Research & Conference Leave for Doctoral Candidates

Full-time doctoral candidates, who have passed the PhD QE are eligible to apply for research leave or conference leave to participate in local, regional or international conferences. The financial support for these activities, subject to approval by the Office of the Vice Dean (Research), is capped at a maximum of S$4,000* throughout their candidature.

The objective of the Research Grant is to assist doctoral candidates to complete their theses. Students are required to demonstrate how the activities and the requested funding are essential to the production of their theses. Each application is assessed on its merits. The financial assistance provided by the Faculty is a privilege and not a right.

The Law School is also part of the Association of Transnational Law Schools (ATLAS), a consortium of like-minded law schools formed to bring together talented doctoral students in the field of Law. A full-time doctoral candidate, who has passed the PhD QE, will be selected each year to participate in the annual Agora event, designed to encourage the development of legal scholarship by fostering a community of doctoral candidates and encouraging the development of exceptional doctoral dissertations. The selected candidate will be given financial support for their participation in the ATLAS Agora subject to a limit of S$3,000, or an amount decided by the Vice Dean (Research), once in their candidature.

* For doctoral candidates admitted from AY2012-13. The financial support for doctoral candidates admitted prior to AY2012-13 is capped at S$3,500 throughout their candidature.


Where financial assistance is granted, it may cover one or more of the items indicated below:

Financial Assistance Research Leave Conference Leave ATLAS Agora Leave
Airfare Return airfare by most economical and direct route, including visa fee if applicable, from NUS.
Other Transport Other modes of transport (e.g. economy-class train fare; car rental which includes fuel and applicable toll charges) in place of connecting/domestic flight, if approver is satisfied that the student is travelling via the most optimal mode of transport such that expenditure may be kept minimal while enabling the student to perform duties effectively and efficiently.
Subsistence Allowance N.A. Up to 20% allowance, if accommodation is provided by other sources. Other sources include hotel accommodation provided by the organisation that the student is visiting or accommodation arising from personal arrangements (e.g. staying at a relative’s home or a friend’s home).

Where accommodation is not provided by other sources, allowance may be granted up to 70%.
Accommodation Based on moderate class hotel (3 or 4 star) or conference hotel rates, as applicable.
Registration Fee/ Hosting Institution’s Research Fee Fees for use of host institutions’ facilities to conduct research or fieldwork, if applicable Registration fees; and other compulsory fees.
Travel Insurance Cost of the travel insurance for the approved period of conference or research leave.

All graduate students are strongly advised to have adequate medical coverage when travelling overseas for conferences, research or the ATLAS Agora. The NUS Medical Scheme does not cover all forms of overseas outpatient medical treatment of illnesses.

For details on travel insurance and application procedure, please refer to the website at

To apply for research or conference leave, please download the application form here and submit the required supporting documents to Ms Normah at the Eu Tong Sen Building

Checking Grant Balance
To check your conference and research grant balance, please click here. You will need to login using your NUS userID.

Post-trip Report & Reimbursement
A research / conference leave report, all relevant receipts, supporting documents and request for payment form (if reimbursements are applicable) must to be submitted to the Office of the Vice Dean(Research) within two weeks from the end date of the leave application period. Travel reimbursement will only be made upon receipt of the research/ conference leave report.