Student Feedback Exercise

» It has been highlighted to students on a number of occasions that student feedback on teaching is an important element of the University’s process for quality assurance for education. To ensure accurate assessment of teaching, we need to have your maximum participation in student feedback.
» To encourage greater participation from students in the Online Student Feedback Exercise, the University has decided that, with effect from Semester 1, AY 07/08, students who successfully submit their feedback by the deadline will receive a bonus of 100 CORS bid points. Students who are not reading any NUS modules in this semester (e.g. they are on Industrial Attachment, Leave of Absence, etc) will not be awarded the bonus points as they will not be participating in the exercise.
» Please access the online system at where more information and instructions are available to guide you through the process.
» Finally, please note that we are unable to extend the deadline for submission of your feedback.