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Coursework Requirements

Coursework Programmes


MIDS students enrolled in the Double Degree Programme are required to complete 40-44 units for the NUS LLM (International Arbitration & Dispute Resolution) degree.


The number of units and compulsory course that a student must read and complete as part of the requirement of the specialist LLM are as below:


Total No. of Units

Coursework Requirement

LLM (International Arbitration & Dispute Resolution)


(a)   17 units are credited from classes part of the MIDS programme taken in Geneva

(b)    23-27 units of courses to be completed at NUS Law in Semester 1, out of which at least 15 units of courses must be taken from the International Arbitration and Dispute Resolution grouping, including the compulsory course. 
^Compulsory course –

Sem 1) Topics in International Arbitration and Dispute Resolution (1 unit).

In addition to the compulsory course, you are required to take at least one of the following super-intensive elective courses that are conducted during the Semester’s Recess Week:

(Sem 1 Recess Week) International Arbitration & the New York Convention

(Sem 1 Recess Week) SIAC and Institutional Arbitration

These super-intensive electives are taught by top arbitration specialists from around the world who cannot spend more than a few days with us given their busy schedule

Common Law Course for Students from Non-Common Law Jurisdictions
MIDS students enrolled in the Double Degree Programme are exempted from reading the Common Law course.

Unit Calculator
Students may make use of the 
Unit Calculator to calculate the specialisation and total units of their course selection. Note that it does not guarantee the allocation of the courses selected.

Registration for Electives


Law courses which are opened to the different programmes are denoted by the following course codes:
LLM Programmes - LC5xxx or LL5xxx


For more information and the User Guide, please refer to Course Registration Information.


Enquiries / Other Information


All enquiries should be directed to


Students are advised to check their NUS email account regularly for follow-up responses, if any.

 Updated June 2019