Vacation Internship Programme

Applications are now open for the Vacation Internship Programme for Academic Year 2014-2015. Undergraduate and Postgraduate students are welcome to apply. However, please note that some organisations have specific requirements which may preclude some students from applying.

The legal service, law firms and several companies and other organisations offer internship programmes during the vacation break each academic year. Some organisations may require students to undergo a selection interview. Please check this website for more internship opportunities which may be added on in coming weeks.

All students are to submit the following for each internship applied for:

» Cover Letter
» Application Form (MS Word Format)
» Indemnity Form (MS Word Format)
Please ensure that the deadlines specified by the respective organisations are complied with.
Please read the requirements for each internship very carefully and ensure you qualify before sending in your application.
Please send your Cover Letter and Application Form to the relevant parties stated. All Indemnity Forms are to be submitted to the reception at the Dean's Office and addressed to: Mrs. Angeline Sim, Career Advisor, Faculty of Law
International Students should refer to the Office of Student Affairs website for relevant information on their employment status.


Please take your commitment to undertake an internship very seriously. Special arrangements have been made by the respective organisations to ensure that the internship is a beneficial one. Should you agree to accept an internship offer and subsequently change your mind, you will be depriving a fellow student of an internship opportunity.

For law firms and companies, if you would like to offer internships to NUS law students, please click here

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Overseas Internship