Faculty-Level Donated Bursaries

Allen & Gledhill Bursary

Bashir Mallal Bursary

Betty Wu Lee Bursary

Chew Gek Khim Bursary

Class of 1982 Bursary

Class of 1983 Bursary

Class of 1985 Bursary

Class of 1987 Bursary

Class of 1989 Bursary

Class of 1992 Bursary

Class of 1993 Bursary

Class of 2008 Bursary

Ella Cheong Bursary

E. W. Barker Bursary

Faculty of Law Bursary

John & Lydia Ewing-Chow Bursary

Justice, Mercy, Humility Bursary

JWD Ambrose Bursary

Kwa Geok Choo Bursary

Mr & Mrs Ang Yian Leng Bursary

Nesadevi Sandrasegara Bursary

NUS Law Student Bursary

NUS Law Bursary

Saw Swee Hock Bursary

Tan Han Boon Bursary

Tommy Koh Bursary

Woon Chow Tat Memorial Bursary

Woon Eng Chwee Memorial Bursary

Young Cheng Wah Memorial Bursary

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Application for Bursaries

You may apply for Financial Aid for AY2024/ 2025 at the Application Portal with your NUSNET ID and password. Applications open from 15 January till the end of the academic year. Apply by 1 March for the earlier release of your application results and disbursement of funds before the tuition fee payment deadline.

More information on NUS Financial Aid can be found at: https://www.nus.edu.sg/oam/financial-aid/application.

Outcome of application for NUS financial aid will be sent to you by the Office of Financial Aid (OFA) and/or your hall/residential college from May onwards. Please check your NUS email account regularly as OFA may require you to submit additional supporting documents and/or accept the financial aid/scholarship offer if you are successful by a stipulated deadline. You may also check on your application status at the Undergraduate Financial Aid portal.

To be considered for NUS/Faculty Donated Bursaries, you must indicate in OFA's financial aid application that you wish to be considered for the NUS Donated Bursary Scheme and agree to its conditions. Eligible students will be informed from July onwards. If you are offered a bursary/scholarship by both the OFA and the faculty/hall/residential college, you will be informed if you are allowed to hold the awards concurrently. The awards' value may be adjusted or the award with the lower value may be withdrawn.