scheme published HERE.
3. Registration Dates:
AY2011/2012 Semester 1
(August to December 2011)
Semester 2
(January to May 2012)
Start Thursday, 23 June 2011,, 9am Thursday, 20 October 2011, 9am
End Monday, 27 June 2011, 12noon Monday, 24 October 2011, 1pm
Results Friday, 15 July 2011, 5pm Tuesday, 8 November 2011, 5pm
Online Form Registration is closed. Registration is closed
4. Students will not be allocated modules that have clashes in class timetable or end-of-semester exam timetable.


C. Enquiries / Other Information


All enquiries should be directed to

2. Students are advised to check the email account they have indicated on the Online Module Registration Form regularly for any follow-up responses.


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