New York University-NUS
LLB/Graduate LLB & Master in Law (LLM)
Exchange Plus Programme

4-year LLB/LLM Programme

The NYU-NUS LLB-LLM programme allows current NUS law students in the four-year LLB programme to seek early admission to the Masters in Law (LLM) at New York University (NYU) School of Law and commence the LLM in their fourth year of studies at NUS, before graduating with the LLB. Upon completion of the LLM requirements, students will receive the NUS LLB (Hons) and the NYU LLM.

Credit Transfer

The credits read at NYU towards the LLM will count towards the NUS LLB degree as NUS 40 units for students in the 4-year LLB. Courses completed at NYU do not count towards the LLB Class of Honours.

Prior to embarking on the LLM programme, students are to ensure that you have attained min. 120 units (for 4-year LLB). at NUS. Further, the partner university may or may not offer modules that meet NUS Civil Law module requirement. As such, students are also strongly encouraged to fulfill your Civil Law module requirement at NUS to minimize the risk of not meeting graduation requirements of the LLB.

Eligibility and Application

Only students in Law 2 and Law 3 qualify to apply.

All applicants for the NYU LL.M. must read carefully and follow the application procedures as detailed on NYU Graduate Admissions website. Applicants must apply online and are required to use the Law School Admission Council (LSAC) LLM Credential Assembly Service.

In summary, the steps are as follows:

» You are to inform NUS Law of your interest to apply for the NYU LL.M. programme via EduRec Login > Self-Service > Global Education > External Study Application > "Law Exchange Plus AY2024/2025" OR "Law Exchange Plus AY2025/2026" by Thursday, 9 November 2023. NOTE: Please do not upload any documents in EduRec as all application documents for the NYU LLM are to be submitted as hardcopies.
» Register for the LSAC LLM Credential Assembly Service.
» Submit application, including required materials, online via LSAC. Required materials include personal statement and resume. Application deadline for the programme is Wednesday, 20 December 2023.
» Supporting documents

Applicants are required to submit supporting documents to reach LSAC two (2) weeks before application deadline. NUS Law will assist students to mail these to LSAC on your behalf. Submit the following supporting documents in an A4 envelope and indicate your name, matric no and referee's full name to Law Student Affairs Office at Eu Tong Sen Building, c/o Ms Rahima, no later than Thursday, 16 November 2023 (by 12 noon):

a. Latest Official Transcript, along with 2 copies of duly signed completed LSAC Transcript Request Form. Please apply online for official original transcripts directly from the NUS Registrar's Office. Click HERE for details.
b. One recommendation letter. Applicants are required to use the LSAC Letter of Recommendation Service. Applicants are to comply with LSAC requirements and policies regarding letters of recommendation. It is important to follow the LSAC instructions carefully when registering recommenders with LSAC. See LSAC's information on Letters of Recommendation. You are encouraged to have your referee upload the letter for you. If your referee prefer to submit hardcopy, the recommendation letter together with the LSAC Recommender Form (duly signed by your recommender) placed in a sealed envelope is to be submitted to our office.
c. Class ranking statement - this will be prepared by NUS Law in confidence.

For queries on application procedures, you may write to

Frequently Asked Questions

» Can I go for student exchange (SEP) AND the LLB-LLM?

Our rules for 4-year LLB programme allow a maximum period of two semesters away from NUS. Hence, students must choose EITHER SEP OR the LLB-LLM programme.

Students in Year 2 may concurrently apply for the SEP and the LLB-LLM but can only go for one programme. The application outcome of the SEP and the LLB-LLM programmes are normally made known sometime in January. At that point, if you are selected for both programmes, you must decide which programme you will opt for and you must withdraw from the other programme. You cannot hold on to both options.

Thus, students who accept SEP will be precluded from pursuing the LLB-LLM programme. Students who withdraw from the SEP to pursue the LLB-LLM programme where decisions on their applications in Year 2 are deferred by NYU will be allowed to re-apply for exchange in Year 3 to go on exchange in Semester 1 of Year 4, should their NYU applications be unsuccessful. Re-application for exchange at this point will be subject to available places and it falling within the possible application window period of partner universities.

» How will admission be assessed (i.e. what are my chances)?

You will apply to the LLM just like any other applicant in the world. The programme does not "reserve" a minimum (nor limit the maximum) number of spots for NUS law students. Its advantage is that it facilitates earlier entry for NUS students even before graduation. Admission will be assessed within the competitive pool of applicants applying to NYU's LLM in any particular year. For more information on admissions standard. Click HERE.

» How much will it cost me?

You will pay the same amount in tuition fees to NYU as any other LLM student. For an estimate, please find out HERE. NUS LLB tuition fees will not be payable for the semesters away at NYU.

» Will there be scholarships available?

You will be entitled to compete for the same scholarships that are available to every other applicant to NYU's LLM. For more information on scholarships, please find out HERE.

In addition, the NUS NASA Degree Scholarship or Bursary may be available for application if you are accepted into the programme. The scholarship/bursary aims to help defray a small fraction of the cost of studying abroad. You will be invited to apply when the application opens, usually the year prior to your commencement of the programme.

» Will I be entitled to take the New York Bar examination?

It is not necessary for you to undertake this programme to be eligible to take the New York Bar Exam. It has been the practice for NUS Law LLB graduates to be eligible to sit for the New York Bar Exam. Having said that, all candidates seeking to sit for the New York Bar Exam are responsible for ensuring their own eligibility and should check the requirements of the NY Bar from time to time.

Updated on 29 September 2023