Student Counselling Services

NUS Law, in connection with UHC University Counselling Services (UCS) , has arranged to have a counsellor on-site at Bukit Timah Campus. This arrangement will provide law students with convenient access to counselling services, thus minimising the need to travel to UCS at Kent Ridge Campus for such services.

Counselling provides a safe and private space to talk with someone about your goals and concerns. Meeting with a counsellor may help you clarify your goals and explore options to achieve them. As skilled listeners, counsellors provide clients an objective perspective when dealing with a concern. Counselling services are designed to not only assist you as a student in addressing your immediate concerns but to also acquire skills for individual growth. Counsellors abide by a strict confidentiality policy allowing you a safe space to share openly.

Details of counselling service at BTC are as follow:
Available hours: Wednesdays 8.30am to 6pm (by appointment only)
Location: Tower Block #02-01*
(note that available day/hours may be subject to change)

Students may contact UCS via email at or call 6516 2376 to make an appointment.
Counselling services at BTC are provided free for all full time NUS students and on the same terms and conditions as services at Kent Ridge.
Counselling services at KR campus continue to be available to students and more information can be found at:

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