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Academic Year 2011/2012

LLM / Specialist LLM / Higher Degrees by Research

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A. Coursework Requirements

  Coursework Programmes

Number of credits and compulsory module(s) that a coursework student must read and complete as part of programme requirements:

Programme *Total No. of Credits Remarks
LLM 40 -
LLM (Asian Legal Studies) 40

At least 24 credits of modules must be taken from the Asian Legal Studies grouping.

^Compulsory module (Sem 1) - Comparative Legal Traditions in Asia (4 credits)

LLM (Corporate & Financial Services Law) 40

At least 24 credits of modules must be taken from the Corporate & Financial Services Law grouping.

^Compulsory module (Sem 1) - #Company Law (8 credits) - for students who have not read and passed Company Law at NUS or its equivalent in a common law jurisdiction.

LLM (Intellectual Property & Technology Law) 40

At least 24 credits of modules must be taken from the Intellectual Property & Technology Law grouping.

^Compulsory module (Sem 1) - Student can choose to read either Law of Intellectual Property Law (8 credits) or Foundation of IP Law (4 credits)

LLM (International & Comparative Law) 40

At least 24 credits of modules must be taken from the International & Comparative Law grouping.

^Compulsory module - Students can choose to read Public International Law (4 credits) in Semester 1 or Semester 2.

LLM (Maritime Law) 40

At least 24 credits of modules must be taken from the Maritime Law grouping.

For students admitted FROM AY2011-12:
^Compulsory module (Sem 1) - Carriage of Goods by Sea (4 credits) in Semester 1 AND Charterparties (4 credits) in Semester 2.

For students admitted BEFORE AY2011-12:
^Compulsory module (Sem 1) - Carriage of Goods by Sea (4 credits) ONLY

* Total number of credits differs for students enrolled in the Double-Degree Programmes.

^ Failure to obtain a pass in the compulsory module will mean that a student will not be able to proceed with the specialist LLM programme. Instead, the student will be considered to have enrolled for the LLM programme (without a specialization) and will be awarded the LLM degree upon completion of the programme. The credits obtained from the compulsory module will be counted towards the specialization.

# Students in the NYU@NUS Double LLM Degree Programme who have read and passed Corporations during the NYU Summer Term are deemed to have read and passed Company Law at NUS or its equivalent in a common law jurisdiction.


Common Law Modules for Students from Non-Common Law Jurisdictions
Students with first law degrees from non-common law jurisdictions are required to read two special modules, The Common Law Legal System of Singapore (4 credits) and Common Law Reasoning & Writing (8 credits) as part of the 40 credits of modules in Semester 1. The two special modules are designed to provide students with skills in common law reasoning, legal research and legal writing, as well as knowledge of substantive rules of the common law tradition. Click HERE for information on exemption.

Students in the NYU@NUS Double Degree Programme are exempted from reading both Common Law modules on the account of them having spent the NYU Summer Term reading NYU modules.

3. Pre-emption policy for NYU@NUS Double Degree Programme.
Students are generally pre-empted from reading modules that are substantially similar with other modules they have taken before. Please see the table below for the pre-emption for AY2011/12:
NYU NUS Sem 1 @NUS Sem 2
Antitrust - LL5064 Competition Law & Policy
Commercial Arbitration LL5029 International Commercial Arbitration LL5029 International Commercial Arbitration
LC5029 International Commercial Arbitration (Shanghai)
Corporations LC5008A Company Law A -
International Investment Law and Arbitration LL5032 International Investment Law -
Mergers and Acquisitions -

LL5074 Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

Securities Regulation -

LL5055 Securities Regulation

@ Students will be informed of any new Semester 2 modules that present an overlap with the NYU modules before the Semester 2 Module Registration exercise.
4 Part-time Programme

Students in the LLM (Maritime Law) part-time programme should not read more than 12 credits a semester.


  Research Programmes
1. Compulsory coursework requirements
Programme No. of Modules Remarks
LLM by Research - LC5009 Graduate Research Seminar;
- 2 Elective modules
LC5009/LC6009 Graduate Research Seminar is only offered in Semester 2.
CGRP/PhD - LC6009 Graduate Research Seminar;
- 5 Elective modules
2. Students are required to select their modules in consultation with their supervisor(s).

PhD students who wish to request for a partial waiver of coursework requirement should write a formal request to the Vice-Dean, Graduate Studies at


B. Registration for Law Modules


Modules which are opened to the different programmes are denoted by the following module codes:
LLM Programmes - LC5xxx or LL5xxx
PhD Programme - LC6xxx or LL6xxx

2. Students will be allocated their modules based on the schema published HERE.
3. Registration Dates:
AY2011/2012 Semester 1
(August to December 2011)
Semester 2
(January to May 2012)
Start Thursday, 23 June 2011, 9am Thursday, 20 October 2011, 9am
End Monday, 27 June 2011, 12noon Monday, 24 October 2011, 1pm
Results Friday, 15 July 2011, 5pm Tuesday, 8 November 2011, 5pm
Online Form Registration is closed. Registration is closed
4. Students will not be allocated modules that have clashes in class timetable or end-of-semester exam timetable.


C. Registration for Non-Law Modules


Students who wish to read a non-law module must submit the completed application form to the Graduate Studies Office by the deadline indicated on the application form.

Download Word Version
Download PDF
2. Students should register for sufficient credits of Law modules during the Online Module Registration. If the applications for non-law modules are successful, students will be required to drop the relevant credits of Law modules in order to add the non-law modules.
3. Please refer to the websites of other NUS Faculties and Schools ( for lists of modules available.


D. Enquiries / Other Information


All enquiries should be directed to

2. Students are advised to check the email account they have indicated on the Online Module Registration Form regularly for any follow-up responses.


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